Bandit Arc ④ -Secret of the Charismatic Boss-


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The three who left for Bashu’s place have yet to return. As per norm, the men went on hunt while Kou-san(male) and I went outside to pick mountain vegetables, do the laundry and other things.
As of late, I have understood the treatment procedures and could somewhat help treat those who return with injuries after hunting. It might be called treatment, but considering their injuries, all I really did was wash their wounds, apply medication and wrap it up in bandages.

Also, I have been taught how to mix medication and make the Forget Your Pains with the Maiden’s Embrace medicine.

In addition, there was something that piqued my interest recently.
The bandits have yet to commit a single act of robbery since we left the bandit village. If that is so, they are no longer bandits isn’t?
Actually, there is a path not far from the camp where many merchants on their horses pass by, and yet, they have not made their move on them. All they did was quietly hunt for a living. Currently, we are just a simple hunting group.

Perhaps they held themselves back because of the little child (me) in their group because it would be detrimental for educational purposes? Oh my, what a surprise that they actually had this kind side to them.

“Huh? We didn’t really specifically take Ryou into consideration.”

I had asked regarding my observation and it was immediately shot down by the monkeyface Kuwamaru.

Monkeyface Kuwamaru had basically ended all his sentence with “ssuyo(っすよ)”, “ssuu(っすー)” and “ssunee(っすねー)” in the presence of the boss or Kou-san like how a Kouhai of a club would have, yet when he faced me, his speaking style would change to that of a senior.

This bastard!

In order to soothe my irritation, I had devoted myself entirely to work.
Right now, Kuwamaru and a villager bandit Gorz-san were scraping off fats of wild boar skins. The underside of the skin was disgustingly flabby and I found it pitiful for the boar too, hence I wasn’t too comfortable with this job……

At first, the bandits treated me as though I was air and Kou-san was the only one who would talk to me. I myself wasn’t comfortable initiating a conversation with any of them either. However, as time with them went by, I found myself increasingly curious about them.

It’s also because of what I heard about Bashu-san the Earl from Kou Onee-san, that I was able to calm down and had the leeway to think about what might happen in the future.

With this feeling, since I was already caught up in this, I might as well study sociology – the ways of bandits. As such, I began talking to them.

And of course, this was how I learned about the two-face nature of Kuwamaru. Behaving all proudly to anyone who ranks beneath him while acting servile to those above.
Such loathsome middle management staff!

“If we were to act violently around these parts, it would be extremely troublesome for ourselves later on. I don’t really understand much, but even boss-san is a wanted man. Actually, what on earth did boss-san do anyway? Robbery?”

Currently, Gorz-san was expressing himself like a Kouhai.

“……He didn’t do anything badass”

Monkeyface Kuwamaru didn’t even bother to turn and face him.
Nono, how could he be a wanted person if he didn’t do anything criminal? Don’t tell me it is really true that with his face alone, he got reported while he was in the town.

“Also, boss is not doing any raids because this is the Ruby Fallen domain.”

“Now that you say it, I remember hearing it from Kou-okaasama. If I remember correctly, the lord of this domain and boss-san are acquaintances? That must be why we aren’t attacking people in these parts.”

I had heard similar things from Kou-san. But I had completely forgotten about it. Their connection was probably that of friendship. Even though he is a wanted man.

“Even though that may be true, it is not the only thing. Boss extremely hates mages and dislikes territories which depend on mages. Ruby Fallen had been said to be a cursed land, since not a single mage has been born out in it in decades. Boss doesn’t pick on lands which have a weak link to magic. Even though this is the only territory which is experiencing such an issue though.”

Hoh, this must be what they call a bandit’s dignity. Anyways, this is the first time I heard of anyone who actually hates mages. Everyone else more or less respect the mages so it is rather fresh to see someone showing disdain for mages.

“Ka—! It’s the will of the boss! Living like a man! As expected, boss-san is coooool. My role model. My saviour.”

The villager’s spirit rose as he said.
Speaking of “saviour”, what was he saved from?

“What do you mean by your savior?”
I asked the Gorz-san in a 6-year-old like manner while maintaining an adorable and innocent expression. Even though they think I stare like a dead frog, I am very very sure that is not the case. I am supposed to be a cute young girl.
I smiled as sweetly as I would, when posing for a photograph.

“We were from Guriguri village, a pioneering settlement but the crops could hardly grow and crops that managed to grow were eaten by the wild boars. The mages couldn’t care less about us and we were on the brink of starvation. This was when Alek boss and Kuwamaru bro gallantly came to the rescue.”

Towards the boss which has been continuously called cool, Kuwamaru gave a not at all dissatisfied expression while bashfully saying something like “Oh please stop”. I am getting a little pissed at his contented Monkeyface.

Wait a minute… Pioneering settlement! So we are comrades huh! And the name of it is Guriguri village too. Are all pioneering settlements named in such a way!? Who the heck named them! I would love to have a word with that person.

“No really, I am in your debt. You taught me how to hunt, how to peel off animal hide, taught me about the various mountain vegetation and even how to rob merchants.”

I see, I see. That is good. However, it would be much better if he wasn’t taught how to rob though.

