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TSR V2C8: Freshman Arc ⑧ -Fury of Alan-

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Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

  It became such that I had lunch at the cafeteria with Alan as well as Ritz-kun.
  For now, I tried knocking the words into Alan, telling him to stop stalking me but he didn’t seem to understand and lightly replied, “Unn, alright alright!” I still worry.

  “Hey, Ryou, you don’t have to use ‘-sama’ when addressing me. Call me as you like.”

  Alan started speaking proudly again even after taking a tongue-lashing from his boss.

  Hm, who is this henchman, change please!
  Which reminds me, I still have the habit of including “-sama” from the days of being a maid. Furthermore, this was essentially an aristocratic school so most of the girls and boys here do not pay any attention when being addressed with ‘-sama’.

  However, fellow children who were on good terms with one another often dropped that way of calling, and preferred to address one another by nicknames instead. He must be longing for that I suppose.

  “Ah—I see. I understand. If anything is fine then ‘brat’ should be okay right.”

  “No way! Why do you have to use such a nasty name!”
  Alan vetoed it with full force.

  Eh? I can’t? Really?
  “Then, how about henchman?”


  Such a demanding henchman.
  “Haa, that leaves me with no choice, then will ‘Alan kiddo’ do?”

  “You obviously won’t need that ‘kiddo’! Just don’t drop the honourifics when referring to me! You got that!”

  What’s with that. If you wanted me to do that, you should said so from the very start! And you did tell me to call you whatever I wanted too—.

  “Okay, okay. ‘Alan’, is that fine?”

  “W-Why do you sound so reluctant…...”
  Alan complaining actually looks quite amusing. Just as I prepared my reply to Alan, Ritz-kun spoke up.

  “Somehow, it feels like both of you have changed? Something happened yesterday?”

  The innocent and naive Ritz-kun was unusually sharp today! Yes, yesterday there was a big reconciliation event!

  “Ahh, yesterday…...”
  Alan murmured softly and sent a meaningful look in my direction.

  “Yesterday, Ryou and I ascended up the stairs of adulthood.”

  “Ack! Ack!”
  I choked on my potato soup.

  What kind of metaphor are you using! Are you doing that on purpose!?
  Just look at Ritz-kun! His face has gone all red!

  “Please do not use such a weird way of describing things! We simply had a fight and we made up after that!”

  “W-What—, was that it? I misunderstood because of Alan’s abstract explanation.”
  Having managed to clear the misunderstanding for the young innocent boy, I heaved a sigh of relief.
  Playing with a young boy with a pure heart like that isn’t good, Alan!

  However, the Alan in question did not seem to understand as he tilted his head.
  “Weird misunderstanding? What misunderstanding?”

  Do I have to spell it out? Or are you really do this on purpose? Are you the type to gain satisfaction in making cute children say disgusting stuff?

  “I-I also do not understand. I just heard some things from my elder brother…...”
  The young innocent boy’s face went all red again as he blurted out in a panic.
  No, let’s stop here. Please stop going further into this topic! Ritz-kun, stay!

  Alan understood less and less of what Ritz-kun was talking about, but appeared to be more and more interested. From the way Alan was acting, I guess he wasn’t trying to sexually harass me intentionally; he really has no idea.

  “Speaking of which, I heard from okaa-sama that there was this education for males in order to become adults! Is that it?!”

  Oi oi, what is wrong with you today! So you are able to read the atmosphere today huh!
  If we continue expanding on this topic, I am afraid this would be forever be marked in black for Alan one day!

  “I think it was called sexual education. In the past, Ryou was designated to help me with that education but Ryou disappeared and okaa-sama became troubled! Was yesterday’s turn of events considered sexual education?”
  Amirite? Alan flashed his all-proud grin as he looked at me.
  I see, so you really want to make this black history happen. I got it.

  “Wrong. Sexual education is a completely different thing. Later, it isn’t such a good thing to continue discussion about this. You will feel embarrassed about it one day.”
  Look, Ritz-kun already looks like a boiled octopus!

