Chapter 9: Entering Veenen


The Veenen country is right before our eyes.

We can see the border fortress from here.

We shuffled slowly and quietly to avoid detection, nevertheless, the guards still came out from the fortress.

Ha~, I knew it would come down to this.

I sighed while looking at the clumsy Feru follow with heavy footsteps.

“There are loads of soldiers coming out huh……”

“It’s cause Feru-sama is here. I’ll go ahead and explain the circumstances to them.”

After saying that, Werner-san ran towards the fortress.

This is so annoying.

The soldiers were already lined up and waiting for Werner-san.

“I am Edgar Wollgard, the commander of the 4th Knight Squadron of Veenen. I have heard from Mr Werner. About the claim that the Fenrir has formed a familiar contract with you, is that true?”

I can see that among the guards, this commander-san has the highest rank (he has a surname too, so he might just be an aristocrat), and that there is a very tense aura around him as he spoke.

This is because Feru is around.

The guards that are supposed to be ready to deal with all sorts of situations were holding on to their weapons.

What to do, this is the legendary beast, even if the legend is centuries old.

“Yes, I have formed a familiar contract with this Fenrir.”

The guards gave off an “Ohh” as they listened to what I said.

“I see. Still, this is a Fenrir that can single-handedly destroy a country that we are talking about.  Are you very sure that no harm will come upon this country and its people?”

As the people entrusted with the security of this country, these guards’ concerns are reasonable.

“Oi, Feru. The people here are worried that you are as strong as the legends claim and are extremely worried about you entering the country. They would be troubled if you were to become violent while in the country. Feru, could you promise never to do such a thing?”

[Nu, don’t put me in the same league as the other dumb demons. As long as no harm comes towards my master and I, I would not do anything aggressive.]

“As you have heard. Commander-sama.”

The commander gave an astonished face as he observed the exchange between Feru and I.

“This is really a legendary beast that has formed a familiar contract huh …… Even though it is right in front of me, I still can’t believe it……”

That’s right, commander-sama.

While I didn’t understand anything about Fenrirs, I was forced to form a familiar contract.

“Judging from the conversation, the familiar contract seems to be real. If that is the case, I shall grant permission for entry. However, please hold tight the reins of your Fenrir familiar.”

“Yes, I am aware. Oi, Feru, please behave yourself ok?”

[I know what to do. As I said earlier, if nobody strikes at us first, I do not intend to do anything dangerous.]

“I’m counting on you to really, really behave yourself. If anything happens, it will be my fault, you see.”

[Are you a broken record?]

“Please, you need to be very careful and pay attention to all your actions. Ah, if you cause anyone trouble, it will mean no food for you.”


Somehow we managed to receive permission to enter the country, but I pray that nothing strange happens.

If anything does happen, the sin would be on me.

“I see. As the Fenrir seems to be well-tamed, it is unlikely that troublesome situations occur while in the country.”

The commander-san said while appearing to be relieved.

“Commander-san, I think that the likelihood of such situations is almost zero. We were there when Makooda-san formed the contract with the Fenrir, and ever since the Fenrir tagged along with us, Feru-sama has not shown any reckless or violent acts.”

“It is as Rita says. For example, Makooda-san had once instructed Feru-sama to bring back prey. I was so shocked at that.”

Rita, I was surprised too.

Feru captured and brought back the prey to secure his own portion of food though.

Well, she didn’t say that the capturing was for my sake so, saying that isn’t wrong too.

“Whoa, this means you are totally in control?”

Hey commander-san, why did you go “whoa”?

I really wanted to go up and keep his mouth shut; can’t he tell that there are some things you can’t say?

Forget it, doing that would be problematic.

After all that, we managed to get permission for entry and safely descended into Veenen.

By the way, I did not have a guild card so I had to pay 5 silver coins for entry tax.

Also, the taxes applies to familiars too so I had to pay 2 silver coins for Feru’s entry.

My wallet is trembling thanks to having to pay for Feru too.

I have to quickly become a member of the merchant guild.

After entering the country, our objective was to get to the city near Veenen’s border, Fallieres.

“So relieved that we made it in the country safely. Thank you everyone.”

It was crazy in the first place to travel alone in this world where there are monsters and demons. Hence, I was grateful towards Iron Will.

Furthermore, they even helped to explain about Feru, allowing me to enter this country.

“No, we also had a good learning experience from this. We had the opportunity to see the legendary beast Fenrir and could even talk to him.”

“It is as the leader says. I’m so proud of us now.”

“I am of the same opinion with Vincent, I’m so proud of everyone. To even meet with the Fenrir that appears in fairy-tales.”

“To have seen a Fenrir in my lifetime … it is more blessings than I can receive as an adventurer.”

Indeed, the existence of Feru really had a big impact on them.

“Still, it looks like Makooda-san would be very busy from now on.”

Werner-san, what do you mean by becoming more busy?

“The fact that a Fenrir and its master have entered the country would, of course, be known to Margrave Lindell that is in charge of this area. It is likely that the King would know after that and take action too.”

Gee, I knew it would turn out like that.

“Moreover, the commander has seen the relationship between Makooda-san and the Fenrir clearly, so the country probably would try to win you over at all costs.”

Perhaps the commander was plotting to do so huh?

“Even if that is the case, I have no intention of stopping at this country, thus if it comes down to that, I would discuss further with Feru and think about it.”

“Hahaha, I see. As long as you have Feru-sama with you, they can’t force anything upon you I suppose.”

I have to rely on Feru, but that is the only way.

I came from an entirely different world and I’m curious to know and see all sorts of things here.

From this journey, I learned that I probably can use my Internet Supermarket to make profits while travelling. I think doing that would be very satisfying indeed.

It would be so romantic to travel in another world.

“Since you don’t want to stay in this country, how about travelling?”

Werner-san queried while nodding his head.

“I have been thinking that there are still a lot of things that I want to see.”

“Indeed. If that is so, joining the adventurer’s guild would be a better choice in my opinion.”

Eh, the adventurer’s guild? I had no wish to become an adventurer though.

“The adventurer’s guild? I was always thinking about registering with the merchant’s guild. Since I can cook, I could make money by setting up stalls while travelling, sometimes with the right connections, I could drop off goods too.”

“But still ……”

Werner-san had a pensive look on his face while looking at Feru.

“Makooda-san, are you going to make Feru-sama continue hunting for his own food portion?”

That is a given so I nodded.

“Even if that is so, what about the dissection of the hunted monsters?”

Ah, that huh?

“Furthermore, considering the preys, such as the rockbird, that Feru can capture, they are usually high ranked. If that is the case, the adventurer’s guild is most ideal as they are willing to purchase the raw materials from you.”


It would be of great help to my livelihood if I can find somebody to purchase those raw materials all the time.

Still, an adventurer? Un-n.

“Makooda-san, you seem to be having great difficulty deciding, so why don’t you just register for both of them?”

Vincent heard our conversation and chipped in.

“That is true. But, is that really possible?”

“Well, their numbers are low but, there are people who register for both the adventurer’s guild and merchant guild.”

“Ehh, really? Then I shall register for both then.”

I have decided to go for both the adventurer’s guild and merchant guild.



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