Chapter 7: I displayed my outrageous skill imba powers 2


This is the fifth day since we set off from Kiers.

“Let’s set up camp here for today.”

Werner-san always gives the command to set camp when the Sun is about to set.

“Then I shall cook with the red boar meat.”

“Oh, looking forward to it man.”

The red boar was killed on the way by Iron Will. It was a gigantic red-haired demonic pig.

Materials from demonic goblins or wolves (also known as grey wolves) do not fetch a good price so we usually do not pick them after slaying those, but the red boar’s meat, tusk, and hide can all be sold for good money.

As expected of the adventurers, they dissected the boar for its materials real quick.

The problem is that we can’t carry the entire body of the boar since it’s so large.

After hearing them discussing on whether they should throw the cheap parts of the boar meat, I suggested that the meat be stored in my item box, since there is room some room for it.

Due to that, I have permission to use the red boar meat for the meals.

At first I planned to turn it into steak, however that takes time, so I rejected that idea. I am going to cook that.

That is my favourite stir-fried pork with ginger.

First, the red boar meat was thinly sliced. Next, it was pickled thoroughly in Tare sauce that I bought from the Internet Supermarket.

While pickling the meat, I sliced the cabbage into pieces.

By then, the pickled meat was ready for roasting.

As usual, the soup was hastily prepared with instant consommé stock cubes.

“Dinner is done. The red boar meat was cooked according to a hometown recipe. Not sure if it’s going to fit everyone tastes though…”

The stir-fried pork with ginger and cabbage was served up on the wooden plate, and was distributed to everyone along with consommé soup and bread.

“Oh, this is really stirring up my appetite!” (Werner-san)

“What in the world is this, crazy good —” (Vincent)

“Yum! This is my first time eating something so delicious.” (Rita)

“I dislike red boar meat but this is great, wow.” (Franca)

“This is my first time eating cabbade raw but, with the meat, it has totally become a real masterpiece!” (Ramon)

Oh, the storm of compliments.

It must be the exceptional grade of Tare sauce by that certain company.

The various companies, yep.

Also, they call cabbage as cabbade in this world.

Despite all the praises for my cooking, I think my stir-fried pork with ginger is just average. With that in thought, I proceeded to eat it. All of a sudden, someone called out to me.

“Human, let me have that too.”

The owner of that voice was a wolf. But that wolf had such beautiful fur that it is ridiculous in comparison with all the demonic wolves I have seen so far. It was such a divine wolf.

The adventurers tensed up and did not make even the slightest movement.

“Oi, human, do you not hear me?”

I timidly presented the half-eaten stir-fried pork that I was holding.

With a sound as loud as a bull, the wolf ate everything in one mouthful.

“Mm, it is sufficiently delicious. Bring me more.”

“Fe, it’s a Fenrir……”

Werner-san muttered under his breath as he broke out in cold sweat.

So it is a demon that even petrifies adequately experienced adventurers like Iron Will?

Wha, what shall we do? Even though we are so close to the Veenen country …

“Ma, Makooda-san, just do as you are told.”

Werner-san might have said that, but we don’t have any stir-fried pork left.

This wolf can understand human language, so if I do as Werner-san says, there is a chance we can make out of this unscathed.

“Urm, urmm, I need to make some more, co-could you wait a bit longer?”

“Umu. You better not make me wait for too long.”

I speedily cooked the stir-fried pork with ginger in hopes that we can escape the Fenrir.

The Fenrir gluttonously ate the stir-fried pork I made.

The Fenrir kept demanding for more, and in the end, nearly 7 to 8 kg worth of stir-fried pork with ginger was made.

“Gebuu. That was tasty. Even then, to have satisfied me with so little meat, you have done well.”

Excuse me? That was around 7 to 8 kg you know?

And that’s like how much you normally eat?

“Umu, we will form a contract.”

…… Huh?

What contract?

“Oi, are you listening? I’m telling you to form a familiar contract with me.”

I remember that I had read this kind of genre somewhere before. It was something like tamers right?

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

It is a demon that speaks, no?

A demon that even petrifies Iron Will, no?

To form a familiar contract with such a demon …… that’s crazy isn’t it?

