Maid Arc ⑦ -Cain-bouchama’s feelings-


「Hah—!」 shouted the shitty brat in his lively voice, which resounded across the open field nearby.

Cain-bouchama and I were watching over the swordplay between Alan and the knight teacher who was coaching him in swordsmanship.

For the Alan who had lost to me, he must be in agony I suppose. So he had started to buck up and began swordsmanship training. Cain had already learned swordsmanship so it had been decided that Alan would be personally coached.

Given that I had practiced Kendo in my past life, from what I can see, Alan has a considerable talent in swordsmanship. He hasn’t gotten used to it and that he only has a body of a 5-year-old, yet he is able to execute all these movements well. It is a level that is not expected of a 5-year-old. And he hasn’t mastered his basics too.

From the perspective of Cain-bouchama, who had undergone the same sword practice, he seemed to be very satisfied with his performance as he nodded in approval.

From how I see it, Cain-bouchama is the genius in swordsmanship. He was able to match the knight teacher’s ability in no time.

「Alan is incredible. He is already able to wield magic; when his swordsmanship improves, the curtain for my exit would surely descend.」  Despite being all that satisfied earlier, he was now casting his eyes down and muttering softly.

「Not at all. From how I see it, there is no mistake that Cain-sama is the real genius in swordsmanship. You have good memory, a handsome-looking face and a good personality to boot. In the future, women would be queuing by the miles to court you.」

Yep, no mistake on that. However my attempt at encouraging him had the opposite effect as he appeared to be even more dejected.

「Naw, since Alan is a mage, I’m sure he would be the one that would have a bevy of beauties after him. Well, as for me, since I’m not a mage…… In fact, finding a lady mage would be the more daunting task. Considering that there hasn’t been any female mage around my age under the jurisdiction of the Rainforest Family……」

Ah, is that so? Dang. In this world, it seems that the ability to use magic holds the absolute authority.

Sorry for the irresponsible encouragement.  Still, if I apologized, he would feel even more hurt. I wanna know how to handle a delicate 8-year-old.

「……Still, I have been thinking that maybe a lifestyle like Oji-sama  would be good too」

「Claude-sama’s way of life? You mean you aspire to be a merchant?」

「Nope, I plan to be a knight. Only after distinguishing oneself can one be a knight but I can receive the quasi-aristocrat title of Knight Earl easily though. Well, it is actually just an honourary title. Having the title of Knight Earl, I would be able to assist Alan. In addition, if I meet a nice lady mage that I like, it wouldn’t be bad at all to marry her. Well, Claude-ojisama hasn’t even found a suitable spouse though.」

Oh, I’m relieved, Before I said anything, this was what naturally popped up in my mind. I threw out a stock response instead: indeed, a good Oni-sama.

「Hmm, let me see. It is really wonderful I think. Even under your circumstances, you would prioritise the shitty brat, oh pardon me, Alan-sama above all.」

「Yep, his family after all.」

「Speaking of family, it would be wonderful if that shitty brat, oh pardon me, is able to demonstrate love for someone.」

Cain-bouchama giggled at how I constantly let slip of the term shitty brat.

「In addition, when I was born, everyone in my family were mostly disappointed that I wasn’t a mage so I kinda felt guilty about it.  After that, Alan was born and everybody was relieved that he was a mage.」

Honestly, for this world, I cannot imagine the kind of emotional baggage non-mage children of aristocrats would carry with them. It would definitely be tough on them I think.

At the Garigari village, being told that I could be a mage, I had my hopes up. When it was crushed later, it became painful as I was unable to return the expectations placed on me. I felt ashamed and couldn’t do anything about it.

Wasn’t my feelings the same as his back then?

Cain-bouchama, who has been continuously carrying such feelings since he was born, had grown to be such a fantastic and kind ikemen, it’s really incredible.

As for me, after being sold, my heart grew cold and apathetic. Even though I have been calling that innocent 5-year-old a 「Shitty Brat」 instinctively, showing how stormy my heart is.

「As expected, I can’t hide conceal anything from Ryou. Just by looking at my face, it feels as though you can see through everything.」 said Cain-bouchama as he coyly scratched his head displaying his bashfulness after I threw a respectful gaze over him.

It’s not like I happened to have a see-through cheat prepared, Cain-bouchama.

「Actually, it’s not always purely liking him, it was a more of a dramatic torment for me, and there was this once when I really hated my brother. But Alan being Alan had to face lots of pressure and it seems rough on him, furthermore, he is very clumsy in expressing his feelings, and Otou-sama and Okaa-sama are always not around in this period…… so he has to rely on me. I feel that I have to protect him. His my cute little brother after all.」 said Cain-bouchama who was calmly smiling.

Seeing his smile, a fleeting memory of my brother’s smile appeared at the back of my mind.

The image is rather hazy.

These brothers are doing fine.

I wonder if the villagers at Garigari village are properly tending to their fields.

「Ryou? What’s up?」

「Ah, sorry, it’s nothing. That story of yours was too touching, ehh, I was flooded with thoughts about it. Alan is really a lucky person to have Cain-bouchama as his brother.」 Ufufu, I said and laughed to dodge the question. Right about now, the shitty brat Alan’s coaching had ended.

Cain-sama nimbly went over to Alan’s place, and praised him for doing so well. Saying something like he is still no match for Cain-bouchama, the shitty brat smiled while not appearing to be all that annoyed.

「By the way, Onii-sama seemed like he was in a conversation with Ryou earlier, what was it about?」

Alan probed with an innocent smile befitting of a 5-year-old kid.

Hey, don’t throw that troublesome smile at me (TN: Cain to Ryou), that is a face that says what shall I do. Well, since I heard a good story from you, in return, I shall help you this time.

「It was an adult conversation that is too early for someone as young as you to listen to. More importantly, today I want to visit the town so, could you help me get the preparations ready?」

「W-what! An adult conversation! Aren’t you and I the same age! And to directly give me an order too!」

「Alan-sama, the boss has to obviously give his henchman orders. And it is of course part of the natural hierarchy for the henchman to listen to the boss.」

I knew that the knight teacher had already left, and after confirming that there weren’t any adults in the vicinity, I took the opportunity to teach him about hierarchy.

「Grr! One day I would be able to argue you into silence, Ryou!」

With his parting remark, Alan went back into the residence to look for the other servants. To leave the place, he would need to prepare bodyguards.

Umu, please work hard to accomplish the task I present to you, henchman.

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  1. Aristocrat kids life is harsh huh, when i was 8yrs. old i was just a shitty brat who only watch cartoons and anime's and just discovered the world is huge after i graduated highschool.


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