Résumé of a Reincarnated Girl

JP title: Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho
EN title: Résumé of a Reincarnated Girl
Author: Karasawa Kuzuki / Torisukina Pistachio
Raws: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n4269cp

Volume 1: Reincarnated Girl's Childhood

  1. Chapter 1 (Ente38)
  2. Chapter 2 (Ente38)
  3. Chapter 3 (Ente38)
  4. Chapter 4 (Ente38)
  5. Chapter 5 (Ente38)
  6. Chapter 6 (Lygar)
  7. Agricultural Village Arc ⑦ –The mage finally came-
  8. Agricultural Village Arc ⑧ -Judgement Time–
  9. Agricultural Village Arc ⑨ -The things that I can do-
  10. Agricultural Village Arc ⑩ -Experiment and an Unexpected Visitor-
  11. Recollection Chapter I
  12. Maid Arc ① -Waking up in the coach-
  13. Maid Arc ② –An Aristocrat-
  14. Maid Arc ③ -Arrival at the residence-
  15. Maid Arc ④ -The Aristocrat’s Bouchama-
  16. Maid Arc ⑤ -Something like a duel-
  17. Maid Arc ⑥ -What comes after the duel-
  18. Maid Arc ⑦ -Cain-bouchama’s feelings-
  19. Maid Arc ⑧ -To the town’s market: part 1-
  20. Maid Arc ⑨–To the town’s market: part 2-
  21. Maid Arc ⑩-The Madam’s Maid part 1-
  22. Maid Arc ⑪-The Madam’s Maid part 2-
  23. Maid Arc ⑫-Back to being the Bouchamas’ Maid-
  24. Maid Arc ⑬-Founding of the Nation and Assembling a Spinning Wheel-
  25. Maid Arc ⑭ -Brought to you by the THE NAISEI Digest-
  26. Maid Arc ⑮ -Irene-san’s secret plan and the story from now on-
  27. Maid Arc ⑯ -Alan’s objection-
  28. Maid Arc ⑰ -Surprise-
  29. Maid Arc ⑱ -The Day of Departure-
  30. Maid Arc ⑲-The Sudden Attack-
  31. Recollection Chapter II
  32. Bandit Arc ① -At the Bandits’ Village-
  33. Bandit Arc ② –Sister Bandit–
  34. Bandit Arc ③ -A Journey with the Bandits-
  35. Bandit Arc ④ -Secret of the Charismatic Boss-
  36. Bandit Arc ⑤ -Kou-okaasan-
  37. Bandit Arc ⑥ -The Anguish of an Applicant to the Organisation-
  38. Bandit Arc ⑦ -Magic Sword-
  39. Bandit Arc ⑧ -Unable to Contact Bashu-san-
  40. Bandit Arc ⑨ -Guriguri Village-
  41. Bandit Arc ⑩ -Escaping from the Village-
  42. Bandit Arc ⑪ -A Year After All that Happened-
  43. Bandit Arc ⑫ -The Meeting with Bashu-san-
  44. Bandit Arc ⑬ -Magician VS Young Bandit Girl-
  45. Bandit Arc ⑭ -To think that we would meet here-
  46. Bandit Arc ⑮ -Garigari village of Today-
  47. Bandit Arc ⑯ -I Thought Waiting Obediently was Good Enough-
  48. Bandit Arc ⑰ -Somehow I have become Interested in it-



A smart, athletic girl with unrivalled beauty, who can handle anything perfectly, dies young due to a car accident.

And now, while possessing the memories of her previous life, she reincarnates into a fantasy-ish swords and magic world!

Everybody in this world lives with a dependency on magicians, however, their lifestyle of relying on magic is coming to an end due to problems such as a decreasing number of mages year after year and the disappearing magic power (mana) scattered around the world.

This is a story of a girl, who questions the meaning of magic, while guiding everyone towards a more prosperous life by proposing ways to live without magic, supported with her knowledge from her previous life.

Glossary: http://www.yamitranslations.com/p/tsr-glossary.html

If you prefer to read Vietnamese, you may want to consider reading from valvraveteam.


  1. i love this úvú

    Thanks for introducing this series? Is this the main project or the side project?

    1. I consider it a main project but these days, I am alternating between this and Ouroboros record. My translation speed is rather slow since I treat this as a hobby and do it whenever I am free.

      That being said, if anybody wants to collaborate and translate this series with me, by all means, drop me a message on NUF (yamitokaze) or by email: [email protected]

  3. When are you going to translate the next chapter?? This is so exciting! I wonder how the story goes!

  4. Thankyou and Are there any illust?

  5. Thank you for introducing this series. I had binge read the first volume in over a night and now heading over to the second volume. Thank you for the hard work! I'll be waiting for your update.

  6. i really like this series. please update more chapters

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