Chapter 4: Relying on adventurers to protect me


The next morning ―

So then, shall I request help from the adventurer’s guild?

I could tell right away that the building facing the busy street was the adventurer’s guild, but since it was still early, the adventurer’s guild was packed with people.

Following how a template story unfolds, I stared hard at the adventurers, pretending not to recognise any of them.

This is how a client should act like.

Going straight to the counter and letting them know I am a client would not create a strong bond. I guess.

After queuing up for a while, it was finally my turn.

[Excuse me, I would like to request help.]

[Request help eh. What kind of help you need?]

[I would need protection to get to Veenen country. I don’t have a stage, hence it will just be walking however …… This is my first time requesting help from the adventurer’s guild, and I would like to know roughly how large the reward should be for this kind of request]

[Guarding while walking job request right? If it’s a bodyguard request, you will need to request help from C rank and above adventurers and also because it is by walking and would take several days, it would probably cost a minimum of 7 pieces of gold coins.]

7 pieces of gold coins are, in relation to how much I have currently, quite a painful sum of money, and the receptionist had even more to say about the price.

[Just that, as you already know, the stagecoach service has been suspended and there has been an increase in the requests for guard escorts. Taking that into account, it’ll be better if it is 8 pieces of gold, I think.]

Concerning the increase in requests here, adventurers would probably pick high reward jobs huh.

8 pieces of gold hmm, o~kay.

It might be a painfully large amount of money, but I won’t be able to escape the current situation without making some sacrifices.

[I got it. Requested for 8 pieces of gold coins. Also, you need to prepare your own meals, is that acceptable?]

Even though I am paying 8 pieces of gold coins, the receptionist tone was so strict that I added that I will bring my own meals.

It’s not like I hate cooking. Moreover, I have the skill that allows me to purchase and choose ingredients and probably can handle it myself.

[Well then, please do so.]

I left behind the reward of 8 pieces of gold coins as deposit at the adventurer’s guild.

The next day, the adventurer’s guild contacted me so I went down to have a look, and somehow my request had been accepted.

I did not foresee that my guards would be found swiftly, but I was nonetheless grateful that I could leave this country earlier.

The guild had recommended the C rank adventurer party known as “Iron Will”.

[I am Werner, the leader of Iron Will. Please entrust it to me.]

[My name is Makooda. (TN: sounds like McCord?) I will be in your care.]

It seems that only the aristocrats have surnames, thus to not attract suspicion, I purposefully named myself only with my surname, which also sounds foreign.

Werner-san seems to be in his early thirties, being a tall 190cm and has a tough-looking figure. He carried a gigantic shield on his back and had a sword hanging from his waist.

Coupled with his bulky arms that had numerous scars all over it, he feels like an experienced adventurer.

Werner introduced his members: Wearing leather armour with a long sword hanging from his waist and appearing to be a swordsman is Vincent; wearing a breastplate while holding a dagger and probably being a scout is a young girl called Lita; wearing the robe, having messy white hair is an uncle (TN: was gonna use old man, but I shall be nice) called Ramon, who is probably a mage; wearing a nun-ish white clothes and is likely a cleric is the approximately 20 years old woman called Franca (btw, she has big boobs).

It can be seen that this party is relatively balanced.

The adventurer’s guild would never introduce me comrades that cannot complete the request, therefore, I am going to accept this party.

From the discussion with Werner-san, the departure would be tomorrow and we would meet up at 7am outside the adventurer’s guild.

If that is the case, I would have to prepare for the meals real soon huh.

On the way back to the inn, I shopped for essentials for the journey.

First, the mantle.

This is quite indispensable since it is designed to keep out the cold and it will be good to sleep while being wrapped up in it.

Next I went to the general store to buy the various utensils and cutlery.

While I was looking through all the goods, I came across something really good.

It was a magical cooking stove.

As the name suggest, the stove produces fire when magic is passed into it.

There were two different types but both were equally expensive.

However, I had a sudden thought. Won’t it be better if I used the Internet Supermarket to buy a gas cartridge stove to use?

The appearance of the gas stove looks exactly the same as the magical stove so if I told the adventurers that is what it is, I likely won’t be found out.

Alright, that’s what I’ll do. The gas stove from the Internet Supermarket is many worlds cheaper anyways.

If that is so, there will be quite a lot of things to buy from the Internet Supermarket, therefore I returned to the inn in a rush.

After returning to the inn, I proceeded to make purchases from the Internet Supermarket.

The gas stove, gas cartridges, pot, frying pan, kitchen knife, chopping board, and most crucial of them all, the ingredients.

Since I need to prepare for 6 of us, the 5 adventurers and myself, there was a great deal to purchase.

Potatoes, carrots and onions were some of the vegetables bought. Other ingredients were cheese, ham, sausages and eggs. Subsequently, I bought side dishes that can be taken out on the go. Next I bought salt, stock cube and other kinds of seasoning.

Due to the buying spree, I spent 2 pieces of gold coins in no time.

Currently I am left with 8 gold, 5 silver, 1 copper and 1 iron.

Gradually, the situation in my wallet has become grimmer, but that has to be endured till the arrival at Veenen.

After reaching Veenen, I would register with the merchant guild and stage my comeback by selling loads of stuff.

And then, stabilise my income while at the same time observing the state of affairs before considering my options.

In order to live safely and peacefully, I need to work harder!


  1. ?he has to buy food for himself,soo... why does he think that they wont have to pay for their own?

  2. He seemed to have had a conversation with the guild personnel about the escorted person's responsibility for providing traveling per diem. Seems like if you hire guards, you pay their traveling expenses.
    That's been common in our world since they started hiring guards for travel in prehistory.
    Thanks for the chapter


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