Bandit Arc ⑥ -The Anguish of an Applicant to the Organisation-


Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

After a few days, Kou-san’s condition had stabilised. She is now able to sit upright and eat on her own.

Since she was able to hold conversations, I have been receiving instructions from her on following treatment procedures.
The scars on her back were still there and looked as though they were slightly inflamed. Nevertheless, because the wound has closed up, whether the scar would disappear entirely depends on the treatment. Right now, I am replacing the ointment which stops bleeding (which also relieves pain and suppress inflammation) and changing her dressing.

In the period when I cared for Kou-okaasan, I felt somewhat blissful. Kou-okaasan is really kind. I feel that she actively tries to cover up for my fallings.

Still, what awaits me is getting sold off to somebody else.

I wonder what Kou-okaasan plans for me exactly. She has been so kind to me, so much so that I have gotten the wrong idea about her. No, it’s as though it’s already become an expectation. After all, she protected me with her life.

Doesn’t this mean she regards me as something very important?!

When treated in such a way, anyone would have their hopes without doubt. That Kou-okaasan obviously loves me. I mean, she even said at the beginning, that she was going to think of me as her child with boss. She told me to call her Okaa-san!

I have believed it again.

However, if I were to be backstabbed again, if I were to be sold again……

As of now, Kou-okaasan is unable to move so I am the only medic for the bandits. That’s why, they allow me to stay by their side all the time though……
As long as Kou-okaasan is lying down on the bed, I am the bandits’ precious medic. That’s why, in the meantime, I won’t be sold.

That’s right, at this rate, if Kou-okaasan can be bedridden forever……!
Preferably both her hands and legs……!

That, that’s impossible—! I am a yandare?! Scary!
I am definitely not a yandare!

Honestly, I don’t have a good idea of how Kou-okaasan thinks of me. Furthermore, asking her would be scary.
But I understand my thoughts clearly.
I want to continue this life with them. I want to continue being with Kou-okaasan, boss and the other bandits.

With this newfound conviction, I’m sure I can muster the courage to achieve anything.
Also, I want to try my very best.

I am very aware that effort doesn’t equate to results.

Even in the past, whenever I had an inclining that my parents were getting closer to me, I would push myself harder, but even then, my efforts were not rewarded. Still, even if that was the case, I still want to cling on to this little hope that I have. More often than not, effort goes unrewarded everywhere in the world.

Still, at the very end, I want to hang onto to this hope. This would be the last time.

Alright! This shall be my bandit debut.

I knew in advance that I was going to be the Earl’s family maid and I had considered that to be good vocation but being a bandit isn’t bad either. I want to continue living as a bandit. The slow life had been fun.

It’s just that I don’t want to be involved in something like robbery. After all, I hail from the relatively safe Japan……

Regarding the act of robbing, there would be no problems as long as I correct the ways of them bandits. Yes, that’s it, yes. I, who is presently supposed to be a cute little girl, would tell them, “Boss, for my sake, please do not go against me!” With that, they would stop for sure.
However, was it even possible for Boss to change his ways even though evil has seeped deep into his face……?

No, let’s stop thinking too deeply into it.
For now, the most vital thing is to join their bandit gang. I wonder if there are any formal procedures to join them. Such as a test, a ritual or a baptism. ……First of all I need to confirm if Boss would even let me join.

No, wait.
If I suddenly requested to join, he would probably say something like, “There is nothing that a kid like you can do! Don’t ever ask of that again!” Even I wouldn’t dare to ask a second time after that.

I know, how about increasing my appeal before making my request to join?

Yes, that’s it!
If I can get them to tell me, “Please join us bandits!”, that would be good.

 I swiftly drew up and refined my plan. I would swing into action starting from tomorrow.


The morning for a bandit applicant is early.
I woke up earlier than everyone else, and started mixing today’s portion of medicine. Next is collecting vegetables nearby. Today, I am also planning to join them in hunting, so I looked around for a long wooden stick that can be used while hunting.
The leftover ashes from the bonfire could be used to make soap so I kept it for later and also did some sweeping around the perimeters of the tents.
Next, I started a fire and prepared breakfast with the vegetables that were gathered and wild boar meat. The bandits eat plentifully during breakfast.

