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Light Beyond Chapter 4

Hello~ I am Agni. This was my first time translating, well I don't know if it can be called translating because this was an But I received a lot of help from Yami, so the quality is good even if it was an MTL. However, some mistake will likely still occur, so if you find any fault in my MTL, feel free to tell me. My pace may be very slow, about one chapter a week, but I had plan to see this through the end. Well... enjoy!
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Light Beyond Chapter 4

The only country in this world, Sibelius (シベリウス), has a tradition in which a maiden extolled as a saint would serve the royal family.

The world’s most beautiful maiden who has a holy symbol in her neck. Those were all the requirements to be a saint.

It does not matter whether she is born a noble or commoner. As long as the girl carries the holy mark, she would be recognized as the saint and be welcomed by the royal family. Conversely speaking, as long as the person does not have a holy mark, no matter who they are, they will not be recognized as a saint.

When the saint from the previous generation breathes her last, the following year, without fail, a new saint will be born.

Before the saint reaches 15 years old, her whereabouts would always be discovered, then she will be welcomed to the royal palace. After that, it was necessary for her to undergo marriage rites with a young man that had been bestowed the rank of number one holy knight. If this tradition couldn't be held, misfortune would befall onto the kingdom.

During the long history of the kingdom, there were three cases on which the saint couldn't be located.

First, a big flood hit the kingdom and caused the death of 40 percent of the people.

Second, three big powers in the kingdom fought a catastrophic civil war. The result was a devastating loss of life.

Third, epidemic disease spread across the kingdom, the death rate of the people reached 40 percent.

Because there were such circumstances, the event of a saint entering royal palace become not only problem of honor for the royal family, but also an important occasion in which the people anxiously look forward to.

The saint has unbelievable powers. She possesses the powers to read the future and to read people's minds.

However, the one thing in common the saints have is that when their death approach, the holy symbol on their necks will vanish. Within three years of their holy symbols disappearing, they will die without exception.

Therefore, it was the norm for the country to use that as an estimate to decide on their next holy knight. The children born from the previous saint when her holy mark disappears would be taken care by the holy knight who would be the next saint's husband.

In the past, it had gone well.

Even if it will carry no problem as long as the saint can be found before her age reached 15 years old, the saint would mostly be discovered and moved to the royal palace at a tender age or in her childhood. She would be led to her holy knight and be raised together to bear responsibility of their duty. Naturally the two people going strong together, the bond also somewhat deepened.

However, this time the situation was different.

The kingdom met with unexpected difficulty in their attempt to find the holy saint.

Celiastina was an abandoned child. Without affection or love, the child grew into adulthood in the corner of a deserted orphanage. Maybe because the director also had several number of children to take care of, he was not especially concerned with Celiastina. A long long time passed before the holy symbol on her neck was discovered. Usually, the kingdom would be able to find the saint through receiving an application from the saint's parents, therefore, when that was not the case, the search became extremely difficult.

The fourteen years old Celiastina grew to be a very beautiful lady, making the director began look up to her with the desire to embrace her. And the moment when he aware of holy symbol in her neck, it was in the late hour and the entire country already fell into despair.

Anyhow the saint Celiastina was able to be discovered and the entire kingdom was soon enveloped in a state of excitement.

Celiastina was welcomed in the country. She who came from an unexpected upbringing attracted a great deal of public interest. Furthermore, her beauty surpassed all the previous saints by far, attracting further adoration from the people. Similarly, the young boy grew sturdily under the care of the first holy knight, and with just these, they have become the beacon of light for the people.

----but, Celiastina lived obediently in royal palace only for a mere two years.

At the time Celiastina turn 16 years old, she suddenly changed. It was as though her obedience had all been a lie -- anyways, she had changed.

Nevertheless, the formerly Yuna could have by no means known about that.

When morning light woke her up, what reflected in her eye was the ceiling, adorned with elegant ornaments and vivid colors, surprising Celiastina.

---Where is this place? She thought as she immediately looked around her. What came into sight was a bed covered by canopy. Thin pale light made its way between the lace, gentle breeze can be felt entering through the window. She was immersed in the middle of that.

She was Celiastina, and this luxurious room was her own room. Yesterday she was rescued from the forest, and she had gone to sleep before she was able to grasp the situation completely.

“Good morning, Celiastina-sama.”        

Said a maid with an emotionless voice. It seems like she was the one who had opened the window.

“Ah, good morning” (TN: Both the maid and Celiastina used polite language)

The maid who bowed her head dutifully, her face became stiff. Celiastina wondering, is it because she used polite language to her?

“I will immediately call the person to help you change, please wait a little.”

The maid somehow was able to restore her former expression. Intimidated by the maid, Celiastina could only nod in response to her word. Even so, the maid will call people to help her change. Not only at bathing time, she has to borrow the maids' help even just for changing clothes?

The premonition she had naturally became reality. Before long, several maids came, bringing along with them a tray filled with complete set of majestic clothes.

“Excuse me, Celiastina sama”

The maids said to Celiastina in an expressionless voice. Would every morning be like that? That would truly be a pain in the ass.

“Umm, I, want to change clothes alone”

Celiastina wondered whether a repeat of yesterday would occur. She wanted to put up a resistance.


“Errr, well. It is not that you people will become a hindrance, I absolutely do not think of that. It's just that from now on I want to do it by myself though, thank you very much for helping me change previously nonetheless......"

