Agricultural Village Arc ⑨ -The things that I can do-


「Can you see what’s on my shoulder?」

As I approached Seki-san, he pointed out to his right shoulder and asked me.
Eh, there is nothing on his shoulders though. Just plain air.

Am I supposed to be seeing something? This could be a criterion for a mage ……

Just to be safe, I took a good long look at it, but I still couldn’t see anything.

「Nope, sorry. There seems to be nothing」

「Is that so, well then, how about checking on Ryouki?」

The subject of the conversation, Ryouki-san, nodded deeply, and after staring in a distance for a second, he held up his right hand.

「What do you see on this side?」

I tried taking a look at Ryouki-san’s right hand. Likewise, there wasn’t anything, just empty space.
「…… I don’t see anything special」

「Do you not see a glittering light?」

I knew mages would be able to perceive something there. A glittering light huh. Still, I can’t see it.
「Sorry. It’s just normal to me」

「… Is that so」

Ryouki-san murmured to himself while giving a complete disappointed look. Similarly, Seki-san face looked like a disappointed one.

Mm, I understand what’s going on. I understand but…

Seki-san put on the mysterious face that TV hosts would put on before a big reveal, and announced the verdict.

「Village chief, unfortunately, this child isn’t a mage」


The villagers strongly sighed, and their dejected voices could be heard. Even the chief’s shoulders started to slump down.

I was kinda afraid to even look at the reaction of father and mother.


The banquet was over, and on the very same day, the village chief provided a vacant house for the mages to stay for a night before travelling again.

The mages were compelled by the country to follow a messy schedule so they had to leave after 1 night. Also, they wanted to spread to other villages what they saw in this village – the groundbreaking farming tools that were made by Ryou-chan.

……. Speaking of which, are the fields alright now? The mages came and made the crops grow all of a sudden but, have they made any changes to the quality of the soil?

I am thinking of making full use of the information of my previous life to improve the quality of life for the villagers. It might be possible, however, it is possible that this world may have no need for such scientific knowledge and information.

It’s like “With magic, this world is complete”.

Somehow, I felt like the purpose in my life was lost. My heart aches.

Still, even then, there should be something I can do.

If I work hard at what I can do,  I can make my family, the villagers and everyone else happier.

I have no doubt that I would be happier this life.


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