Maid Arc ⑱ -The Day of Departure-

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The transfer of work from Claude-san to Cardin-san was going smoothly, in fact the whole process ended faster than I thought it would.
It appeared that they hastened their pace because of the sketchy man that had been looking into my background. However, that man had vanished. Who the heck was that guy I wonder?

After the transfer of duty, the day of my departure had finally arrived.
We were leaving at a time when the Sun has yet to have shown its face. The members of the journey were: Claude-san, Smith-san the coachman and another 2 bodyguard knights followed us for whatever reason.

It appears that in recent days, there have been rumours that say bandits have been spotted in the area. If bandits really appeared, we do have two knights accompanying us as bodyguards so we should be able to manage somehow. Claude-san also added that 「At worst, they can have goods we brought on the journey and that is okay since there is nothing important among them.」 This made me feel that the bandits of this world were lenient. Claude-san’s strategy to deal with them was rather bold.

When we were leaving, Irene-san, Cardin-san, the two young masters, and Stella-san, as the representative of all the servants, came to see us off.
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We gave one another a farewell hug before leaving. Alan was already in tears and desperately said nothing, whereas Cain-bouchama, with an ikemen smile, gave me a good-luck bracelet. It was a supreme quality item made personally by him through the spinning of yarn and knitting. It was likely that he had thought that since Alan gave me a dagger, he himself should make something for me as well. Anyways, to have made this bracelet by hand, what high level of femininity he has.
I, once again, formally expressed my thanks to everyone for taking good care of me, and left the residence.

Right now, we have travelled a fair bit of distance on the coach, and a long time had passed since the residence disappeared from our sight. I clasped onto the dagger which was made by Alan and wrapped in cloth and held the lucky bracelet tightly, while reminiscing in my memories of my maid life.

「As expected, you are feeling lonely?」
Claude-san had been observing me and decided to ask.

「I am feeling a bit lonely, but I know we will meet again.」
As I said so, thoughts about the future drifted in my mind.

Speaking of which, I will become Claude-san’s adopted daughter soon. I wonder what it would be like to be adopted as the daughter of a bachelor. When Claude-san finds himself a wife, would she dislike me? Would it be like the Cinderella story where the stepmother would abuse her stepdaughter?

「Claude-sama, regarding being adopted as your daughter, when would that roughly happen?」
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「Anytime is fine but it would be better if it was done early. When we reach my residence, why don’t we handle the formalities first?」

That was somewhat hurried wasn’t it? It was much earlier than I had expected. No, isn’t this too hasty? If by any chance a marriage proposal came at this point of time, wouldn’t it be a hindrance for him?
Or perhaps, could he have already given up hopes on marrying a wife? He is still young and handsome so I do feel that giving up now was way too early though.

「Yes, I understand. However, would that be really okay? I have heard that Claude-sama is still a bachelor, wouldn’t you be facing difficulties when you marry if I am adopted?」

「Ah, you do not have to be concerned with that. There won’t be plans for marriage in the near future and when you become of appropriate age for marriage, I would take you as my wife.」 Without warning, Claude-san announced as so.

Eh? What did this person just say?

「I’m sorry, because of the wind, I couldn’t hear clearly…… Just to confirm, Claude-sama said that, you will marry me?」

Eh? What? Wasn’t that something strange to say?
“You wouldn’t mind though?” that was the expression Claude-san was making.

It wasn’t a joke?
You are joking with me right? I made direct contact with Claude-san and he appeared to be making a serious face.

You are for real?!
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No way, this person was really a lolicon! He had been seeing me in that angle that the whole time right!! Pervert!

「Claude-sama, it seems that what Irene-sama had said was true, because your first night was with a mature lady, you have unfortunately developed a sexual preference for kids.」

I glared at Claude-sama with a gaze that was as though I was looking at a dirty thing. And even so, as expected of the shameless Claude-san, he waved his hand left and right in a fluster to deny my accusations.

「I don’t have a taste for kids! The society is really in need of a person like you, and to prevent you from going somewhere else, I have to keep you by my side…… And look, if we had a child, he or she would surely be a bright child!」
「You’ve even considered children…... To think you have thought out that far!」

I gave a glare contemptuously at Claude-san.

「No, of course, while you are still a child, I wouldn’t lay my hands on you because I have no special preference for children! Speaking of which, Ryou, did you understand the conversation I had with Irene-san back then? ……Being just a six year old, how in the world do you have such knowledge of what we were talking about!」

Claude-san let out a sigh. It felt like he was whining.
I have the knowledge he was talking about, mainly because I remember my previous life. I was brought into this world just when I was in the full bloom of puberty.
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「Well then, for now, please do not start showing any sexual desires to a stick-like child, it that acceptable?」

「Of course! I don’t have interest in children. I don’t have a guilty conscience. I need Ryou’s knowledge and skills.」

Once again, I stared at him with disdain.

I am innocent! He raised his in hands in protest and awaited my judgement.
Nevertheless, while he has promised me to not lay his hands on me while I still am a child, he certainly did say that he would someday have a child with me. That pervert!

Hmm, but wait. Claude-san is quite the ikemen too, and is quite rich too. Ah, he won’t be too bad? A fine candidate? Still, there is quite an age gap between us……

Anyhow, it feels like he fell in love me not because he fell in love in me but rather in my worth. That will be a better way of thinking about this issue.

Alright, for the time being, I shall proceed on, and as soon as I get disgusted with him, I will make my escape. I shall do as such.
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「Well, I got it. It’s just that if you show any sexual excitement before we get married, I won’t forgive you.」

I told him in a threatening voice. Claude-san sighed with a puff and acknowledged. If I remember correctly, the minimum age for marriage in this world was 15-years-old. If there was that much time left, there will enough time for me to ponder about my next step.

Anyways, we have made it very far now. We zipped through the mountainous path. Initially, the scenery had been enjoyable but now, there were only trees, trees and more trees. I’ve gotten sick and tired of it.
Back in Garigari village, magical beasts appeared time to time in the mountains, I wonder if it would appear here though.


All of a sudden, a loud cry was heard from the horse and the coach shook violently. I took a look at the horse to assess the situation and it seems that the horse had been shot by an arrow in its butt!
And, by the side of the path, a rustling sound could be heard and what appeared next was a bunch of gangster-like people.

These people were most likely bandits!
I covered my head under my arms petrified and cowered. Claude-san noticed that I was cowering and tried to protect me.

The jolting of the coach stopped after the horse was brought to a standstill and sounds of weapons clashing *Kin! Kin! Gacha!* and shouting could be heard.

I opened my quivering eyes and saw the two knights that were acting as bodyguards springing into action and facing off with a bunch of brawny and fierce-looking men. There were about ten or so of them using their hoes as weapons while blocking our path.
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Smith the coachman murmured in a soft voice that 「we have to retreat from here」, and tried to get the coach to go in the other direction but, we didn’t perceive it at all, that a skinhead bandit was already in front of us! He boarded the coach and directed his sword in front of Claude-san’s eyes.

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