Bandit Arc ② –Sister Bandit–


Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

The bandit head was telling Onee how they got to the current situation of planning to leave the village because they had assaulted a coach from the Rainforest Family. While he was explaining, a skinny guy with a good head on his shoulders from the management team said something like, “this kid appeared to have called her master 'Claude-san' and this 'Claude-san' is most likely the Merchant Lord from the Rainforest Family I think.” Claude-san is reasonably famous.

“Hey, what in the world are you doing! Couldn’t you have at least checked out the other party’s identity before striking! Really, I give up on you.”

The infuriated Onee was bending over and nagging at the skinhead.

“Get off my case, it has already been done! Either way, we have already said that we will head down to Bashu later.”

“True,” Onee nodded in agreement and she turned her head away from the bandit leader. For the first time, she took a look at me. Why is there a kid there? She looked at me closely.

“Hey, what’s with this kid?”

“We kidnapped her today. She claims to be able to do arithmetic and writing. We have made plans to palm off her to Bashu.”

“Hmmm,” she inspected me from up to down.
Could this be the promised Fashion Check!? I am currently tied all up and dirty right now, so please go easy on me.

“Eh! Instead of bringing her all the way to Bashu’s, why don’t you hand her over to me?”
Onee bandit then clasped her palms together in a plea to the boss.

“I don’t really care though…...”

“Aa--n, Alek! Thanks! I love you! I’ll treat like our own and take good care of her--”
Onee bandit threw a sexy wink to the skinhead. Looks like the skinhead is called Alek. Alek boss caught sight of Onee’s wink and made a grimaced expression.

“Don’t think of her as our child! Also …… don’t put too much feelings into her. Don’t forget she’s our merchandise.”

And Alek skinhead boss made his familiar menacing expression. I froze in fear and my thinking speed dulled immediately but Onee bandit was unperturbed.

“I knooow,” complained Onee bandit. She then came over to my side and tried to undo the rope.

“Oi, you are going to untie the rope!?”

“Isn’t it obvious—. There is much work that I would need help for. I’m the only medical therapist here while everyone is always getting injured! I always wanted to have a helping hand.”

“Why has it got to be this kid. Can’t you just pick any other villager?”

“Aren’t there no one in the village that can read? I took great pains to bring along a medical book, and if somebody was able to read, it would be more efficient to pick up the skills. Furthermore, her dead-like frog eyes are tickling my maternal instincts—”

Alek boss looked disgusted and murmured to himself, “You don’t have any maternal instincts obviously”. The other people in the management team did not make any additional comments so it seems like there is no one who would go against Onee bandit.

Anyways, does everything think the same way when they look at my eyes? Is that true?

As I held many doubts in my head, the ropes on me were untied and I finally tasted freedom again! But from the threatening glare of the boss, making any hasty movements now is out-of-question and I quietly sat straight up.

“What is your name?” Onee bandit asked me.

“I am called Ryou. Thank you for releasing me.”

“Ara--, this kid has manners--! I am the Okaa-san for the hooligans in these parts. I am called Kouki but please call me Kou-okaasan~”

Not a father but a mother. Is that right.

I had thought about it when Claude-san asked me to be his adopted daughter but, to have that kind of family… I really hate it……

I definitely don’t want to call her Kou-okaasan…...!

Alright, let’s try and dodge it!

“Yes, please treat me kindly. Kou-sama.”

“Ryou-chan? It’s not Kou-sama but Kou-okaasan. Okay, one more time!”

“But I am still uneasy about calling you that without reserve…...”

Onee bandit glared at me as though she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Yikes, super scary.

Mm, there is no way around it, I can’t defy Onee bandit. Even more terrifying is that the boss was nearby and he had been impatiently telling us to hurry up with the farce.

In the end, it is just a name. I would be sold somewhere else shortly after anyways, so I’ll just call her that for now.

“Understood. Kou-okaasan. Please treat me kindly.”

Onee bandit looked satisfied.

Would I be assisting this Onee-san shortly later? Since I am no longer tied up in ropes, should I just bolt off? But still, where can I run to? I had the feeling that making the return back to the Rainforest residence is too far for a solo trip.

No matter how, it looks like I would have to be with the bandits for now, but what shall I do. The skinhead looks like he has killed countless of people, and that he would kidnap a woman and eat up every inch of her. (TN: not sure how to interpret this: 女と言う女を片っ端から攫っては食い物にしてそうな貫禄だ。)
The other people from the management team look like they are in their late 30s but I can’t discern the skinhead’s age because of his scary face. Maybe he is just not human.

Looks like it’s still best for me to escape once the opportunity arises.

The dagger that Alan entrusted to me was no longer in my pockets. I will definitely have to retrieve it back and then make my escape.


Later, the boss made the other bandits ready themselves in 30 seconds and immediately left. Bandits are so agile.

Just before leaving, Alek boss told the village chief, “If someone asks you about the bandits, play dumb. If by any chance, the village is to blame because of the loot being discovered, just say that you were being threatened by the bandits.” He did so with a gentle face that didn’t suit him.

From the way the village chief was trembling, it may very well be that he was actually being threatened. Or it could just be a special characteristic of aged him. Just maybe.

Despite so, Alek boss was making a heinous looking face and actually attracted a sizable following of villagers that looked up to him. Similarly, when he appealed to anyone who was willing to leave the village with them, there were many youngsters from the village, and on top of that, woman who are in their adulthood volunteered to join them.
However, they said that they would be in a bind if they brought many people along so they made do with 3 men from the village.

Could it be that that creepy looking face is considered a ikemen face in this world? If that is so, there is no way I am marrying an ikemen of this world.

The full strength of the leaving party was 8 people. Much fewer than I had expected. The mood felt just like a bunch of people going on vacation.

The guy from the management team with the good brain over shoulders was grumbling that it was foolish to be afraid of the spirit users and try to avoid them by travelling at night since it was quite unlikely that they will be able to simply dispatch a team of mages on them. The boss told him to shut up.

The direction where we will be travelling towards felt like it would make us even further away from the Rainforest residence. Was Bashu’s place in the opposite direction (of the Rainforest residence)……?

If that is so, when I make my escape, it would be easier to lose my way. It might be wiser to be sold without protest and spend the effort on considering about the future instead. However, if I were to be sold to a faraway land, the probability of never ever returning to the Rainforest residence would be very high.

I would be worrying everyone back at the residence huh. The faces of Alan and Cain floated into my mind. My heart throbs in pain just thinking about how much grief I might bring them.
“No matter what, I will stay positive!” I wish I could tell that to them……

Wait, maybe I am being too self-conscious. Perhaps they would that saddened to that extent by news of what happened to me. After all, we had lived under the same roof for only a year. They might feel some sadness about it but with some time, I’m certain that I would be forgotten.

From my previous world to the Garigari village. All the people I have met so far would have, without a doubt, no recollection of me anymore.



  1. What a nihilistic view of the world she has... So sad

    1. It would be more of a cynical than nihilistic.

    2. It would be more of a cynical view than nihilistic.

  2. Still hoping Jirou and Maru will come back sometime in the future


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