Maid Arc ④ -The Aristocrat’s Bouchama-


(TN: Bouchama is another version of Bocchan, just that it is more respectful and also adds a level of intimacy.)

After finishing with my greetings, I was guided along by the maid. I felt that she was treating me like a dirty rag as she made me follow her to take a medicated bath, scrubbed my body with a cloth, cleaned my hair and apart from that, she tied a ponytail for me and gave me a new set of clothes.

The clothes given to me was a black long sleeves one piece and a white apron that was supposed to be worn around the waist. Cool, this is so maid-ish. The other maids were wearing clothes with the same design so perhaps it is the uniform for all the servants here.

The shoes were a pair of leather shoes and they were rather soft.  The straw sandals I made by hand disappeared to somewhere else.

Hey, there seem to plenty of tiny sized maid attires that fit me here.

Next, after going through the normal procedure of cleaning me, the maid that was in charge of washing me finally looked me straight in the eyes.

「I am Stella, the person in charge of taking care Airiin-okusama. You must have heard that you will serve as the maid to Alan-bouchama and Cain-bouchama. The both of them are presently studying at their private tutor’s place but, they would be free soon and you shall kindly introduce yourself to them then.」

「Y-yes. I understand. 」

Her expressionless and indifferent manner of speech somehow made me nervous. A maid for the upper class is so cold.

「Later on, I guess, the bouchamas might treat their maid unreasonably so I hope that your clothes do not get soiled. I particularly dislike dirty things you see. 」

Oh I see, she didn’t look at me all this while because it was a problem of my appearance.

Airiin-san might be a gorgeous woman but Stella-san is also equally as pretty. Her light gold hair swooped down to her nose, and her overall looks can be compared to a sculpture of a goddess.  Adding on her characteristic still face she usually puts on, calling her a sculpture is right on the mark.

I saw other maidservants when I entered the residence and they too had fairly decent looks.  There is definitely no mistake that one of the criteria to serve as a maid in this residence is beauty.

Next, Stella-san gave me a map of the residence and taught me the relevant information a maid needs to know such as knowing the location of the bathroom for maids, the important pointers when washing herself, what one has to do when nature calls, and that servants will be specifically living in a specific building.

Airiin-san ended her lecture and said “it’s was about time,” before dragging me out of the room.

At last, it is the meeting with the Bouchamas.

I didn’t have a good hunch about this due to the earlier information but, now that I have become and an apprentice maid, I shall respond to my assigned task.

Now, Stella-san had stopped right before the door ahead of us. Somehow Stella-san’s facial expression is bad. Next, she looked like she was hardening her resolve, and knocked on the door.

「This is Stella. Bouchamas. Today, Claude-sama has brought a new maid with him.」

Replying to her, a child-like voice which carried a proud tone emerged from the direction of the door, 「Alright, you may enter」.

Strangely, Stella-san urged me to be the one to open the door. Eh, wasn’t I supposed to enter the room following behind Stella-san? Is this alright?

While considering the possibilities, I opened the door.

I took a look inside the room from the entrance of the room, but there was nobody around. While saying “excuse me”, I had closer look inside and hesitantly entered.


It was too sudden.

At first, I had no idea what had occurred.

Taking a look at myself, I noticed that my brand-new apron had been stained by muddy water.  My hair had become drenched too.

The door behind me was slammed shut and it was likely Stella-san who did that in order to shield herself from the murky water.  I heard the sounds of footsteps walking away from the door so I guess Stella-san must have simply left me here.

In any case, I’ve grasped the situation and from the left of me, the children were breaking out in laughter.

「Aahahahahaha. Did you see that! Cain-anisama! Her face!」

「Alan……! This is no good」

Facing the left, while squatting down unko style(Tooltip: this is the kind of squatting position you do when you are pooping in a squat toilet), I saw a black hair kid in an explosive laughter and as we looked one another mutually, there was another reddish-brown hair boy that was in a dither.

Maa, even without confirming beforehand, I knew the black hair kid was the 5 years old Alan-bouchama, whereas the reddish-brown boy was Cain-bouchama.

Alan had the same black hair and pea-green eyes as Claude-san. His hair was a bob cut, and the evilness of his personality could be seen all over his face – it was a totally sinister face.

On one side is Cain, who also had pea-green eyes, but even though the brothers have similar features, the younger brother was distinct in that he had round eyes that reflect the kindness in his heart.

「Oi! What are you doing! Stop scrutinising me!」 Alan started yelling impertinently.

Umu, my squatting position changed to a yankii style.  I suppose I’m friends with all the bad boys, yeah.

「I shall make my introductions, I am called Ryou. From today onwards, I am the maid for Cain-sama and Alan-sama. I am very pleased to meet you」

While I was dripping wet, I gave my greetings as if nothing had happened earlier.

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