Bandit Arc ⑫ -The Meeting with Bashu-san-


Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

Finally, it was only a day before we meet Bashu-san.
This time, it was not just boss that was feeling all fidgety, but the rest of the bandit gang too. It was more like they were up on the edges in fact.

Right now, Kou-okaasan and boss have already readied themselves, wrapped themselves up in thin blankets and pretending to sleep.

I want to sleep, but somehow they cannot sleep. That is because, everyone is too anxious.
However, it was nearly the time for children to sleep, so I had to pretend to sleep.

I no longer have to be worried about being sold, hence, recently I could cast delusions, without any worries, on what kind of person might Bashu-san be while sleeping.
He is not only boss’s friend, he is only an Earl, so he must be someone with a peculiarity or two, I feel. I get the feeling that he was probably a person with tons of facial hair and chest hair. And then, plucking his chest hair would be too lonely and so the hair on his head would fall too. I am praying for the roots of his hair to be healthy.

It was meaninglessly to continue my wild delusions so I was about to sleep when I felt something rugged and stiff patting on my head.

It was boss’s hand.

Somehow, once in a while, when boss had thought I had fallen asleep, he would pat on my head slowly, with difficulty.
It is likely that if I were to open my eyes up now, the bashful boss would embarrassingly withdraw his hand immediately.
Fufu, therefore, I would go on with pretending to sleep, and enjoy boss’s ‘There, there’ to the max.
I must be overly fond of being patted on the head so, I almost wanted to tear up due to the profound emotions seeping out of me but I would be found out if I started crying like that so I tried my fullest to hold them back.

Hehe, it is all thanks to him I cannot stop pretending to sleep.

“......Hey, Alek, won’t you reconsider?”
While enjoying the patting, I could hear the Kou-okaasan’s whisper in the quiet tent. Right at Kou-okaasan’s words, boss stopped patting me. Oough.

“......What’s with this all of a sudden.”

“What you are trying to do is reckless. Why don’t we take a look first?”

“Ha! What are you saying at this point? I knew from the start that this was reckless. Still, I have to do this for a certain someone. You should very well know that we can’t turn back now.”

This is bad, is this a couple’s squabble!? What now?
I wonder if I should be awoken by their voice. Maybe it would better to laugh embarrassingly and interrupt them after they have changed the topic?

“Then, what about Ryou-chan? What if something dire happens to us? Would this child get involved in it?”
No way, my name came into the topic. Now all the more I cannot wake up. Furthermore, this gives off some turbulent vibes……

“......This kid, came with us because she likes us. She shouldn’t have any complaints.”

“C’mon, Alek. At the very least, wait till this child grows up…...please. This much should be okay right? Even for Alek, you dote on her yes?”

“Alright, keep it down. No matter what, Bashu’s the priority. Anything other than thing, I would not acknowledge it.”
As boss said that, he removed his hand that was on my head.

I turned over in my bed and brushed along the blanket. Probably, if I were to wake up now, boss and Kou-okaasan would lie down and face their backs at me.
From the opposite side, I could hear Kou-okaasan’s tiny sigh.

I could guess that boss and gang were attempting to start a peasant’s revolt or some revolutions of sorts. Sometimes, I would hear talk about weapons, mineral mines, mages, and gathering the support and unity of farmers.

I do not really understand the workings of the world but I still know that doing so is reckless. Still, it does not matter either way, Kou-okaasan. Do not worry too much about it, it is alright.
If I was told to offer my help to the boss, it is not like I would be hesitant to lend my assistance. Being family is just like that I believe.
I still hardly know much about family though……

The meeting between Bashu-san and boss started.
The representatives facing us was a spirit user and Bashu-san. Our representatives were boss and Kou-okaasan, a two-on-two dialogue. Well, even though this might be a dialogue, they were actually talking while standing in the mountains surrounded by trees and greenery.

If there were too many people, it might feel too overwhelming for both sides so the two-on-two mode was decided upon. Still, after being told that it was not like we all had to be around to convince Bashu-san to have an intention to join us, or more like just join us, so we were situated some place just a little far away, where we stand-by while observing the 4 of them.
To allow me to have better view, Gai-san gave me a lift on his shoulders. Gai-san was a roughly 2 meters tall and big guy so the view on his shoulders were wide!

Speaking of which, the spirit user who tagged along with Bashu-san looked somewhat familiar. We were looking from afar so I cannot really be sure but, from that red hair, could it be that spirit user who visited Garigari village the last time?
Even Kuwamaru-aniki said that the spirit user was from the Yamato region. Not going to keep it a secret anymore, Garigari village is actually one of Yamato’s pioneering settlements.
Still, it is an indescribably far out place in Yamato though.

For the time being, Bashu-san doesn’t look a very hairy person. I’m kindof disappointed.
This is despite me imagining every night recently that Bashu-san was a hairy person. And that he laughs like this, “Fou fou fo”. Laughing with his white hair, fou fou fo. Even though that was my Bashu-san, he was in reality, a man with light brown hair and has a kempt look without any normal facial hair.

The discussion proceeded without a hitch and started off with a mood like, “Yo, long time no see –!” and they embraced one another as a form of greeting. Kou-okaasan looked like she was extremely happy to see her old friend and her little brother, to the extent that she wiggled more than usual.

However, I wonder how the little brother thinks of his elder brother becoming an Onee. Or what he thinks of her wiggling. From afar, I could not peek into his mental space.

Boss smiled with his menacing face, and pointed far out to our direction. He was probably trying to say that his other men where in that direction, and would it be alright to bring them here? Bashu-san nodded his head, giving his assent.

And then, I thought he would fling his hand over head to gesture us to all get there now but boss looks strange.
He looked at his feet and panicked. Kou-okaasan too. Or more like all 4 of them look down and got into a fluster.

“Don’t they look strange?”
Rudel-san nodded. And then, boss lowered himself down to his waist and pulled out his sword.

“He drew his sword!?”
At the same time as Kuwamaru-aniki surprised voice, we rushed towards their direction.
While on Gai-san’s shoulders, I grabbed on to his head as hard as possible so as to not fall over and continued to observe boss.
Something must have had happened; it did not look like a normal situation. He was looking down and then he became agitated……

What? Something is fixed onto their feet? Ice?
Boss had noticed that we came to their side and he shouted, “Stop! Don’t come here!”

With that shout of his, we could all tell that it was not something ordinary. How could we stop then? As I was thinking, the sword that boss was holding on to, crumbled away into sand.
That was something I have had seen before. Crumbling and disappearing away into sand, that was when Alan or Irene-san wanted to redo their failed swords or armour.
It was magic to undo a magician’s work.

“Be careful! There is a mage nearby!”

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