Bandit Arc ③ -A Journey with the Bandits-


Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

From then on, it was a journey together with the bandits on horse. We would take short breaks occasionally and when night came, we would also set up camp. Nevertheless, these days had been exhausting.
Kou-san sat behind me to support me, but still it is very tiring to ride a horse. My butt aches. As well every single muscle. What is this level of toughness.

Furthermore, the landscape among the mountain was always the same, never changing, so the excitement I had for a horseback life worn out in a couple of days.

All of the bandits looked fine, and could even nock an arrow while riding the horse to shoot birds the moment they caught sight of one. The shot bird would serve as additional food for dinner.
These bandits live up to their name of mountain bandits at least!

We reached our campsite once again and everybody were doing their own camp preparations.

After getting off the horse, I rubbed my reddened thigh with an ointment I received from Kou-san. This ointment is really very effective.

This ointment is able to relieve pain and suppress inflammation. Its name is called “Forget Your Pains with the Maiden’s Embrace”.
As suggested from its name, it was an ointment personally made by Onee-san. I was explained that the ointment helps with waist pain and other kinds of pains like the pain that follows after falling on your backside (without any cuts and wounds). I was told that I would be taught how to make it a few days later and I was somewhat looking forward to it,

Kou-san had gave me a very in-depth lesson about medicine and treatment methods in this world along the way here (though she is likely going to use my help).

It is because Kou-san was the only medic among the band of bandits.

Shouldn’t healing and treating people be like how it works in games? Just using recovery magic to heal in one go? It could be that there is no recovery magic in this world. The injured and the sick can only rely on the medicines produced by the medic. This means the magic of this world is less convenient than what I had imagined it to be.

Speaking of which, when I had gone to the Rainforest town’s market, I was slightly surprised that the pharmacies were well stocked. The reason for that could be that there is no such thing as recovery magic.

Since I have finished applying the ointment, I went on with making preparations for the camp with Kou-san.
Today we are camping by the side of a big tree. It was a good elevated open space.

We were totally surrounded by trees but if we walked further up ahead, there would be a river. Still, I was told to never go towards the river. as there were demonic beasts (TN: In the past, I used “magical beasts” but after consideration, I think demonic beasts would be a better choice) in the area towards the river.
I was also told that there would be demonic beasts beyond the mountains near Garigari village, but it looks like for this area, the beasts can be found in the direction of the river.
The reason the bandits actually set up camp here was that because this place was a relative far distance from the river and they were afraid of the demonic beasts too.
But hey, what are demonic beasts anyways? At first when I first heard about them, I had assumed that they were like wild dogs or bears, but since this is the world we are talking about, I could even expect to see dragons I suppose. If I were to encounter that kind of gigantic reptile type of monster, I would certainly run off in fear.

Everytime we set up camp, the males would be primarily in charge of heavy work while I, who was part of the group of females and Onee (male) would start the fire and prepare the meals.
Onee bandit Kou-san would show me the mountain vegetables and taught me the method to pick them, the way to eat them and also the effects they can have.
This world’s treatment concepts is very alike to the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine in my previous existence. A balanced diet both prevents and cure sickness. It is a principle that treats both food and medicine as the same thing.

The contents of our food would always be simple: Dried meat, hunted bird, grain and mountain vegetables. They would be thrown in together to a pot and cooked. The only seasoning used is salt. Even though each meal is simple, they are reasonably delicious.

After the preparations for the camp is completed, the bandits would all be sluggish as though they were the dead. However, after having their meals and a short break, they would immediately regain the liveliness and sit round the campfire, drinking wine and making merry. It was the kind of mood that you get from festivals.

So much so that the boss is smiling. A smile that holds traces of scariness. A smile that feels like he was fully enjoying eating a baby whole.

In order to avoid the eyes of the boss as much as possible, I read the medical books handed to me from Kou-san diligently. This was a daily routine.

Somehow, the bandits were more invigorated than usual. After making camp, they were waiting to contact Bashu who lived around here.

It seems that the boss was unable to set foot in the town as he is a wanted man. That’s why the only way was for Bashu to come over, I believe. I wonder what Alek boss was being prosecuted for.

Nevertheless, it is definite that showing his face up at the town would put him in a spot. With that face of his, even if he did nothing, there was no doubt that he would be reported anyways.

That’s why when tomorrow comes, the musclehead Guy, brainy Rudel and one of the villager that joined the bandits—Polen would be heading to the town to make contact with Bashu. Hence, they were having a banquet before sending them off. But we had the food as usual though.

