Chapter 11: Eating rice in another world


Michaela-san had claimed that the “Vaulting Horse Pavilion” could house Feru too.

Nevertheless, the price of 1 night including a Familiar would be a whopping 7 silver coins.

My wallet is rapidly becoming lonely.

Feru had been told to go to the Beast Hut under the building and thus went in that direction.

[Oi, I endured throughout the afternoon but, I’m quite hungry now.]

Now that you said it, we really didn’t eat anything for lunch.

It’s because Feru didn’t ask for food.

It might be that Feru is behaving very uncharacteristically.

“My bad my bad. Then I shall make dinner quickly.”

I’m right in front of the beast hut but, even though Feru is the only familiar staying here, it should be alright to cook here.

Subsequently, it is also my turn to eat.

Since I had the red boar meat that Iron Will gave me, the menu for today was steak.

I thought it will be okay if Feru’s steak was cut thickly.

And for my dinner, I was really in the mood to eat that.

That which I desire is rice.

However, I only had one gas stove.

Cooking rice would take quite some time … Un~, what shall I do.

Tomorrow would be the day I sell salt and spices to the merchant guild. Therefore, I need to prepare by procuring those. I anticipate that I will receive a sum of money from the transaction and it is not a troublesome item either so should I buy it?

My wallet might be getting lonelier but I really wanna eat rice.

So with that logic, I activated the Online Supermarket to buy rice, a clay-pot and a gas stove. Also, I bought 5 kilograms of salt and 100 grams of spices.

The total cost was about 8 silver coins.

My wallet is getting empty so I am looking forward to tomorrow’s trade.

Let’s start cooking then.

First, I need to soak the rice in water for around 30 minutes.

In those 30 minutes, I would settle Feru’s steak.

I poured some salt and spice over the red boar meat and grilled both sides of the meat on a frying pan.

Its medium rare but it should be fine.

I poured some soy sauce over and placed the steak on a plate. It’s completed.

“Here, Feru.”

Passing it over to the hungry Feru, the entire steak was chomped down immediately.

That was very thick though.

[Delicious. Gimme more.]

For the sake of Feru, I grilled the steak on the plate.

This is the soy sauce for the next steak.


[Chomp chomp, mu, this has a different taste. I still like it though.]

Fufu, he realised huh.

I used a variety of soy sauces, therefore it had a mixed taste.

The sauce I was using initially had a garlic flavour but the next one has an Oroshi Grated Radish flavour.

It’s really convenient to carry around steak soy sauce.

Frying it together with vegetables would make it tasty, or I could fry garlic soy sauce with rice.

Steak sauces like yakiniku and teriyaki Tare sauce are very handy and I consider them as treasure back at home, so I stocked up on all sorts of them from the Internet Supermarket before setting off on the journey.

Continuing with the grilling of steak for Feru.

Now, it will be onion flavour and after that is butter flavour.

Oh right, it’s about time to cook my rice.

Placing the clay pot over the stove, I slightly increased the strength of the fire to medium level. After boiling for 10 minutes, it will be heated under a weak flame for 5 minutes. Finally, the fire will be extinguished to allow it to cook by steaming for another 20 minutes.

I cooked enough rice for three people but it is okay since I can always keep it in the item box and the rice will still remain freshly cooked.

Yeah, it seems that an item box of a summoned hero has nearly infinite storage capacity and also has the function of stopping time.

I think this alone makes summoning heroes worth it.

During the rice cooking process, I was also rushing to grill Feru’s steaks.

[Give me the flavour of the very first steak I ate for the next one.]

“Garlic flavour is it? Here you go.”

[Garlic flavour is really delish.]

“This flavour is to your liking?”

[Umu. All of them are yummy, but nothing beats the garlic flavoured steak.]

Hoho, I see I see, but my favourite is the onion flavour.

Speaking of that, the rice should be done by now, let’s go over to have a look.

First, I shall fill up the bowl with the freshly cooked rice that is still steaming.

I cut the red boar steak into bite-sized pieces, placed it over the rice and added the onion flavoured soy sauce over it. It’s completed!

This is the red boar steak don.

Well, time to taste it.


Munch munch, really good stuff!

Not only is the red boar steak great, the soy sauce had soaked into the rice and is totally delicious.

As expected, a Japanese can’t go without rice.

Rice is the best–est.

[Mu, that looks good. Gimme some too.]

Ehhh, Feru wants some too?

If I don’t give some to him, Feru would definitely kick up a big fuss.

No choice here, the leftover rice went straight into Feru’s tummy. Boo-hoo-hoo. After making some steak don (garlic flavour) for Feru, Feru quickly went into an eating frenzy.

[Umu. Nice. I didn’t expect these grainy things to fit my tastebuds but it’s not bad at al.]

“See? Rice is number 1.”

It’s not that I dislike bread, it’s just that I want to eat rice.

All thanks to the Internet Supermarket, I can enjoy rice even though I am in another world.

I might have had the “wtf?” moment at first, but the Internet Supermarket is really a respectable skill.

Ahh – yummy. Satisfied satisfied.

Feru started licking his own fur. He must be satisfied too I suppose.

Oh, it might be too late now, still, pets like dogs and cats are not supposed to be eating foods with strong flavours.

Furthermore, I think dogs are absolutely not supposed to be given onions to eat?

Feru had eaten a ton of them but whatever, it should be fine.

Feru is an otherworldly demonic beast anyways.

Seeing as how Feru is so lively right now, there is no need for me to worry.

“Well then, I need to return to my room to make preparations for tomorrow.”

[Got it.]

I started getting ready for the tomorrow’s planned transaction of salt and spices with the merchant guild after returning to my room.

The salt and spice that I bought from the Internet Supermarket came packaged in a paper bag and vinyl bag respectively. Of course there is no way I am selling them in their current packaging.

Earlier at the general store, I noticed that salt was sold in jute bags and spices were sold in wooden containers that had a lid over it. Copying those packing method should be good.

I started transferring the salt and spices to their respective bags and containers.

Alright, now my preparations are all okay.

It was such a long day and I am pretty drained, should I sleep now?

As I prayed for a smooth transaction tomorrow, I fell asleep on the long time no see bed.



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