Maid Arc ⑪-The Madam’s Maid part 2-


Translated by yAmi

「Maa, Ryou, is this a technique which farmers employ to combat fatigue? This feels awfully good.」
Currently, I am using an effective method to remove tiredness and I am now giving Airin-san (who is submerged in the bathtub) an eye massage.

「This is called a massage. Using the hands to massage, blood circulation can be improved and stiff muscles can be loosened up with this skill. When Oku-sama was using magic, your eyes were scar-, *cough cough*, excuse me, I mean your eyes were overused so, I thought that your eyes might be tired and with all due respect, I have been impolite in my actions. Are you experiencing any discomfort?」

「No, it is very good. Please continue on like this.」

Being given Airin-san’s approval, I continued up to the head massage before today’s bath ended.
Together with Stella-san, we wiped Airin-san’s body with cloth. I’m still a midget, thus, I was responsible for her lower half body. Anyways, it was unbelievable that her body was one which had already conceived two kids.

In addition, despite being naked and being wiped by cloth, Airin-san was unperturbed. As expected of her. I had thought of her as a complex version of a factory but, Airin-san had behaved as though it was natural for her to be waited upon. She is a proper aristocrat-sama huh.

Lastly, while we put on her neglected clothes for her, the Airin-san that had kept up her silence till now said, 「Make Ryou my assistant for tomorrow」, and went back to her restroom in a spirited mood.
Without my response, Stella-san replied with understood and followed Airin-san.

I hurriedly followed behind but Stella-san told me to rest up as tomorrow would be an early day so, I bowed and saw them off.

And then, for the next few days, I helped out the Madam and could oversee her schedule but nothing much had changed in her daily routine. Still, there were some minor changes in what was being produced. Every single day, as a factory, she produced all sorts of objects splendidly.

The most time consuming and difficult task for them all was the cotton yarn winding. No matter how we hurry, we could only come up with a small amount of yarn and, it wasn’t as exciting as constructing a building.

On the third day of attending Airin-san, we encountered another mage for the first time. It was a middle-aged man with an unshaven face and he showed signs of exhaustion. His haggardness could be seen from his dark eyebags, rough skin and the paleness of his face. He was in an extremely bad condition.

He appears to be a mage that primarily handles the growth of crops. I heard from Stella-san that spirit users are good at growing crops, so they specialise in doing so.

It seems that Madam can be considered a magician.

Speaking of which, back in the past at Garigari village, the 2 mages that came also called themselves either a spirit user or magician. I wonder if this means they have different spheres of expertise.

According to the fatigued man, thanks to the thousand teeth thresher, the villagers speed of cultivating their lands had become faster and that the work in the rural areas had become busier. In addition, he discussed with Madam about the diminishing amount of spirits living in soil causing crops to not grow as he wished.

Listening closely to his words, Madam said that it had to be done and that it wasn’t a question of whether to do it or not. This was the kind of guiding principle that black businesses uphold themselves to and with it, all complaints are rejected.

The worn out spirit user had a deeper look of death carved into his face after hearing that.
Roughly one week has passed since I became Airin-san’s maid and as usual, she always said 「Ryou will help me tomorrow again」 after I gave her a massage while she was in her bath.

And as always, I thought Stella-san would reply that she understood, but this time, she hesitated for a moment.

「Allow me to humbly say, Oku-sama. Actually, ever since Ryou became Oku-sama’s assistant, Alan-sama has been in a stormy mood. The other servants have been troubled by this too……

Cain-sama said that if Ryou was around, he would be able to behave better though…… what should I do?」

Oh Alan, stop letting your hair down all the time because your boss isn’t around. Your boss is ashamed of you. Later I have to re-educate you.

「Oh, about Alan. ……I see. Return to being my sons’ maid as per norm tomorrow. But you have to give me the massage at night. I cannot back off on that.」

「I shall obey.」 Stella-san and I said so in unison and bowed.

My duty as Madam’s personal attendant has been concluded as of today. It was tough.
I heard that the previous maid that served Madam had collapsed, but it seems that she is now recovering. Seems like overwork…… This black corporation is terrifying.

I am still a child and for tasks that are physically demanding, I would receive help from Stella-san. Even so, I am exhausted. Stella-san is quite the superwoman. Impressive.

Even though Stella-san has assisted me, I am still tired from all that and there are still things that I want to do, so Alan’s behaviour might have saved me there. Being Madam’s attendant means that I had to accompany the busy Madam everywhere, hence, there wasn’t any time to do things that I want.

Furthermore, because I hadn’t been around, the proud Alan had behaved unacceptably. As the big boss, I have got to instill some discipline. Umu, tomorrow I have to properly work him hard. Let’s do that.

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