Sunday, July 24, 2016

Placeholder website and what will be of yamitranslations

Okay, bad news is that we are still unable to bring the previous website back up, so this might serve as the placeholder website while we try to bring back the other one. I will be posting more updates for Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho shortly. I think I'm ~4 chapters late, so do expect them.

TOC for Tensei Shoujo:

Sorry to keep everyone waiting!

P.S. depending on how things go, we might just let this be the permanent site for the translations. Currently working on improving the tooltip and mobile webpage (the mobile menu is not done yet).


  1. Otome game rokkushume sounds like it might be interesting based on the synopsis on NovelUpdates. If you aren't getting the original site back up in the foreseeable future, would it be too much trouble to re-post your translated chapters here?

  2. Yes, i just did it awhile ago. Sorry for the delay (^_^)


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