Bandit Arc ⑭ -To think that we would meet here-


Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

Boss and the gang were released and this time around, the knights and Ryuki the idiot were the ones restrained in rope. Of course we did not forget to gag Ryuki the idiot.
Based on boss’s decision, we released Seki-san and Bashu-san too.

“Ryuki, you bastard, what is this about causing harm to Bashu-sama. He is an Earl-sama you know.”
“Mu--Mu--,” towards Seki-san’s words, Ryuki seemed to be trying to rebut him. Now that was gagged, there was no way to tell what he was trying to say.

“Seki… matter what, wasn’t calling me that terrible of you? And to think that the person behind it all was you Ryuki-kun! Bringing all these knights along…...what happened to Tagosaku-sama? He had better not be alone!”
This time, it was Bashu-san who was talking to Ryuki the idiot but again, since all he could do was ‘Mu--Mu--,’ and just like a resident of valley, there was no reply. The knight next to him who was also tied up spoke up in an apologetic manner.

“With all due respect, we had believed that we were going somewhere near. We were requested to conceal ourselves nearby. Most likely, that place would be……,” as he said, his eyes flickered to one side to show roughly where that place was.

As soon as Kuwamaru-aniki entered that place, which was a grove of trees, he came back with a person who wore a hood over his eyes. That person was acting very hesitantly.

“Ta-Tagosaku-sama, my humblest apologies! I have caused you to be shaken! Kuwamaru! Treat him with more courtesy, he is the great Tagosaku-sama!” Boss took custody of the hooded man from Kuwamaru who brought the hooded man as though he was grabbing a cat by its head.

“Who exactly is this Tagosaku?”
“This gentleman is the adviser for our territory’s agricultural reforms!”
Ho, so it is this hooded man huh.

“Anyways Bashu, aren’t these knights the knights at your place? They betrayed you.”
Bashu-san was a bit down upon hearing that. Boss, please don’t say anymore please. Please don’t cause him heart to hollow out.

To fill in the gap from Bashu-san’s silence, the panicking restrained knights started to vindicate themselves.

“W-we have not betrayed you! Ryuki-sama said that Bashu-sama had been acting very strangely and we heard that you were being deceived by a demonic beast so, we came to see it for ourselves! It was certainly not that we have been swayed by Ryuki-sama’s promise to reward us with newly made swords and armour if we cooperated!”
I see, so you guys had been bribed. What an honest chap he was.

“Hah. It cannot be helped. Ryuki-kun would eventually be wedded to his daughter and be the next Earl. Furthermore, he was a mage. That they were convinced to help him could not be helped……”

Bashu-san’s shoulders dropped as he muttered to himself.
Being unable to endure staying in this place any one bit, nobody said anything. It was just the echo from the cries of the valley, ‘Mu—Mu— ‘.

“Ryuki is Seki’s son? So he is the child you had with Agnes? He really resembles Agnes. The royal blood in him runs deep.”
Rudel-san spoke to Seki-san as he closely looked at the ‘Mu-ing’ idiot.

“Ah, he has the makings of a magician.”
“Pff, well, he would be my nephew-chan then. A somewhat handsome youth. Even his nose bleeding posture looks cute.”
To the Kou-okaasan who seemed like she was salivating, the idiot who had been ‘Mu-ing’ up until now immediately became silent. A direct hit. As expected of Kou-okaasan.

“Nonetheless, despite being excellent as a mage, he was still no match for Ryou.” Boss praised me painstakingly with an extremely pleased voice and carried me to his arms.

And I repeat myself. He carried me to his arms!

“Ufufu, our daughter seemed to be more talented it seems~. But my heart was on my mouth the entire time though—,” Kou-okaasan responded delightfully.

“A child has got to be at least that lively yeah.”
I’m so glad--. I thought that they might be angry at me for kneeing him but he actually praised me for being that full of energy! Boss! (TN: よかったー、人を膝蹴りしたから怒られるんじゃないかと思ったけど、アレぐらいは元気のうちなんだね! 親分! Kind of need help for the underlined part)

“Ah, elder brother, you finally had a child with Alek-san!?” Seki-san commented and turned slightly pale.
Boss immediately sent a sharp glare at him and threatened him to stop trolling.
“Ahh, I guess that’s actually impossible. My apologies Alek-san. Could you come here for a moment…...” Seki-san said and moved away from us and started whispering. Since I was carried along, I could hear his whispers clearly.

“I am sorry. To have allowed my son to get wind of this. Despite what he has done earlier, he is actually an obedient child. It is just that his thinking leans completely to the royalty and that he is surprisingly quick-witted. I am not very confident of this but it seems that he is very suspicious of Alek-san’s motives. Where on earth he got his information from though……I’m sorry but I think it is best we keep quiet on those motives now.”

“I get the gist of it. If you are planning to do so, don’t call out my name in front of your son. Didn’t you just call me by Alek just then?”

“I see. You’re right. My apologies.”

“Well, what’s done is done. Anyways, we would be leaving soon. But before that, I have to have a word with Bashu. Sorry but I would be borrowing Bashu for a moment.”

“……Am I not included? I was planning to have an understanding of what Alek-san’s plans were.”

“But you are a mage. Your son too. I’m sure you don’t have that resolve to wager your life for this don’t you?”

Seki-san could only lower his eyes and stay silent.

“……I got it. In any case, we need to keep a lookout on my son. That leaves me with that job. I shall relay what I want to say to Bashu-san too. I feel bad that we have to talk while standing but I want to privately ask Bashu-san something too.”

“Ahh, I understand,” boss nodded to what Seki-san said and both of them returned back to their gang. I was lowered back onto the ground.
Ohh, is carrying time already over?

Bashu-san was enquiring if Tagosaku Professor was doing fine when boss placed his hand on his shoulder and discreetly told him, “Bashu, sorry for the inconvenience but it’s about the situation. I want you to come alone. Somewhere far away, I wish to have another talk with you.”

I was doing nothing in particular and just stared at the hooded man that was adjacent to Bashu-san. Our eyes met. As soon as that happened, the hooded man opened his eyes wide in shock. Similarly, I was shocked at him being shocked.

Eh? What is it?

The hooded man vigourously removed his hood and with a smile wide across his face he shouted, “Could this be Ryou!? My bad, I mean is this Ryou-sama!?”

Eh? Who? I am Ryou but who are you?

I observed closely and scanned through my memories for him. And his name was Tagosaku Professor too……

One of his most defining features was his aquiline nose, and next is, well, I feel like I have seen him before. No, I have definitely seen him before. I remember that handsome face, even though it is not within my acceptable range……pardon me for that.
He was around the latter half of his twenties and he had youthful skin but he was already balding.
A balding head. That… where have I seen that……

Ah! I got it!

“Garigari village chief! ……son?”

The eldest son of the village chief (whose trademark was his balding scalp) nodded as he beamed.

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