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Light Beyond Chapter 5

This is Agni! Here is chapter 5 of Light Beyond. And I have a good news, I already graduated from full MTL-ing! (clap clap clap) Now it is 10% human translation and 90% MTL!! (....most of it still wrong though, thanks Yami-sensei for corrected it >.<)


Light Beyond Chapter 5

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She thought he would got angry and shout at her, but he listened earnestly instead.

It was obvious that such a matter like suicide can’t be mentioned, even if we can talk with honesty about almost any other things. Celiastina’s soul was so worn out that it made the God deeply concerned, thus He put her soul into a rest for a while. In the meantime, a completely different soul was sent to her body to maintain it.

After summarizing, Celiastina let out a sigh of relief.

It was too much of a burden to hold something so grand alone, Celiastina felt a pain in her stomach just by talking about it. It could have been that, deep down her heart, she had wanted to share this weight so she had wanted somebody to hear the entire story.

However, even if she had narrated the events that had happened, she believed that the other party would not believe it. Yet, it did not seem so. After pondering for a moment, he solemnly nodded.

"Well. In fact, this talk has deviated too far away from common sense. But surely you are not Celiastina. The word ill-natured cannot describe you at all, I can only think of you as a pure and innocent young lass. Even if this all was just a performance, I don’t think Celiastina would be capable of making those unclouded eyes."

 It would be great if he believed it, and yet, he took on an inconceivable manner of speaking.

“U.. ummm, who in the world are you?”

“Nn? Aa, are you talking about me?. That's right, you know nothing. I am called Lynes = Ventress (ライナス=ヴェントリス). The advisor of this country's prime minister.”

“Prime minister’s advisor?”

Perhaps he was a very important big-wig. It was difficult for Celiastina to imagine it as until yesterday she was just a mere commoner, but as the person working for the regent of this country, he should be, without a doubt, a person of relatively high status.

“And, I am also Cella's guardian.”

“Ah. So it was like that”

In short, it seems he is my foster parent. If that was the case, his informal attitude towards Celiastina can be understood.

“Well, enough about me. You will live here instead of Cella, but your character and way of thinking are both 180 degrees different from her. It worries me on whether you'll be alright.”

“Ce, Celiastina-sama was, well.., was she…...a wonderful person?”

“Wonderful eh...”

It's not what you say, but how you say it. Lynes smiled at her amusingly.

“In truth, she was already a wonderful lady. She just has a rebellious character. She wouldn’t let anyone order her around, she would do anything she wants to do, and those were her good points. But, you have seen for yourself how everyone gives you the discerning eye. The situation was sort of like that.”

“Haaah. Yes, Indeed. I suddenly recall that being a thing. ------Aah, come to think of it, the person who rescued me. That person, do you know him?”

“Do you mean Ashuuto-kun?”

“I am afraid I don’t know his name....”

“Is he a handsome young man with black hair and dark colored eye?”

That person, he was indeed like that. Celiastina repeatedly nodded her head.

“He is the first holy knight. In short, Celiastina's fiancé.”


That person?! The person who faced me with so much hatred? Surprised, Celiastina sprung up reflexively.

“I-it did not go terribly well, did it?”

“It was said that Cella was disliked by him.”

“But, why....?”

Lynes just smiled and silently shook his head.

“I was not such an insensitive man to poke my nose into the love affairs of a young immature couple.”

“I, I am sorry”

Realising that she had asked too freely, Celiastina wanted to hide herself.

“Hey, what have you done to need to apologise? After this, you will live as Cella, and such actions are unbefitting of her. Look, you must throw out your chest with more pride!"

"Bu, but I, I am not Celiastina-sama, what am I supposed to do?"

Ah, that was right, Lynes stroked his chin while pondering.

“Then, first, stand up. Distance your feet the length between your shoulders and shift your body weight onto your left foot. Place your left hand on your waist. Keep your right hand in the shape of a chop and place the back of it on your left cheek.”

Celiastina changed her posture according to his instructions, and became speechless when she realized how dangerous her completed pose was.

“Now, shout 'Ho ho ho, kneel down before me, ignorant fools’, and you’ve perfected the basics of Cella.”

“E, eeh, please wait a sec! -----about this, it must be a joke right??”

She had snarled frantically at Lynes but the other party continued talking without being bothered at all.

“When it is time for the maid to braid your hair you must say, 'just a minute, stop pulling my hair. Obviously it is painful, isn’t it' while shooting them a sidelong glare. Every time you have a meal, you must complain about at least three dishes without fail. When someone passes by and gives you a greeting you should voice your repugnance and say, 'you are so noisy', once in three times you are greeted, but when they do not greet you, you should shout at them,'who you think you are?' and immediately fire them. If there is rubbish strewn on the path you were walking on, you should rant loudly and step on the sweeper with your slender heel. When it is prayer time at the cathedral, if the priest spends too much time on preaching, you need to let out an unnatural sigh, and click your tongue. .....yeah, that’s about it for now.”