“Well, the boss has that kind of personality so there is no way he would abandon others in need.”
Kuwamaru boasted with pride.
He spoke of boss having that certain personality but all I have seen from him is that chilling face of his, so for now, I don’t see him in that light. But I suppose he does have a hint of humanity huh……

“Now that I think back on it, it is very strange that when we were on the verge of starvation, we didn’t think that we could live on even if turned to banditry. Yet now, in order to protect my family and myself, I would do anything despite the fact that, during that time, all I did was to suffer in hunger while simply doing nothing but wait for the mages. All we did was wait for death.”

The villager scratched his head as he spoke with wonder.

Still, robbing others is still no good!? Says the me who had been kidnapped…… Hmm, but there are times when it cannot be helped in order to survive.

Guriguri village should be a pioneering settlement under the Rainforest territory. They blame their starvation and suffering on the Rainforest Family but not on the management of the village?

It may have been unfortunate but Irene-san and Claude-san had been so busy and they have done their very best! This is my perspective as an ex-maid, but nevertheless, I can’t say it out to these villagers who had faced near-deaths from hunger.

……This feels somewhat complicated.

If I had not been born in Garigari village, I wonder if that village would have to turn to banditry as well. No, if that was the case, I’m sure it would have become a bandit village by now.

Hya ha! (TN: this is a sort of gangsterly snigger I think) As they laughed, a fleeting thought came to my mind. It was when Maru-anchan (TN: it’s like ‘bro’) was straddling onto his pony.

……Totally don’t look like them at all. The inhabitants of Garigari village wouldn’t have anything like their guts, I believe.

I pray that Maru-anchan doesn’t end up “Hya ha”-ing and that he puts in effort to cultivate the fields.


The three men who went to the city to find Bashu-san came back. However, they were unable to meet Bashu-san. They said that Bashu-san went on a long expedition to find an agriculture expert so that he can invite him or her to assist in reforming agriculture. They have no idea when he would be back but it shouldn’t take that long, so they think.
Upon hearing their report, Boss decided that we would continue setting up camp here and wait for Bashu-san to return.

Such bad timing.

This would mean my re-employment is a distant away. A blessing from this however, is that I can continue to enjoy this slow pace of life in the mountains; not much damage was done, I can say.

At first, it was very intimidating and I didn’t dare to even take a slight peek at the boss’s face but in recent times, I feel like I have gotten used to his face.

I took a long look at the boss face by the side. Boss could sense someone looking at him and in that moment when he turned to face me, I looked away and acted nonchalantly.
This little game of “Ding-dong-dash” (TN: press on a bell and run away) has been a favourite pastime of mine.

From the excess time we had together, I became closer to the bandits.


Mm. If only I had soap. I was scrubbing away at the bandits’ clothes at the river.
Among the bandits, the main person to do all the housework was me. And here I am, hard at work, washing their worn-out clothes.
The water alone isn’t sufficient to get the dirt to drop off and if I applied too much force, the clothes would tear too…… What to do.

As a rule, going to the river is dangerous so Kou-san would follow me to the river usually, but yesterday, Rudel-san strained his back while hunting so Kou-san, who was in charge of nursing him, stayed behind. Thus, I am now doing this alone.
Rudel-san was always a careful person and carried himself with intelligence so it would have simply been alright to just get him not to hunt recklessly (in the meantime).

Even though they told me that the river was dangerous, it was actually fine as long as I don’t cross into the opposite side of the river.
I have no desire to die right now, so I do not intend to cross to the opposite bank by myself, much less encountering a demonic beast like a dragon. If I did see one I would go all out to escape! With great speed!

Still, washing the bandits’ rags was really tiring.

Time for a little rest—

Just when I was about to rest, I lifted my head up and saw something across the river.

I’m sure it was a woman. Her slightly curvy hair had the same shade of gold as mine. The tips of her hair was curved like waves.

She looks like me?

That female across the river gestured for me to come over.

Who could she be, this was the first time I saw somebody else other than the bandits around these parts. Could there be a village nearby?
If that is true……would I be able to escape?

Could it be that the bandits told me not to cross the river because there was civilisation there? To prevent me from trying to escape?

Franking speaking, I have had no inclination to escape recently. Still, there could be people there.

“Urmm—What are you doing there? Is there a village near?”

I tried to speak to her but all she did was laugh without replying.
What’s going on, could it be that she’s mute? Or could it be that, she knows that there are bandits in the vicinity and doesn’t want me to shout.

As I laid down my thoughts, I went ahead and walked through the river. It wasn’t a very deep river. Its depth was only up to a child’s waist like mine. The flow of the river was slow and there was absolutely no problem with walking across it.

I kept my eye on the female that gestured me to follow her. Initially I thought she bore resemblance to me but, no, I had been mistaken, she was more like mother.

Could it be that she was mother? Don’t tell me that mother had been worried and came to look for me?

I wanted to confirm the identity of that person. I crossed the river and reached the other side of the river.

After reaching the other side, the person that looks like mother, continuously gestured for me to come. It looked like she wanted to hug me.

It was mother!

She had been worried and probably came to find me. She must have regretted selling me and she is telling me to come back to her!

These were the thoughts in my mind as I was about to leap into her arms. Abruptly, the image of mother vanished.
Unknowingly, a large black bear with nine eyes appeared in front of me. It swooped down its claws to attack me.


I fainted in fright.


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