Regarding the Display of an Outrageous Skill Which Has Incredible Powers

I have dropped this series to focus on others. Anyways, this series is rather easy to TL based on each chapter's length. I guess, because the author is posting every day, so the content is generally shorter per chapter too. This series is mainly about cooking, so if you are great at making food sound nice, you should try translating this.

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JP title: Tondemo Skill ga Hontouni Tondemonai Iryoku wo Hakkishita Ken Nitsuite
EN title: Regarding the Display of an Outrageous Skill Which Has Incredible Powers
Author: Yosei Ichigo


Dragged into another world — Mukouda Tsuyoshi.

Through the appraisal of our status, we can see that apart from mine, the other 3 people who were summoned had the job title of [The Hero from a different world that finally came] while mine was [A person from a different world that was dragged here].

In this world, there exists the complete set of awesome skills such as the Holy Sword technique, Holy Spear technique and Holy Magic.

Despite that, I only have the unique skill called [Online Supermarket].

I who lacked combat skills was quickly regarded as trash.

Nevertheless, the king of the country that summoned us gave an excuse that was totally suspicious.

I often read light novels and comparing the light novels with the events that had occurred, I arrived at the conclusion that [This is no good. This is a hopeless type of cross world summoning story.]. Thus, on the very day that I was summoned, after convincing the king, I managed to escape the castle.


Chapter List

  1. Chapter 1: Getting caught up in the hero summoning
  2. Chapter 2: Trying to learn from kids
  3. Chapter 3: Escaping the capital on the stagecoach
  4. Chapter 4: Relying on adventurers to protect me
  5. Chapter 5: Departing towards the neighbouring countries with the adventurers
  6. Chapter 6: I displayed my outrageous skill imba powers
  7. Chapter 7: I displayed my outrageous skill imba powers 2
  8. Chapter 8: Please pay for your own meals
  9. Chapter 9: Entering Veenen
  10. Chapter 10: Registering with the Merchant Guild
  11. Chapter 11: Eating rice in another world
  12. Chapter 12: Attempting to sell salt and spices


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