Maid Arc ⑲-The Sudden Attack-


Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

“Are you the owner?”
While drawing his sword at Claude-san, the skinhead bandit displayed an evil image and questioned Claude-san threateningly.

“......Yes. I can give you all of our goods. Just spare our lives.”
His face was pale, yet he was still able to maintain a firm tone. The skinhead bandit nodded in approval.

“Alright. …...Then get down the coach.”

He continued to point his sword at Claude-san as he waited for us to get down. That’s when we heard shouts from the front.

“Oi! Kuwamaru! Restrain this person in ropes!”
“Right—!” A slendy-looking man who resembled a monkey raised his head in response. He brought the two bodyguards over and had their arms and limbs tied up with rope.

The two bodyguards were dead tired from the battle and were groaning in pain and suffering.

The man that looked like a monkey who also was called Kuwamaru came over to tie me, Claude-san and the coachman arms and legs with a thin rope in a similar fashion and threw us by the side of the road.
To prevent us from taking any actions against the bandits, Claude-san reflected light with his dagger as a signal.

Meanwhile, the bandits moved all our goods to their own horses.

Up until this moment, I was staring in a daze from the flow of events. I finally regained my sanity.
Even in my previous life, I did not encounter such an earth-shaking incident. My brain was plain blank from the fright I’ve gotten from the bandits’ raid on us.

These bandits are scary! Who the heck is that skinhead! His bandit style was to put on a loincloth and a fur vest. The muscles packed around his body were real dangerous though!

Underneath my maid clothing was the good-luck dagger that Alan gave me, but there was no way that charge at the oppressors alone. No way could I get past those muscles. And that dude was a skinhead too.

Instead of being as scared as I am, when I took a fleeting glance at Claude-san, he didn’t look flustered at all.
He did factor this into his plans when we departed that. That if the bandits did appear, we would simply just hand over our cargo to them. Well, this might just be a normal risk that has to be considered for Claude-san. As expected of his shamelessness.
Anyways, after transporting this cargo away, would we be released? I had imagined the bandits would kill us without any further chit-chat.

“This is rather cheaper than I thought huh.” After transferring most of our cargo, the skinhead murmured as such.

From the very start, Claude-san had been ready to hand over the goods. If in the rarest occurrence, we did encounter the bandits, we would simply hand it over as he already made sure the goods were nothing impressive.

“Well, that is fine. Then we have no choice. Let’s make our escape.”
The skinhead said so in disappointed and looked around as though he wanted to load up something else and pulled out another string that was used to bind cargo.

At the skinhead’s words, the bandits took the loot and left. There were some of them on horses but there were others without horses that were leaving by foot as well. Also, the bandits were pulling our horse-san that had been shot in his rear by their arrow. The horse’s staggering gait was painful to look at.

I feel sorry for the horse-san but I am glad at the overall outcome. We were seriously spared our lives. Whew--!

And then, the dreadful skinhead turned back.

With one heave, he carried me off under his arms just like how they did for any other regular goods they stole.


“Hey! Where are you lifting me off to!”

The skinhead sniggered at me and said “Huh!?” to what I have said on reflex.

Noo, I’m afraid!

“Didn’t you say that you would spare our lives? Leave that child alone!”

Claude-san who had managed to stay composed throughout the entire ordeal was thrown into disarray.
This must have gone beyond in calculations.

“We’ll be selling this kid. This is the spoils of our raid. Anyways, isn’t this thing just your servant? You wouldn’t have any issues with it right.” The bandit said so in a nonchalant manner.

“That child isn’t just my servant! She will be my wife too!” Claude-san’s furious rebuttal froze the entire atmosphere.

Uwahaha! The skinhead laughed at the plain-as-day lolicon Claude-san and threw me a pitiful gaze while he was at it.

“Rest assured, pervert. This is my merchandise so I don’t have any intentions to kill her. It is that just she would be sold to another pervert like you. To her, nothing would have changed.”

True indeed.

I strangely agreed with his logic, nevertheless, there was a possibility that what awaited me was a greater pervert than Claude-san.

“I am no pervert! Give that child back! Guh!”

Claude-san was kicked in the stomach.

“Oi! You’re being noisy. She would still keep her life so isn’t that fine.”

As he said that, the skinhead tied me up with the string with the intention to put me behind the horse. Claude-san continued in his attempt to save me and crawled over like a caterpillar.

“You sure are persistent.” As the skinhead muttered under his breath, he started to give off an aura with killing intent.


“Claude-sama, I’ll be fine!”
Despite so, Claude-san did not stop.
Was this person the type that had guts!?

If this goes on, Claude-san could be killed by the skinhead.

“Bandits-san, please leave right away! If you hurt him any further I would bite off my tongue to kill myself!”

If I died, my value as their merchandise would disappear. I don’t really have the nerve to bite off my own tongue, just saying it should be enough, I hope.

“Leave this to me and run,” I manage to blurt out words that were similar to the lines an actress would say as a death flag. The skinhead scowled at me for a second and returned his line of sight back to Claude-san.
“Fu, this one has been well trained huh? In consideration to your excellent bride, I shall overlook this one time.” The skinhead declared and dashed off on his horse.

I was laid sideways as I was bound on top of the horse as cargo, and by the time I managed to wiggle and turn my body to face Claude-san’s direction, I could no longer see the expression on his face. Still, I could imagine that he would be looking upwards in a daze right now.

To think that I was abducted by bandits……

I am sorry for Claude-san who has been struck dumb but I am still glad that everyone else including the two bodyguards were safe. Looks like the bandits of this world do not arbitrarily murder their victims. Well, it’s not like I really know how the bandits in my previous world operate.

Claude-san and gang have been tied up by rope but the rope was thin so I’m sure they would be able to find an object nearby to cut it open. If Claude-san was there, they should be able to work out something on their own.

The biggest problem as of now is me. Yes. I have been captured by the bandits and just like this, I would be sold round and round and would live with various other perverts I suppose…….

With each jolt by being on the bandit’s horseback, these words rose up from my mind, “I want you to treasure yourself.” These were the words from Alan and Cain-bouchama.

With this turn of events, I wonder if this would fall under the category of not treasuring myself. I knew this was something that couldn’t be prevented but I still feel somewhat guilty to the both of them.



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