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TSR V2C2: Freshman Arc ② –Stalking Boy Alan-

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Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

The School Entrance Ceremony and orientation ended without a hitch and the next day’s lessons began.

The very first lesson was Magic History lesson. It appears that Magic History lesson would be conducted every day for one period.
Every day, for that one period, from the first years to the fifth years, almost everyone will be gathered at the auditorium to take the Magic History lesson. Incidentally, there are no fixed seating arrangements so everyone is free to pick their own seats. After the end of this lesson, year threes and above would attend their own subject lessons so they would move separately to their own classrooms.

For now, the Magic history lesson was, rather than an actual history lesson of this country, was more about learning the greatness of the current great mages. Simply put, it was lesson where mages would be patting themselves on the back, calling one another, “Sugeeee”. It gave me the creeps.

Various thoughts flitted through my head but for now, I need to use the toilet. The lesson is about to begin so I need to hurry.
I stood up and Alan who had set up encampment beside me, turned to look at me.
“Where are you going?”

“I am going to pick flowers.” I chuckled as I gave my response in a ladylike manner but it did not seem to get through to Alan.

“Why are you going to pick flowers at this time? Lessons are starting soon.” He replied with a serious look.

“The washroom! I am going to the washroom!”
That was definitely unacceptable for a lady I thought as I replied with indignation but Alan did not notice one bit and nodded, “Ah, I got it.” For some reason, he stood up too.
And while I walked off, Alan followed me too.

T-this guy is following me!
As expected, he did not follow me all the way inside the female’s toilet but after I took care of my business, wiped my hands with a handkerchief and came out of the toilet, Alan suddenly appeared and declared proudly, “Good, let’s go back.”

He was waiting nearby!?

No way, this kid is terrifying!

Since our reunion at the School Entrance Ceremony, Alan has been concerned for me beyond the point of necessity.
Even this morning, when I was leaving the dormitory for school, Alan was waiting outside with linked arms. I have no idea when he came but as though it was natural for me to appear from the dorm, he said, “Let’s go,” and it became such that we went to the auditorium together.
It was the front of the girls’ dormitory, so it was natural that the percentage of girls was high. I could feel all their painful stares. “Oh no, oh no, could he be her boyfriend, such a cute couple, ufufu.” The warm stares from the upper classmen onee-sama hinted at that.

After following me to the auditorium, Alan did not leave me alone, not even for one second.
We were allowed to freely to choose our seats but Alan called out to me as though it was normal, “Let’s sit over here,” and we sat next to one another.

It was true that I have not made any friends and that sitting together made me happy but somehow, the gaze from Alan was painful. It could be said that he was monitoring me or guarding me or something.

In addition, there was that incident during the School Entrance Ceremony, and I could not grasp the sense of distance between us. Alan’s was looking at me as though I was a frightened little animal.

And now, the current Mr. Alan was waiting for me before the girl’s toilet.

“A-Alan-sama, it is okay not to follow me at times like this.”
I timidly told Alan but he did not seem to be have a listening ear and pompously replied, “Ryou is in a dangerous position so there is no helping about that. Let’s go back quickly.”
Alan started to walk off.
Is there actually any danger in going to the toilet?

Don’t tell me that there is something like a Toilet Hanako-san monster in this world, an anecdote that was about a cute child being brought into another world……
Still, the real problem is not Hanako-san but the current Alan-san, who was scarier.

Later, we had lunch together as I continued to be frightened by Alan-sama who has been acting weird. Thankfully, Cain-sama came for lunch too and I was saved by the somewhat soothing of the atmosphere.

After getting involved in this and that, the fourth period lesson ended.
Only the first and second year mages have to attend their magic lesson on the fifth period. Therefore, from the fifth period onwards, Mr. Alan who was a mage had to go separate ways with me.

Alan stood up to prepare to move but before that, he took fleeting glances at me while having a half-baked expression on him.
Do not worry, Alan boy, I am fine! So please go for your lessons quickly! That was what I told him with my eyes. Nevertheless, it did not get through.

“Ryou, I need to go but are you fine being alone?” He asked to confirm it. Yes, I am totally fine! In fact, I am more worried for you!
“I am alright. Rather than that, Alan, you need to go now or you will be late. Please hurry.” I said as I pushed him on his back, half-trying to drive him out.
Alan looked back and told me with a solemn expression, “Well then, you can rest assure that as soon as the lesson end, I will come back, so please wait here.”

After the fifth period ends, I would be going back to my dorm though!? Also, I have plans too! Today, I was going to leave the campus and have a meal with Kou-okaasan!

“Ah, I have plans after school so I can’t do that. I will be returning to the girl’s dorm now—,” I replied and pushed Alan into the mage crowd. I immediately dashed back to my seat and covered my head.
No way, what should I do, Alan is too scary.
Besides Alan acting all weird, school life went on peacefully.
It was my first time living in a dormitory but my preparations for a new life was perfect and the moving was smooth. Well, that was because I hardly have any luggage.

