Chapter 6: I displayed my outrageous skill imba powers


It has been 3 days since our departure from Kiers.

In reality, if I had taken the stagecoach, I would have been entering the Veenen country right about now.

And it will take another half day to reach one of Veenen’s border cities – Fallieres.

Still, our mode of transportation is walking. We have only covered half the distance of our total journey.

Although walking is very time consuming, we did not meet with any major problems while on the road.

Iron Will has been rather exceptional and had slain all the demon goblins and wolves we met along the way without much effort.

As expected of a C rank party, this much isn’t enough to bring out their full potentials.

“The Sun is about to set. This is as far as we get for today.”

It is also time for me to make dinner.

This time, I carefully considered what to have on the menu.

It cannot be too original or elaborate-looking and following the standards of this world’s food is not good either, so I made an effort to make something simple.

My plan for today was roasted sausages, pot-au-feu and bread.

Everyone seems to like meat and did not voice any objections to it.

First, I added the sliced bacon into the heated pot. Next, the vegetables and sausages were thrown in. From there, after sautéing, water was poured in. Once the water started to boil, stock cube was added and everything was cooked together under gentle heating.

“Mm, I have a great feeling about this.”

From tasting it, it seems that the saltiness from adding the bacon and sausage is just right so the food should be ready to go.

All there is left is the roasting of the sausages.

“Dinner has arrived~”

I placed the pot-au-feu in a wooden bowl while placing both the roasted sausage and bread on a wooden plate before passing it over to them.

“Aa~ so flavourful. As usual, Makooda-san’s food is top-notch.”

Vincent said as he paused momentarily from his feasting.

Rita responded to that with a “Uh uh” while nodding.

“It’s really yummy. Thanks to the heavenly food, I have this incomparable tingly good feeling all over my body.”

“After eating Makooda-san’s food, I feel more power surging through me than normal too.”

Franca and Rita use of words seem to resemble those of a yes-man.

“Food is extremely important to humans after all. Food, if tasty, changes their way of looking at things, ya know.”

The habitually reserved Ramon commented.

Yep, Ramon-san is pleased with my food. Thanks.

“Indeed it’s like that. People have to eat in order to live. It’s obvious that eating good food is better than eating rubbish. We are in such luck to have the opportunity to eat such divine food while on a journey.”

Lastly, Werner-san summed it up.

I was in total embarrassment thanks to their praises.

This equates to the victory of the Japanese food industry I suppose.

However, what did Franca and Rita mean when they said they felt tingly and a surge of power?

I did not cook up something that incredible though……

It is not some terrible effect though, but I have somehow gotten interested in it.

Let’s do some appraisal shall we?
[Name]            Rita

[Age]               16

[Job]                Scout

[Level]             18

[Phy. Power]   135 (+27)

[M. Power]      64 (+3)

[Attack]           119

[Def]                107

[Agi]                138

[Skills]             Dagger Mastery, Keen Ears, Stealth Step


“W-What happened to you?

“Gohohogohogohogoho, erm, no, so-, something in the soup had gotten into my throat, relax, gohohoo…”

Wha, what is this , the +27 and +3.

I had starting laughing aloud instinctively.

It is because of the food I made?

My food is the reason for it?

I tried to appraise the pot-au-feu that was currently on my hands.


Description: A pot-au-feu made with ingredients from another world. Physical power is boosted by approximately 20% for one hour.


I was right.

Wait wait, if the pot-au-feu raises physical power, what about magic power? Is it the sausage or is it the bread?


Description: Sausage from another world. Magic power is increased by 2% for 10 minutes.

[Sliced bread]

Description: Sliced bread from another world. Magic power is increased by 1% for 10 minutes.

Right, both the sausage and the sliced bread contributed to it.

Thinking about it, this is really cool.

Just by eating, you can raise your physical power and magical power.

If anybody else knew……

Ughh, this gives me the shivers.

Surely, absolutely, definitely, if somebody knew, It’s gonna be real bad.

Luckily, only summoned heroes have appraisal skills while most countries and guilds do not own a magic tools to do appraisals.

Furthermore, everyone usually use the magical appraisal tool to check their own status so the chance of somebody finding out is very low.

Nobody should be able to learn of this as long as I stay silent on this matter.

My mouth is zipped.

I will definitely not talk about this matter.


  1. Hahaha nice reaction there, Makooda-san lol. Thank you for the translation *bow* I have received it gracefully.

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