  “Embarrassment? Why? But, it was true that yesterday’s events, if it wasn’t Ryou and I, we wouldn’t have been able to overcome it. When Ryou disappeared and Claude-ojisama went in search for you, he went to buy another woman from a Human Employment Agency and okaa-sama said that the job would be left to her, is that it?”

  Ohh, more realities about Claude-san that I do not want to hear about!
  In this country, the so called Human Employment Agency was a place where humans were traded for cash. In short, a slave firm. Hearing about this slave trading business did irk me but the ethics in this world and my previous world weren’t the same.

  People in this world do not get upset on matters like this.
  This kind of business was completely natural in big cities like the royal capital. It wasn’t the kind of illegal store where the owners can be incriminated for it — it was an entirely legal business.

  I see, did they come to the capital thinking that I might have been sold to such a place by the bandit head honcho?

  Despite having been cared for by Claude-san and causing him to worry for me, upon hearing that he bought a woman, I frankly hope that he forgives me for not saying sorry.
  I know for a fact that he visited such places to find me but despite knowing so, I hope he doesn’t get angry at the narrow-minded me.

  “B-By the way, how old is the woman that Claude-san bought?”
  This was important. It would shed light on his pedophilia.

  “If I remember correctly, they were 14, 17 and 23 years old. I hear they are helping Claude-ojisan with work.”

  What? There were more than one of them! And here I thought there was only one! (TN: note that in Japanese plurality has to be inferred by the listener unless they are mentioned like now.)
  Mr Claude, while he didn’t buy children, he still chose young women. I will definitely not be needed in such an unbelievable harem.
  Hmm, but since there weren’t any children with him, should I feel happy that he was healthy …...Wait, there was this 14 year old so doesn’t that make him hopeless? She would still be considered a minor by this world’s standards.

  “Is that so……? Well, when the time comes, someone from that bunch will be responsible for your education, so let’s put an end to this discussion.”
  I said so to put an end to this topic.

  I see, Alan brat’s, brat graduation is being prepared huh…...So what about Cain-sama? Almost complete?

  Ah, nono, I cannot think deeply into this. If I think like this for even a moment, I will be left behind! I even said I wanted to put an end to this discussion, I need to forget!

  Which reminds me, I remember reading from a book in the previous world, that gorillas raised in isolations in places like zoos were unable to copulate. That wild gorillas observe other adult gorillas copulating and learn that, ohh—so that’s how you leave behind descendents! That’s before they become able to copulate themselves.
  It seems that animals that developed some sense of reasoning no longer have a natural instinct for making children.

  I pray that this day would not be registered as one of his darkest past when he finally learns about that in the future!

  “No, I want to know more! What kind of education is that? Does Ryou know?”
  What? You are still clinging onto that! Didn’t I end the discussion on a high note!?

  Alan brat was currently all excited, waiting for my explanation. S-Should I say it!?

  “......It is one of the rituals to become a man.”
  “Eh? Aren’t I already a man? Is there a way to become a woman?”
  I tried to use an indirect way to explain it but Alan really startled me with him considering the possibility of becoming a woman. I feel like hitting him.

  “Was it so that a man can become more manly? Hmm? I don’t really get it, if it was an education to become a man, then shouldn’t it be left to the hands of a man among mans rather than Ryou?”

  A man among mans…… No, well, if Alan thinks that is better than I won’t stop him from thinking so!

  “I don’t really understand it myself too but, it seems like the kind of education that is often left to females to teach men. It is simply, from the perspective of a man, in some way, an awakening in a whole new world! And with that, the discussion is over! Say another word of this and I’ll hit you!”
  Seeing as I have taken offence with it, Alan brat frowned slightly but soon became satisfied and nodded.

  “In other words, Ryou doesn’t know either right? If that was so, you should have said so earlier.”
  He said while laughing.

  T-This guy! Well, he was right that I didn’t know about the intricacies though—!

  Glaring spitefully at Alan’s triumphant look, I let his spirits get into his head while snatching at his baked sweets which were his favourites. Munch, munch.
  Alan froze in despair as he watched me bite away at his sweets. From the side, Ritz-kun commented that it was Alan’s fault earlier.



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