Celiastina chose her words carefully with intention to not provoke the maids, but as she had thought, it was useless. Celiastina sudden change of behavior confused the maids and panic can be seen from their eyes.

“U, umm, the matter in which honorable Celiastina-sama find it unpleasant, whatever it is, we will do something to stop it.”

“It, It was not like that! Look, you people, do you not find it somewhat awkward to get other people to change your clothes? I, maybe until now accept it as something normal, but I feel embarrassed you know”

Ahh---it was no use. The more Celiastina spoke, the more she got bogged down.

Seeing the maids so frightened, Celiastina gave up her desire to change alone. To say further than that was already impossible, so she entrusted herself to the maids who started to change her clothes in a somewhat awkward manner. When the preparations were finished, the maids left her room immediately as if they wanted to escape.

(uu~n. Somehow I was feared so much)

Even Celiastina became aware of it. All the maids were afraid of her. Not wanting to have any excessive involvement with her, they wanted to finish their jobs in the shortest time possible so that they could leave quickly.

(Who is this Celiastina? Is she such a frightening person?)

It seems that is the case. Therefore, if she behaved with any humility, they might respond as though they have seen a monster instead.

(What have you done, Saint-sama….)

Oh dear…. as she sighed, faint knocking sounds resounded in her room.

Please, she muttered. Soon the door opened, and a man entered her room in a calm manner.

His age was around the mid-twenties. His light brown hair tied up in a bundle, going across his shoulder, lying down casually. He has an elegant appearance like a nobility, that very person approached Celiastina with gentle smile afloat on his face. …. Come to think of it, he was the first person who had a smiling face when in Celiastina room.

“It seems like you are truly safe”

The first word he said surprised Celiastina. Last night, even that seemingly important young man addressed her with honorifics, while this person did not even bother doing that. Perhaps this man was someone with very high social standing, this thought made Celiastina to be wary of him.

“Nn? What’s wrong?”

“It is nothing”

“You are not feeling sick are you?"

Celiastina responded with tiny nod.



"Somehow, you look weird"

Celiastina was startled and her body stiffened. As he found the situation more and more suspicious, the man stared at Celiastina with narrowed eyes.

“Cella” (TN: シェリア)


To even be called by a nickname, Celiastina start to wonder. Who is this man? Could he be my lover?

“What’s wrong with you, you are like a lion who lost its fangs”

What was with that representation. Feeling offended, Celiastina reflexively glared at him. That man smiled, finding it amusing.

“Yes, that is more like you. However, I wished you would've said, 'What was it you said? Who are you to say that to me! Do you want to become trash?' Like how a more typical you might have said.”

Astonished by his speech, Celiastina stare at him.

“As I thought, it was strange”


“Cella, what is my full name?”


“By no means you forgot about that right?”




Not good, he can’t be deceived. Celiastina realised. The previous Celiastina seems to have close relationship with him. Only with just single banter, he can see through her, it was better for her to give up.

“….that, I forgot. I am very sorry!”

As Celiastina answered so, one of the man eyebrow twitched and he remained silent. What the heck is he think about, she can’t read that man at all. Celiastina can’t understand. After a moment of silence, that man finally opened his mouth.

“Did you lose your memory?”

I see, Celiastina have a sudden realisation.

That was good. If that was the case, the unnatural behavior of her can be tolerated. When she walk deeper into the forest, her leg suddenly slip and she fall into a swamp, that shock made her lost her memory….. Celiastina was determined to go with that story.

“Umm, sorry but, I think it was like that”

“Is that so?”

The man lightly shrug his shoulder, then he at once made his way toward Celiastina. He saw her frightened state, he suddenly grabbed her chin, lifted up her face.

Celiastina was surprised, she couldn’t resist the sudden abrupt situation. There was no such thing as sweet atmosphere, instead she was wrapped in rather tense air. He had very serious expression on her face, intensely stared at Celiastina eye.

"Only the memory was lost? I do not believe that. Those are the colour of guilt, in your eyes. --I never thought you would try to scheme against me. Well then, please confess everything. Exactly what happened that caused you to be as quiet as a borrowed cat?" (ED:  Japanese idiom, similar to as meek and docile as a lamb)

Being countered like that by the man, Celiastina mind was in a mess.

However, if she think about it calmly, the truth soon or later will come to light.

Her surrounding was filled with stranger, there was a limit for her to act in the middle of it. If that was the case, it was better if she had at least one ally. Had made up her mind, Celiastina finally opened her mouth.

“I ----, am not Celiastina”

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  1. Kirileaves set quite a high bar for the translations ahaha, so this being an mtl should not be that awesome... but I help check occasionally whenever agni points out a major problem or something and also check grammar. Mainly took agni under the wing so that this translation can be a success.

    1. Haha.. yeah.. Yami had helped me a lot (thanks senpai!) I will learn japanese slowly as I mtl this series.. so maybe in the next tens of chapter (lol) the quality could be improved... I have a long long way to go...

  2. Thank you so much for the translation. Oh my, things are going to get really complicated for Yuna, she has no parameters to understand who Celliastina was ans what kind of life she led...

  3. thanks a lot
    muahaha! i'm here to comment! ahem, sorry, y'all don't know me, right...
    anyway, hm, he found out very easily, huh? i guess so! go with the memory being forgotten!

  4. as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    i love this sort of ephemeral MC


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