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TSR V2C3: Freshman Arc ③ -Imagining that I would cry when I am left alone-

Here we go again......

Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

 Opening the door of the small drug store that Kou-okaasan was running, I found her in the midst of serving a customer.
 So far as it goes, this is a service industry so Kou-okaasan stopped her wiggling like how she always does and wore a white shirt with beige pants, like clothes a man would wear. Her hair was tied to the back and her appearance was immaculate.

 In truth, when we entered the capital or when we were renting the room, there were people who took a visibly hostile attitude towards her Onee tone. I was tremendously indignant at their behaviour towards Kou-okaasan. In my fit of resentment, I wanted to carry out my revenge by secretly applying grease on those odious jerks but Kou-okaasan found out mid-way and I had to give up on the revenge.
 Still, due to that, for her normal day-to-day life, Kou-okaasan hid her Onee style the best she could.

 With that, the first impression of her she gives to others does not give away the fact that she is an Onee but sometimes she negligently reverts to her usual Onee tone. However, as a receptionist, she does not engage in that kind of conversation which would reveal that much thus, for the time being, she is doing fine.

 I gave a bow to the customer in the store and went into the inner room with Alan.

 “Is this a drug store? The person at the store is Ryou’s caretaker? Is he your attendant?”

 As soon as we entered the room, Alan boy showered me with questions in succession.
 I was thinking in my mind, “Now, now, just wait because I am going to pour some tea now, so please, please wait.” As I prepared the tea, I was thinking of how I should reply him.
 I have a feeling that explaining everything in detail would lead to many other dilemmas later so I am going with it lightly.

 And so, I presented the tea to Alan and the furrow on his brow which has been there for some time relaxed.

 “It has been such a long time since I received tea poured by Ryou.”

 Ah, true. When I was a maid, I had been serving tea every day.
 Perhaps after reminiscing about the past, Alan had regained his spirit somewhat and looked happy.

 “The Alan-bouchama from that time was immensely sweet. Always calling me boss here and boss there, following me around like poop following a goldfish.”
 Now, he has not changed much from being goldfish faeces but, he has become a mere stalker. Ahh, how appalling!

 “W-what! I have never called Ryou as boss obviously! Don’t say that!”
 Ohh, it has been a long time since I’ve seen Alan’s fury. Everything about his cheeky face is nostalgic.
 “Ara, but isn’t Alan my henchman?”
 “Wha! Don’t get too conceited! It was temporary, it was only temporary that I became a henchman! I was no longer a henchman soon after due to the problem of ability!”

 What is that problem of ability anyways. What ability are you talking about. That’s my first time hearing it.

 “However, nothing much has changed since you are still following me from behind all the time. You are unable to change your disposition of being a henchman huh?”

 “Totally not! Right now, it is more like I am the boss while Ryou is the henchman!”


 Well, fine by me if the pretend play of boss-henchman system no longer exists.  But, I cannot accept overturning of the entire seniority relationship.
 I have been feeling guilty about making him worried so I have been keeping quiet for some time now. But! This much I cannot allow!

 In the first place, you have been worried for me so you have become a stalker……in spite of being a henchman and being worried for your boss…… you are 10 years too early!
 Just as my emotions ran wild and I was about to let loose the pepper bombs that I had stocked in my skirt, the door to the room opened.

 “Ryou-chan? What’s up? Are you with a friend today?”
 Kou-okaasan opened the door and asked.

 “Kou-oka……Kou-san! How’s business?”
 “……Let’s see, business would die down soon so I guess I would be closing even though it is still early. Additionally, Ryou brought back a friend for the first time too.”

 Kou-okaasan spoke while concealing her Onee tone. It was probably since I had unconsciously switched to calling her ‘Kou-san’. Still, I had already explained to Alan that she was someone like an attendant and she also spoke like a man so I was somewhat relieved.

 “Yes, he is, I believe I have mentioned before though, Alan-sama from the Rainforest Earl Family.”

 “Pleased to meet you, I am Alan from the Rainforest Earl Family. I am good friends with Miss Ryou.”

 Alan bowed excessively politely. His salutations were slightly stiff, probably due to his lack of experience. His movements were clumsy too. You are an aristocrat so please be diligent and practice greeting others.

 Kou-okaasan told him them it is okay not to humble himself that much and returned the greeting while smiling warmly.
 “Nice to meet you. I am Kouki. I came to the capital from Ruby Fallen with Ryou. Please continue to take care of Ryou from hereafter.”
 Kou-okaasan said in an eloquent male-like conduct.

 Thankfully, after seeing Alan, she did not suddenly grab him and eat him. Whew. Maybe Alan couldn’t qualify for the preliminaries – he was a kid after all!

 “Ryou, I would be preparing dinner from here on. It won’t be anything impressive but it is okay for Alan-kun to have dinner here.”
 Kou-okaasan suggested. Alan thanked him without reserve thus, Alan would be joining us for dinner.

 At times like this, one should appear hesitant and restrained, Mr. Alan. That is the way of the Japanese! Well, Alan wasn’t a Japanese though.

 “Erm! I’ll help too!”
 I exclaimed and got off from my seat but Kou-okaasan shook her head and stopped me. “Since your friend is here today, it is fine. I am just about to be done anyways.”
 She said, and headed towards the door.

 Alan, who was next to me, observed Kou-okaasan as he went for the door while pressing his fingers on his chin.

