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TSR V2C7: Freshman Arc ⑦ -A Lesson Where Only Praises are Sung for Mages

Enjoy :) sorry it's a short chapter so I might work on chapter 8 pretty soon

Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on www.yamitranslations.com

 A splendid morning. Did it represent a morning of aspirations? Yesterday’s misgivings with Alan melted away as I stepped out of the dormitory all buoyant and cheerfully.

 The same as always, Alan had planted himself near the dormitory.
 Shouldn’t the stalking have stop!?

 “A-Alan-sama, how do you do? I was sure I told you that I did not need an escort......”

 “Surely waiting for you here is okay. You didn’t tell me to not do this anyways.”
 He said, and walked to my side nonchalantly.

 After reconciling our differences and tidying up things yesterday, I was sure we made clear that I was the boss and he was the henchman. My things were my things whereas his stuff were also mine too. Whatever I said was absolute. These were the teachings I had conveyed.

 Hmm, maybe as my underling, welcoming the boss was a natural course of action?
 “It’s not like I will always be leaving at the same time, so it is best not to wait for me in front of the girls’ dorm. The other elder sisters will be casting weird looks at you too.”

 “Mm, I got it.”
 That was immediate response from him but did he really get it!?

 “Speaking of which, Ryou, are you still using the dagger I gave you back then?”
 Ahh, Alan’s dagger is it? It was an essential component for the flourishing of the wild boar fats extraction business!

 “Wait up. It should be in my room.”
 There were sword lessons in the Knights’ course anyways so it wasn’t like it was a offence to bring a sword into the dorm. Among the seniors who were in the Knights’, some of them carried swords around with them. As a basic rule, carrying swords is forbidden but if permission has been obtained, it was considered okay under the school rules.

 Still, there were hardly any ladies who were fond of carrying swords around them in school. I too had left my dagger in my room.
 The exception was that I had concealed Kuwamaru-aniki’s dagger underneath my skirt, in case of any emergencies. I did not obtain permission for it but I had made sure to never let it be found out so it should alright.

 That being said, having the god-killing sword found on me would be a very vexing affair for me so it was my personal secret that I carried it around in the school campus. I was afraid of leaving it out of sight and thus, preferred to have it right next to my skin while I was moving around.

 “I have improved on my making skills. I will try to make something else this time.”
 Alan made a smile as he suggested. I responded with, “Is that so?” and gave a vague smile.

 A sword that would crumble under magic? Alan innocent smile surely did not contain any other intentions though.
 But we learned that during Magic History lesson too.

 When the world was attacked by evil monsters, the noble magicians created holy swords with their magic, and ordinary humans who were granted these swords acquired hero-like strength. With their newfound powers, they were able to mow down the evil monsters. It was mainly about the magicians trusting humans and leaving their backs to them while the people swore their allegiance to the magicians.

 In the later stages of the tale, when they were subjugating the last boss, their holy swords apparently broke, and once again, the noble magicians bestowed them with power. It was interesting that it was like an exhilarating adventurer’s story as the heroes crushed the evil monsters with a “Holy Sword (renewed)! Gooooooooooo!”-like tension enveloping them.

 And from this adventurer’s tale, came the birth of mages creating swords and bestowing them to humans as a token of trust.
 However, isn’t it strange? That those sword can be erased by magic yeah? Whenever the mages feel like it, they could remove the existence of the sword yeah? Receiving such a sword, how can this be called a story of trust?

 The first period and fifth period class was Magic History everyday. It was a lesson about praising the mages from start to end, and since I hold memories from my past life, it felt completely about brainwashing us to me. To the other children, it was a lesson to hear about fun stories and was rather popular among them.

 From the beginning, when I heard from Kuwamaru-aniki that these swords can be erased by magic, my reaction was that mages were crazy scary and I don’t want to get involved with them.
 In any case, I want to learn. About the real history of this world, what path this world has trodden on, how the people who live in this world feel about it, and where this world is headed for.

 “Ryou? What are you in a daze for? We have already reached the auditorium. Shall we sit over there for today?”

 What! I wasn’t in a daze! Right now, I am thinking of something really complex and important, and in a stylish way to boot!
 Tch, I clicked my tongue being unable to put up with it and as I turned away to ignore Alan, Miss Charlotte appeared in corner of my eye. A spirit-user of commoner origins. Was she reviewing vocabulary? She seem to be sinking her teeth at the desk with all her might. Alone too!

 “Alan-sama, I am planning to sit somewhere else, so following me here is good enough. Well then, farewell.”

 Turning away from Alan who seemed to be in a fit and ignoring him, I went towards where Miss Charlotte was. I walked near to her seat and she lifted her face at me with surprise.

 “How do you do, Miss Charlotte. May I have this seat beside you?”

 “Ah, y-yes! Y-You may! Do so!”
 Miss Charlotte gladly gave her consent while stuttering.

 I was n-nervous. I could feel my heart beating everywhere as I sat down while maintaining my elegance.
 Alan chased me from behind and asked someone else in a complaining manner, “Is this seat taken?” Hence, Alan shrewdly secured the seat behind me.

 Hey, I thought I banned stalking activities? Wasn’t the words of the boss absolute? Once this lesson is over, I would definitely need to roast him thoroughly.

 Accidentally, my eyes flitted over to Miss Charlotte’s direction and as I have seen earlier, she was indeed intensely reading from the textbook and learning words from it. A studious worker ehh.

 “Miss Charlotte, feel free to ask me anything if you have any doubts about anything.”
 I presented a smile trying to convey my kind intentions as far as possible. Miss Charlotte replied with an equally brilliant smile back at me.
 Aww, so cute!

 “Yes! Thank you very much! Umm, there is something I wish to quickly clarify…...”

 Miss Charlotte started to ask the questions that she wasn’t able to ask when she was studying alone.
 I was considering what else can be done if we reached the limits of our conversation, since it was basically all about study but in the end, after we paused from our conversation, there was no sense of awkwardness at all.

 The morning lessons were over, and it was finally the noon break that everyone was on everyone’s mind. We talked quite a bit before noon break so that technically means that Miss Charlotte and I are friends now right!? — as I was in great excitement, I couldn’t stop my rough breathing as I spoke to Miss Charlotte.

 “Miss Charlotte, it is the afternoon break time. If it is okay with you, want to go together?”

 I asked in an extraordinary smile but Miss Charlotte, wore an extremely despondent expression.

 “Sorry, Ryou-sama. I have other plans for noon time…...Katrina-sama is calling for me.”

 W-What you say! You have an appointment made before mem! What is that, does that mean all the fun we had till now, was all for naught!? Were you playing with me? Kii! Somehow or another, I suppressed the rumbles inside me.

 “I see, that is unfortunate. Let’s have a meal together next time then.”

 It’s not like I — really wanted so —, I am actually perfectly fine —I tried to give such an impression by reacting as such. And so, I went for lunch with Mr Alan who was behind me.
 Uugh, still, no way I’ll lose.


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