After that, being lured by the scent of food, the bandits woke up one by one.

I greeted them with an invigorating smile.

“Oh oh, boss, good morn’! Wow, you still look as cool as ever!”
“……what do you want”

Alek boss became unsettled at my invigorating greeting. Oh that’s right, up till now, all my greetings weren’t as casual as how the bandits would greet one another with “good morn’.” Yep, I might have overdone it.

For now, I’ll treat it as though nothing happened and continue in my usual way of speaking. Even though I returned back to my original way of speaking, I still won’t forget to pepper my words with compliments for the boss.

Later, because removing other obstacles are equally as important, I would excessively praise the bandit management team too.
As for Kuwamaru, I told him, “you’re the best bro, as expected!” and he was put into a good mood. As for Gai-san, the musclehead, I complimented his bulging muscles and he twitched his chest muscles in delight. Rudel-san was suspicious of my drastic change in behaviour so my compliments didn’t work well on him. The reaction from boss was equally as bad.

It’s okay, this is just the first day. I will proceed without panicking.

After finishing with things like helping Kou-san with her meals, preparing her medicine and changing her dressing, I conveyed my interest to join them in hunting to boss. However, he rejected me and said, “It’s impossible since you can’t even ride a horse.”

Still, to get here, I rode together with Kou-san so I probably could help out by shooting with the bow while paired with someone else on a horse. I had achieved decent standards in archery during my previous life.

I told the boss that I knew how to shoot from the bow, and the boss said, “If you say you can, why don’t you show me,” and lent me his bow. I tried to pull the bowstring, but was unable to do so due to lack of strength.

Kuu! If only I had the body of my previous life!

I resolved to add push-ups to my morning program.
In the end, I wasn’t allowed to join them in the hunt. The boss stroked my head (very unlike of him) and said, “Well, if there is a chance in the future, I would teach you how to hunt”.

Ehh, no way, the normally scary him became so kind all of a sudden. How startling.
If the boss was a little bit more handsome, that would so much better. Sadly, from how I see it, the boss has a scary face that looks like a bulldog or a gorilla. Sorry, but that’s definitely not my type.
Furthermore, I don’t want Onee as my rival. I don’t feel that I would be able to win his, oops I mean, her femininity.

With that, the days went by with me contributing to the bandits primarily by being responsible for all the housework.

And then, the hardworking me showed everyone that “I wasn’t just a housework girl!”. I borrowed a hoe from the village bandits, tilled an empty space, fertilised the land with horse dung and tried to grow some potatoes. The very next night, some wild boars dug out everything and ate them. I got scolded by Kou-okaasan for that too.

I tried to make soap with water mixed with ash and animal fats but the bubbles from it were terrible and the soap reeked of smelly fats. Furthermore, the bandits who do not give a damn to whether they are clean or dirty weren’t concerned with hygiene and said, “Won’t washing with water do?”, rejecting the soap right away.

Using clay from the mountains and heating them with the ashes of bonfire, I made some straw-rope patterned bowls. “But aren’t the wooden bowls we’re using now good enough?” They said and treated the straw-rope patterned bowls as ornaments.

I tried to flaunt the musical talents I possessed that annihilated all my competition in my previous lifetime. This was a plan to turn them into slaves of my art, so I stole a bucket that was used as armour by the village bandits and used twigs to play drum. However, the hypersensitive Rudel told me to shut up.

And right now, I am in the midst of making bricks from clay. I am making a cooking stove with the bricks. Also, I plan to build a wall as a partition to shield people from eyes when they are wiping themselves with wet cloths. This time for sure, I would impress everyone!

That was how I enjoyed my days to the fullest even though no matter how I see it, it was all fruitless effort.

Could it be because of my impatience? I’ve never experienced things that haven’t gone elegantly until now.

However, it is strange.
Even though things haven’t gone smoothly, I am still having lots of fun.
With regards to whatever I do, anyone who had seen it all gave some feedback. Even though I might have failed, and that they show some displeasure, none of them would actually be disappointed.
Could it be because they do not have any strange expectations of me? Somehow, the load on my shoulders feels extremely light.

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