Incidentally, the people left behind at camp including myself would be house-sitting in the meantime. I felt relieved personally about it since there wouldn’t be anymore horse riding. My soft butt has reached its limits.

Ever since the three were told to call Bashu-san here, we no longer travelled with the horses and for me, our life became calm and quiet.
Alek and gang went to hunt while Kou-san and I picked the mountain vegetation, washed clothes and did all sorts of miscellaneous work.

Today was also spent pick vegetables with Kou-san.

As always, Kou-san explained the medical herbs’ effect and how to use them while we were on the job.

I had always been curious on who exactly were these bandits-san.

I didn’t feel that they were from the bandit village from the start but even so, they didn’t feel like feral children living independently in the mountains either.
Both the monkeyface Kuwamaru and the smart Rudel could somewhat do arithmetics and they were extremely familiar with the geography in this area, all the way down to details.
Furthermore, Kou-san expertise in medicine was mindblowing. I’m sure it is not something that can be learned normally.

Surely they have been taught somewhere. Nevertheless, if I remember correctly, there is only one educational institution in this world. However, that school is for nobility so I guess that’s not possible……

“What’s wrong? Ryou-chan looks so dazed, are you tired?”

Kou-san was in front of me and was bending back and forth.

“S-sorry. I was having some thoughts. Umm…… I was thinking, who exactly are you all.”

“Oh? You are interested in us?”

“Rather than interested, it is because everyone here seems to possess their own skills and I was wondering how they managed to learn them.”

“Mufufu. I’m glad. That you actually asked something about us.”
Onee bandit was really delighted and a brought her clenched right fist near her mouth while giggling.

“We might be bandits now but back in the past, we were all young masters and young daughters of aristocrats. You can’t believe that right?”

“Then, you all must have gone through the education of the royal school right?”
I knew it! I might look like a child, but I have the brains of an adult detective. However, for these aristocrats to have become bandits, what on earth exactly happened?

“Yes, yes. You do know your stuff--. We all met during our school days. I was from the medicine course while Kuwamaru and Rudel were in the business course. As for Guy and Alek, they were studying some kind of a knight's course but their courses were different yet they became intimate friends. By the way, the Bashu that we are meeting is from the business course. We are also on good terms with another person, my little brother, but we have become more distant and we hardly meet these days.”

When she was talking about her little brother, her face became slightly cloudy but for other things they did while in school, she talked about them to me with ease.
Kuwamaru was initially in the knight’s course but the training was too demanding for him so he dropped out and transferred to the business course. Kou-san was not an Onee at that point of time and was just an ordinary boy but still gained considerable attention from the girls. Yet she had already fallen for Alek boss and had always been like that since.

“Various things happened and unfortunately, we became bandits. But that’s alright. I have decided that I would live for love. I will continue to follow Alek around.”
Onee-san eyes were completely those of a carnivore staring at its prey.
But from how I see it, Alek doesn’t seem to incline that way…… A touching, unrequited love.

Even in this case, the boss is popular. Is his face really the standard of an ikemen in this world?

Speaking of which, I am interested in the ‘various things’ (not Kou-san’s love story) that she mentioned.

“What is Bashu-san working as now?”

“Ahh, Bashu is the master of the Ruby Fallen domain. The Earl of Ruby Fallen, yes.”

‘Master’ and ’Earl’ would mean that he is also an aristocrat? Am I to be his maid?
Since I am already a maid, I have the necessary career background. I see, I see, that wouldn’t all too bad huh.

“Incidentally, Bashu-san is no pervert right? He's not a pedophile right?”
“Hm? I don’t think he is a pervert. He has married a mage and they have kids too.”
I made a magnificent guts pose in my mind.
Won’t my new employment have even better prospects? But I still can’t let my guard down. There is the possibility that the kids were another unmanageable shitty brat.

While I do not know living conditions of the shitty brat, I am still relieved to know where I might end up before getting sold.

“Speaking of which, Kou-okaasan mentioned about various things happening that caused you all to become bandits. What exactly happened?”

Up till now, she generally had a smile on but her expression hardened when I asked that. It looks like it was a question that shouldn’t be asked.

Sorry, I didn’t know my place.

“The reason why we became bandits isn’t something that can come out from my mouth. ……I do not want to push our thoughts out. Anyways, how did we end up near to the side of the river. We have to get back now.”

Kou-san was no longer in a mood to talk about it and move towards the direction of our tents.
I hastily followed behind but I have become very interested to the topic that she averted her eyes from.

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