Chapter 5: Departing towards the neighbouring countries with the adventurers


I arrived outside of the adventurer’s guild at the agreed time, but the entire team from Iron Will was already there.

“Sorry for being late.”

“It’s okay, we just came too early.”

The leader of Iron Will, Werner-san said while smiling.

It seems that they have been accustomed to mobilising early.

That’s some intense dedication there.

“Shall we make our move then?”

I gave a nod and we left for Veenen.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The departure from Kiers and begun our journey smoothly.

Iron Will maintained their battle formation throughout.

I stood in the middle of it, while the lead was Rita the scout. On my right is Vincent the swordsman; on my left is the mage Romon; behind me were Franca, the cleric, and Werner-san.

This arrangement is to ensure the protection of the client, me, when the critical moment strikes.

“Is it about time to have a break?”

With Werner’s suggestion, we took a mid-noon break.

As per the agreement, I started to prepare everyone’s meals.

While I say that though, it is not a simple task due to the limited time we have.

Firstly, I took out the gas stove, which was purchased from the Internet Supermarket, from the item box.

“Wow, Makooda-san has the item box skill. In addition, that’s a magical stove, amazing!”

To Vincent’s query, I nodded my head while replying, “Its capacity is pretty small though.”

I heard that there are people with item box skill out there, but most have small capacities, so I set mine to have a small capacity while using it.

I concluded that using it this way is more convenient and is far less suspicious than using it secretly.

“I received this magical stove from an acquaintance of mine. He said he no longer goes out camping and has little opportunities to use it, so I got it at a fairly cheap price.”

I gave the lie I cooked up beforehand without any stuttering.

Lying is one of my weapons too.

While talking to Vincent, I made a simple sandwich using 2 slices of bread, cheese and ham.

Next, I put instant consommé soup base in a wooden cup, and of course, all this was hidden from plain sight.

After pouring water into the cup and boiling it with the gas stove, I announced that lunch is ready.

“Everyone, lunch is ready.”

I passed the sandwich that was on a wooden plate and the soup that was in the cup to the adventurers.

“Well then, let’s eat?”

Everyone started eating after Werner’s signal.


“This bread is sooo soft, yum~”

“Yep, yep, this bread is amazingly soft and delicious. That soup too is so tasty.”

“This is scrumptious.”


Starting from above, Vincent, Franca, Rita, Werner-san, Ramon-san.

I’m relieved they enjoyed it. Still, I might have skipped way too many steps.

The reviews on the bread, especially, surprised me.

This degree of softness of the bread is only available for the aristocrats, they said.

Indeed, the bread I have eaten in this world were mostly black or brown bread which were quite stiff and hard.

In order to explain for the soft white bread, I gave the excuse that “This was the bread baked in my village; I bought lots of them and stored them in the item box before leaving.”

Eating such valuable food made them feel ashamed, and they wanted to return it since it is food after all and can be stored for later, so I had no choice but to keep the food.

I could always restock from the Internet Supermarket, ya know.

“Furthermore, we are very thankful to have warm food while on a journey.”

Everyone nodded at what Werner-san said.

“Hell yeah. Accepting this job was the right choice.”

Usually while on a journey, it is very common to have dried meat or those stiff bread and the like for their meals. Thus, the food that I have brought for the journey seemed like a sumptuous feast for them.

Having such appetising food created a relaxing atmosphere and made them livelier during our chats. This is good since we will be together for quite some time while on the journey.

It appears that even Iron Will has noticed the increasing instability in this country and have discussed among themselves on whether they should move to a neighbouring country.

It looks like they had then noticed my request and felt that it was the perfect job to take, so they received it.

Back then, there were greater rewards for other bodyguard requests, but we are not in dire need of money and this request guaranteed the provision of meals so they thought it was better.

It looks like the food expenses for the 5 of them are not something to be sneezed at.

“I should be the one thanking you all for accepting the request. I, too, had thought of leaving this country as soon as possible, but when I arrived at Kiers, I found out that the stagecoach service had been suspended, so I panicked for a moment. Thanks to all of you, I am now able to head towards Veenen. If you see it in that way, since cooking is my specialty, from now on, everyone can count on me for the food.”

Everyone smiled after hearing that.

The only thing to enjoy is the preparation of the meals, I guess.

I will work hard for this one thing that I can do, so please bring me safely to Veenen.


  1. i just noticed how broken his skill is, as much as almost destroying a countrys economy, like the money he uses for the shop dissapears right? so that means that if he would do that big scale the country would inflate and the coins would ecome sparce and be worth much more which could technically completely destroy the country

  2. It would have to a pretty massive amount of purchasing to affect the currency value.
    Especially as it's value is based on the metal of the coins. Rather then the imaginary value of something like a US paper currency - since they took it off the gold standard that it used to have backing it's value.
    Thanks for the chapter


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