“Erm, ehh, I reje ‘nu?’ ”

“No, um, I was saying, I rejec ‘aa?’ ” (TN: I think the wolf is using some spell to prevent him from saying it)


This bastard, he does not intend to let me reject the offer.

“It is an impossible thought but, are you perhaps thinking of rejecting a contract with me, a Fenrir who is a descendant of the Wind Goddess Ninlil ? I don’t think you will do something that appalling, so what do you say? Hm?”

Fenrir, a demon that speaks the human language? The members of Iron Will signalled to me using eye contact that anything is fine, and I should just agree to it.

There is no way out of this, right?

Screw this, so I only had one option right from the start.

I reluctantly said, “ I understand.” The Fenrir seemed satisfied and gave an “Umu” while nodding.

“Come here.”

I had no choice but to go closer to the Fenrir.

“Come even closer. You need to be right in front of my eyes.”

Being told by the Fenrir, I went right in front of his eyes.”

“We will start the contract ritual now.”

After saying that,  the Fenrir placed his forehand on mine.

After the contact with the Fenrir’s forehead, my body glowed momentarily.

“That concludes our contract. Hm? Master, you have the appraisal skill, Are you a summoned hero?”

O, oiiiii.

I immediately restrained Fenrir’s mouth.

“Mogomogomogo, oi, what are you doing.”

I whispered, “That, that is absolutely confidential”.

“Oh, is that it? I understand then. Well then, I shall check your status.”

Fenrir had understood and spoke in a soft voice in which only I can hear.

Because of Fenrir’s insistence, I checked my status.

[Status Open]

[Name] Tsuyoshi Mukouda

[Age] 27

[Occupation] Person from other world who got involved

[Level] 1

[Phy. Power] 100

[Magic Power] 100

[Attack] 78

[Defence] 80

[Agility] 75

[Skill] Appraise Item Box

Familiar Demon

<Contracted Demon> Fenrir

[Unique skills] Online Supermarket

What, my skills have increased.

“Umu, seems good.”

“Eh, you can see it?”

“Who do you think I am? Being the descendant of Ninlil, the Wind Goddess, I should at least have the appraisal skill.”

Is that the difference? Anyways, what happens after the contract?

“Now, I am the familiar of my master. As my master, you need to at least take care of me. Are we in agreement?”

Understand? Eh, really?

By taking care, you mean like caring for a pet?

“Don’t forget my three meals a day. I will be looking forward to it.”

…… Oi.

By three meals a day, do you mean that you are so hooked on my food that you decided to be my familiar?

That’s the case right?

“Oi, the people over there, I have concluded the contract with this guy. Don’t need to feel scared, it’s not like I would attack you guys.”

From hearing Fenrir’s voice, everyone from Iron Will were startled.

“Erm, everyone, this is Fenrir? He understands the human language and it looks like it will be alright ……”

“Oh, I just remembered. After forming the familiar contract, master, you have to name me.”

“Eh – that is so sudden. Um so it will be, Pochi.” (TN: means dot, point, tip)

“Master, do you take me for a fool?”

I said Pochi on the spur of the moment.

How should I put it, this scary dude was kinda lured by food and really does seem like an idiot to me.

“Hey, don’t get pissed. How about Koro?”

After saying that, Fenrir got into a bigger fit.

What the heck, this guy is really selfish.

“OK, since you are a Fenrir, how bout Feru?”

Why are you looking so proud now?

With that, Fenrir’s name is now Feru.

While doing all that, Iron Will started to move.

Among them, the fastest to get up was Werner-san and he said weakly.

“Ma, Makooda-san …….”

“Ah, are you alright, Werner-san?”

“Ah, ahh, I’m fine but… Don’t tell me this really is the legendary Fenrir……”

Eh? You say legendary? The guy who got baited by food?

“300 years ago, there was a witness record of this legend but, I have never heard about a Fenrir forming a familiar contract.”

Eh ——.

“Well, I am the only Fenrir left. From what I have heard, 700 years ago, there was an incident where a contract was formed with a Fenrir. I myself was born 1000 years ago, and this is my first time forming a contract.”

Whoa, 1000 years of living huh?

“Just because the Fenrir wanted to eat delicious foods. My decades of working under others have not been in vain.”

Ah— Ah—Ah—, I just said that.

After all, he did say he was after the food.

It’s said that this guy is a legendary beast, but I wonder if he is really any good.



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