With a clear voice, he uttered those outrageous things and Celiastina was stunned. While frozen, she searched for her words deep in her consciousness. Is this a situation that can be settled by saying something cute but nasty? Thus, from now on, can I live like that?

(It is impossible)

Not fretting for even a second, Celistina drew a conclusion.

“I, until the real Celiastina-sama comes back, will stick with the amnesia story”

“Yes, I think that's for the best.”

“Lynes-sama, thank you for the valuable information.”

“No, it is okay. I am glad to be useful”

“From now on, please continue to give me your guidance”

“Of course, with pleasure.”

Celiastina hung her head in a daze.

“But, Cella”

Is it not over yet? About to cry, Celiastina shifted her line of sight onto him.

“You don't need to speak to me with such honorific terms. Even if you are a different person, your appearance is still that of Cella, you'll spoil the mood when you speak to me like that.”

“…..I u-understand” 

Satisfied by her response, Lynes smiled cheerfully and patted Celiastina's head.

“You are a good girl, Cella”

Aa, Cella, such a good nickname. Celiastina was vaguely thinking like that while obediently letting her hair be stroked gently.

Cella didn't know, of course, that she seemed to have a daily routine of attending worship ceremony from morning.

Because of Lynes visit, she accidentally skipped her daily routine. Thinking that everyone's impression of her might get even worse because of it, Cella got depressed.

Obviously, Lynes knew about it too. But he originally came before the worship ceremony in order to see Cella's condition. By no means, even in his dreams, would he have thought that Cella's soul might be replaced with a completely different one. When in reality it did happen, it was natural for him to forget about the worship ceremony.

“Let’s pretend that from last night your condition has not improve yet, that's why you took absence at today's worship ceremony. I will manage it like that.”

“Yes, that will be greatly helpful”

“Hey, hey, drop the honorifics”

“I, I am very sor…..sorry”

Looked at Cella whom became so flustered, Lynes gave her a wry smile.

“Cella, I did agree to go along with your story about your amnesia. But don't say it openly in public, okay?”

“For what reason? Ah no, why?” (TN: Cella change her way of speaking)

“You have so far always maintained your eccentric behavior. It became such that your qualification as a saint has constantly been questioned. For now, as long as there is holy mark on you, people won't be able to meddle with you at all. Nonetheless, fooling around and increasing the number of enemies you have is not a good thing. If your disappearance last night causing you to have amnesia comes to light.....”

The wicked saint suffering from amnesia. Uuum, surely it will cause a huge commotion.

“But, it will be also impossible to keep everything the same as always. It may be better to tell your case of amnesia to some people we deem necessary. So those people could lend a helping hand.”

“I see”

“For example, your fiancé, Ashuuto.”

“..... I see”

Cella remembered his sharp gaze and felt heavy-spirited. If she told him she has amnesia, let alone helping her, he might even treat her with more cruelty.

"He, right now, might soon be aware that something had happened to you. -----But, do you actually intend to tell someone else about the soul replacement?"

“Ummm, that is of course not. With the exception of Lynes-san, I won't say it to anybody else. That is what I mainly hope for too.”

“Then, you must skillfully maintain your expression. Behave as Cella's usual conduct as much as possible. You could frown sometimes to hint at your amnesia. But, do it moderately. Keep at that until that girl returns.”

It was phrased so succinctly, but for Cella, it wasn’t as simple as it seems. It was contradictory, she was just an ordinary young girl, but she had to act so differently. It was like, occasionally she has to be like a wicked woman, and some other times she had to be a pitiful girl who lost her memory. …..If she could conduct herself like that, she is definitely headed for a life that is poles apart from her current self right now. Well, am I already doomed? Cella continued to think masochistically, feeling alone and soulless.

“Well then, rest here for a while. I will explain it to the shinto priests about your absence today. ---- But before noon, there will be a blessing ceremony for the nobles.”

“Eee? Wa-wa-wa-what? Blessing ceremony??”

“Every day, several nobles will come to get a blessing. You come out and greet them there, and at that time also speak a few words of blessing. No more than that, it will be alright.”

“To say it was only that much. What, what kind of blessing do I have to give?”

“For reference, the day before yesterday, Cella had said this to a certain duke, 'Before asking for my blessing, isn't it better for you to go to a barbershop and ask for a wig?'”

.......I shouldn't have asked.

“Well, do consider practicing how to treat someone cruelly. The nobles who come won't expect flattery from you either. You have to be accustomed to using mean and sharp words. ----But, be obedient for a while though.”


“Honorifics, don't use it. Be careful.”


My future seems to be full of trouble.

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