That Science even Surpasses Magic

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JP title: So no kagaku ha mahou womo ryougasuru
EN title: That Science even Surpasses Magic
Author: Shinbu Hiro


The over advancement of science has led to the devastation of Japan.

Within that destruction, using a space-time warp program to change history and bring forth hope, is  a single lone man charging straight into the enemy lines – the core member of Force Hacker, Shin.

However, the warp is towards the future and not to the past, it is a world that nobody can anticipate, a world infested with magic and magical monsters.

While not possessing any methods to return, the path that Shin had chosen was one where he has to count on the power of science and either live or die in that world.

Let’s overcome the prowess of magic in this world by freely using the knowledge of highly advanced science.

※ I will try to keep the length of each chapter to at least 3000 characters

There will be a small amount of slightly difficult to understand concepts included, so I can expect to see some criticism and feedback on that.


Chapter List


1. Chapter 1: Dashing into the battlefield (part 1) (part 2)


2. Chapter 2: The hero of science makes his debut (part 1) (part 2)

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