I lived alone in a room that had a size of 8 tatami mats. The room mainly had a desk and a bed. The toilet and shower room were communal.
For food, there was a cafeteria in the campus so eating can be done there. Also, there were people who chose to eat outside the campus after having obtained approval.

For me, I often go outside to have dinner though not daily. Rather than calling it eating out, it was actually eating at Kou-okaasan house who had moved into the capital.

At first, I had been worried for Kou-okaasan who went to look for a job in the capital. She marched into the capital, searching for an Okama bar but she could not find anything like it in the city.

If she continued being unable to find an Okama bar, Kou-okaasan would be left adrift in the streets! Those were my thoughts as I despaired but it appears that Kou-okaasan had already decided to start a business in her own trade, a drug store. She had set up her store without problems successfully.

And now, she is living in the capital in her home cum working area, hence, my days consisted of whenever lessons end and I obtain the exit permit, either commuting back and forth to Kou-okaasan’s place or not.

That was how my one month went, but recently, the pursuer had been trying harder to get in my way.
The pursuer I am talking about is Alan. A premier stalking boy he is.

Alan was essentially, never more than a few steps away from me.
No matter where I go, he would definitely follow.

Excuse me! Following a lady like that, aren’t you just a stalker!?

I came down to that conclusion but because of me, I had worried him and I felt somewhat indebted, and due to that, I was unable to confront him about it for the month.

Nevertheless, the fifth period was always a special class for mages hence, we were separated then. And I would usually return to the dorm after that, hence it was only up to the fourth period that the tailing spirit would follow me.

Therefore, one way or another, I could leave the campus for now but recently, it feels like he had noticed me leaving the campus, and started to follow me more persistently.

Today, after school, when I was about to visit Kou-okaasan’s place, and was right about to step out of the campus, at the front of the gate, a boy that looked like Alan came into sight. He was lying in wait with a dazzling stance.

H-huh? Has the magic lesson already ended? That’s too early though?
Was it because I had been delayed for too long while renewing the exit permit……?

Secretly, in an attempt to evade detection, I tip-toed to the gate when,
“Oi, Ryou!”
Someone called out to me.
I who had been tip-toeing, immediately raised my back and turned around and beamed at Alan.

“Well, Alan-sama, how do you do? How was your day?”

“……Somehow, your smile looks rigid. You didn’t try to ignore me after spotting me, right?”

To his sharp interrogation, I could only deny vehemently. Impossible, impossible, that is impossible, and laughed in a lady-sama like manner, “Ohoho,” to get my way through.

“Then that is fine, but if you are going outside, I’m sure I told you before that I am going together with you. Today, you will let me go with you.”

Finally, it has come to this huh? Alan’s exit permit dangled from a string around his neck. His setup was flawless.

“There will not be anything awesome even if you follow me. It will only be boring for you. Because I’m just having a meal at the person from Ruby Fallen who is taking care of me.”

“It’s not like I am following you because it is interesting. It might be bright now but won’t it become darker later when you are coming back? If Ryou is alone, it would be dangerous. I am tagging along too.”

Ku—, if you say it like that, then there is nothing I can retort with.
No way I can flip the table on him when he is stalking as he was worried for me.

“It will be fine. Public safety in these parts is good and the person from Ruby Fallen would escort me back. Additionally, if I suddenly brought Alan-sama with me, that person would be shocked. I have been freeloading at Ruby Fallen. I don’t wish to further trouble them.”

“If you feel so ashamed, why don’t you come back to Rainforest?”

“No, no, it is not that I feel ashamed. I am treated very kindly!”

As I said so-and-so, I started to think that I am already at my limits in trying to shake off Alan.
Probably, if it was Kou-okaasan, she would not find a friend or two bothersome, and in fact, happily welcome them.
However, I would not like that. I did not want him to meet too often with Kou-okaasan.

I mean, it is rare for me to have family time, and the way I act when I am with my family and when I am with my henchman is somewhat different. Also, Kou-okaasan said that she would want to sample my boyfriends too……
Alan is absolutely not my boyfriend but despite appearances, he does have a fairly well-looking face.

He is a child so for now, I believe that Kou-okaasan would not move her fingers on him but I still have to take precautions.

Alan-boy, I am thinking for you when I try to dissuade you from going with me! I wish I could voice that argument.

Nevertheless, no matter how I convince him otherwise, I did not seem to be able to throw him off from his hot pursuit with a heavy, imposing stance.

“Whatever, I am going too!”
Alan-boy said as he grabbed my right arm and walked out.

Hmm, nothing more can be done. Guess I have to bring him to Kou-okaasan’s place then……

If anything happens, don’t blame me! Don’t look for me when you get eaten!


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