Agricultural Village Arc ⑦ - The mage finally came


I could just be a mage.

There was a period that I thought so.

C’mon, I thought that “mage = a person who has technologies from advanced countries!" Right?

That, what is that. I could barely hear what he had said though? Once he spoke of an incantation sort of language, the crops started to grow, what is that magic! So fantastic!

The delicious fish dish in front of me was so shockingly good that it is unacceptable to even criticise it …!

Currently, my village is holding a banquet to welcome the arrival of the mage-samas.

The villagers did not own a building that could fit many people at once, so they had to make do with a flatland near the village and held a campfire-like event by setting up a fire. Tables and chairs were prepared and the villagers begun their merrymaking.

Pre-ordered wine that was imported from somewhere was taken out for the occasion. Also, the village’s song and dance Onee-chans were diligently attending to the mage-samas.

Or more like, the Onee-chans were feasting their eyes. Well, I could sorta understand. Both the mages were beautiful.

Nevertheless, to the mage-samas, the village’s song and dance girls couldn’t even make it in the qualifiers, so their attitudes towards the hospitality was rather cold. With a nonchalant face, they received their wines from the dancing girl that had poured it for them.

Are they trying to say rural girls are lacking?!

Right at the start of the feast, the mages had done a simple self-introduction to everyone.
The senior one who has red hair was 「Seki = Naniwazu」-san, a spirit user ;  the other one was a long-hair youth, a magician called 「Ryuuki = Ujikawa」-san.

Among mages, there seem to be something that is different between magicians and spirit users. I don’t quite get it though.

I mean, is it alright because all I see is the 10+ years old young mage drinking alcohol. I wonder if it is because it is another world that the common sense here is different from mine.

The elites of the Garigari village seem to be in a defeated state but, at least the visitors were pleased with the village’s prided cooking. While the village chief received good comments about the dishes, he was widening his mouth and putting food in.

Well, it is tasty after all.

The dishes were, grilled herb fish, which ingredients were just harvested today, as a main, whereas the soup was made from fry stock with watercress and beans. A wild vegetable salad. And finally, noodles made with the stem of dandelions.

Needless to say, I am the one that cooked the rice and fish together.

The village only has salt, so in order to enhance the taste, I obtained fish stock and used herbs, creating a unique and profound taste.

I observed the mages from a relatively close distance, and heaved a sigh of relief as it seems that they have not noticed me nor their surroundings.

I was suspected of being mage in this village, and was thus, made to take a seat that was close to the mages-sama.

The villagers would eventually choose a suitable time to inquire to the mages-sama whether I was a mage, what shall I do? They definitely would ask about it!

My dad and mom who sat near me were already fidgeting in their seats like mad!

Stop, don’t be so nervous! Stop staring at me with eyes full of expectations!

According to the village chief, if a mage is born from a commoner, the entire family would be invited to stay at the capital, and would be promised an entire life of peace and prosperity.

Also, since this village is a under the territory of the aristocrats, it would be a life, comparing with my current lifestyle, which offers more conveniences.

Ku, the dazzling gaze from my parents are painful!

But, to put it clearly, I am not a mage!

Up till today, the villagers were still telling me that I could just be a mage! When they said that, I would reply 「It can’t be, can’t be, for me to be one –, impossible—, ufufu」.

Seeing that there is some tension, the not-at-all bad Ryou-chan would appear though.

When I knew that a mage is a mage, no more like, when I understood that this was a different world, I have vehemently declared that 「Definitely not a mage, 100% not!」

 What a failure. Ryou-chan the failure.

I’m afraid of betraying the expectations of my parents…

「Even so, this village seems to be prosperous. Despite the kind of condition the fields are in right now, everyone’s complexion looks good, I didn’t think that such great food could be prepared」
The red-hair spirit user Seki-san was helping himself to the food and appeared to be real surprised, while chatting with the village chief.

「You see the truth is, the kids in the village have been catching fishes in the nearby river and discovering edible wild grasses too. We did not, frankly speaking, do much harvesting in the fields but, thanks to that, we were able to live more comfortably than before. Honestly, the current situation is that we are sustaining ourselves daily not with the harvest from the fields but from the foraging of the kids.」

「The village’s kids …!? That’s amazing. How did they catch those fishes?」

To the question posed by the red-hair mage, the village chief smiled with a broad grin, and started clapping his hands. The village chief is more exuberant than I thought.

After the signal, the males, with heavy footsteps, moved the small fry trap and the pseudo-thousand teeth tool.

And then, the village chief looked in my direction and nodded vigourously.

At last, it my turn to show up.


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