 “Hmm. He doesn’t seem like a bad person.”
 He commented loftily and nodded.

 Who do you think you are!

 “He is an extremely good person. He took great care of me so please refrain from using such disrespectful words!”

 “That’ll depend on how he acts, ya!”

 Who are you to say that!

 Alan was certainly Alan. The nebulous tinge of the shitty brat feeling had been dearly missed. Like you know, a leopard cannot change its spots.

 When I reunited with Alan at the School Entrance Ceremony, Alan made a Shobon (´・ω・`) face out of the blue and looked like he was in the slumps. It seems like he was bothered by the fact that I had been abducted by the bandits and was worried for me.

 In my time with boss and the rest, it was likely that Alan had imagined me to be a fragile girl, and the me without him by my side, was always alone and crying.
 That is why, when I am not by his side for even a moment, he becomes anxious and that connects with his stalking activities.

 With that kind of notion, my relationship with Alan has become somewhat awkward since our reunion. I had the weak of point of feeling guilty towards him and so, I totally could not treat him the same way as before.

 Still, right now, it feels like I have returned in time.
 Yes, my rationality is sound. Alan was indeed a healthy brat and I can stay relieved, as his position is that of my henchman.

 Though he had babbled some nonsense about him not being a henchman but rather, he being the boss……

 “Hey, Alan-sama, why don’t we have another duel right now? Just as how as it was like before……the loser becomes the henchman.”

 “Eh? But, you are a girl aren’t ya……Not to mention that I have practicing my swordsmanship and I can use magic too, there is no way you can match up to me.”
 Yearning for the old times, I made that proposal enthusiastically, yet this brat nonchalantly rejected it. What did you just say? Is your brain okay? That was the kind of feeling he gave off while rebuffing me. His eyes were telling me that there was no way that I’ll be a match for him.

 Even though he was just Alan, how impudent! This one over here was raised in the mountains you know!

 Or more precisely, he was only treating me like a girl now and putting on airs that he was a gentleman who won’t raise his hand on girls but hey, didn’t you pick a fight with me when I was a little five-year-old girl?

 Damn, I cannot allow this.
 Honestly, I suggested this duel mainly just for the kicks but I feel that I cannot allow Alan to continue throwing his weight around! I have to show Alan his rightful henchman position.

 “Ara, no way, could Alan-sama be afraid of losing to me?”

 “What are you saying. After finally meeting you……like, somewhat, I could get good vibes but, it is definitely a no.”
 With great dismay, Alan looked at me with his eyes coloured in shock.

 So, soo, vexing! And what did he mean by good vibes!? Say it clearly!

 Ah, oh no, not like that, I need to calm down. The other party is Alan. I need to compose myself. There should be countless of methods to cleverly get through this deadlock!

 “You are just saying that because you are ‘fraid aren’t you? I can understand. Since you were defeated with a swift attack, when I was five. After losing, you were on the cusp of breaking into tears too.”

 “I was totally n-not crying!”

 Nice, he had taken the bait! Easy! Now just one more push!

 “Ara, is that so? Hmm, but from the impression I got from my memory, Alan was always a wimpy boy that was half-crying……”

 “There is no way that is true! What is wrong with the me in your memory!”

 “That being so, with a duel, please do show me a strong Alan-sama. If you have truly gotten strong enough to beat me, I would even be your henchman too.”
 That said, Alan was taken slighty aback and muttered to himself, “Henchman……” He casted his eyes down for a moment and then, shifted his eyes to meet mine.

 “Hey, if Ryou became my henchman, wouldn’t you promise never to go outside when I am not around?”
 Alan asked seriously.

 O-oh. From the orders he would give me if I become a henchman was, kind-of like, it can be seen that he is a very restrictive guy……The future of Alan boy was exceedingly worrying.
 I am greatly apologetic if the reason that he ended being so restrictive was because he had been traumatised due to the bandits abducting me.

 “That’s so, isn’t it……I may not fulfill that promise, but I would try to the best of my abilities.”
 I replied vaguely, and it appeared to not be a problem as Alan linked his arms and nodded as he appeared to be in thought. And now I shall pass this gravely decision! That was how he gestured. Next, he opened his mouth.

 “Alright, I got it! This duel! I accept! Okie-dokie!”

 “Fufu, how nostalgic! The venue and time would be decided by me so I shall let you know some time later. I plan on using the courtyard of the campus. Is that acceptable?”
 I grinned and made the final confirmation with him. Alan proudly acknowledged it by saying that it does not matter!
 Alright, looks like I will be busy making the preparations soon.
 I feel bad for Alan but I will show no mercy.

 It would be good if I could convey that I’ll be fine even without you worrying for me.
 I think I’ll have to crush the very concept of “Ryou would cry when she is left alone” that has been lingering in Alan’s mind.


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  2. Ryou, he maybe still a tsundere but don't look down on him.
    He love you back when he still five years old, he know you get kidnap by the bandits, how much did you think he will practice ? He must practice a lot more than you think and beside he is a boy (more physical strength than you), he is no longer the spoiled brat that you know.

    1. He's going to get humiliated because he's a idiot that gave her both the ability to choose where the duel is going to take place and gave her the time to set up traps. Pride comes before the fall and all that.

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    While Alan keep practicing his magic and swordmanship

    Hope it would be a good fight, and marks the second fictim of Ryou the mage killer

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