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Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

After bidding Boss and the rest goodbye, it was decided that I would join Kou-okaasan and Bashu-san.

Before we separated, Boss placed his hand on my head and stroked it.
I asked if we would meet again and he replied, “Of course. We live on the very same earth. If we wanted to meet, we could do that anytime.”

Kuwamaru-aniki told me, “It was a feast for the eyes to see you take on the mage,” and gave me his god-killing dagger. Honestly, I could not accept something this incredible but he said he would forge a new one and forced it back to me.

Gai-san only said, “Uusu,” and sniffled. I too responded in the same way, sniffling as I nodded.

Rudel-san brought out the flute that I had given him and asked, “I can’t seem to be able to bring out the higher sounds.” These are basically the same old things he would ask me, so I once again, I showed him the way to hold and press the flute. Eh, won’t you play one more? I considered for a second but that would it would feel too much like a last song so I kept silent.

Also, Kou-okaasan explained briefly to Rudel-san and Kuwamaru-san on distinguishing between the different types of medicine and the usage of medicine that was left in the camp.
And finally, since they had work to do, Boss and the rest left in a hurry. Their departure felt almost too natural, and was freshly imprinted in my mind that I had the feeling we would meet one another as per normal tomorrow.

I am not sure if it was the loneliness of Boss farewell or the joy I felt because Kou-okaasan was staying with me, or it was the mix of both, that there was a surge in emotion in me. I sobbed and wept like a monster.

My memories were hazy after that – all I remember is that I cried even more after that. When I regained my lucidity, I found myself on a coach with Kou-okaasan and Bashu-san.

The plans from now on would be to first have an agrarian reform provincial tour, and once that is done, I would become an adopted daughter of Ruby Fallen. I would live in the capital and take the school entrance examinations. While waiting for the results to be released, I would be studying etiquette and taking part in the matriculation programmes.
I would be living in the dormitories, whereas Kou-okaasan would live nearby, in the capital and look for a job in the capital too. It was ok to leave the dormitory as long as approval is obtained so I should be able to meet with Kou-okaasan during holidays or after classes.

After one night passed since the parting, I calmed down. My eyes hurt from the swelling after from the nonstop crying yesterday.

I had spent nearly all my time crying yesterday. While we were on Bashu-san’s coach, I was crying. Tagosaku looked at the me who was crying uncontrollably and said, “Ahh, Ryou-sama is grieving for this world! She is embracing all the sadness of this world!” His interpretation caused the knights, who are the devotees of the Tagasaku Cult, to react by praying to me. At long last, my tears dried up.
However, honestly, I did not want to do this, I mean, I did not want to stop the flowing of my tears which contained my emotions. This Tagosaku cult is scary.

Ryuki who had been grandly knee-ed and suffered a nosebleed thereafter was no longer gagged, thus, the Mu—Mu— Resident of the Valley was no more. He was now sitting on the same coach as us.
After taking the knee and being threatened by me, I had expected him to be bear hatred for me but nothing happened. He too was a member of the Tagosaku Cult.
He understood Bashu’s secret meeting, as a meeting to assume custody of me so that they could secretly obtain the revelations of the divine messenger from the heavens. The influencing ability of the Tagosaku Cult is terrifying.
He too had believed that I cried the previous day because I was grieving for the world. Just like how the other devotees did, he prayed to me as well.

Even now, Tagosaku was preaching, “At that time, Ryou-sama told me, if you are going to weave the left straw sandal, please weave the right sandal too. That was what she said.” Ryuki was furiously transcribing all that on paper.
I wonder if he is noting it down with the same grandeur.
This religion is seriously insane.

I wonder if these devotees are alright……won’t they be easily scammed one day? Perhaps it was already too late. I worry that they have been sold an expensive vase by cult founder Tagosaku. I can only clasp my hands in prayer for them in my heart.

Today, I wore myself out crying and don’t have any energy left but once I get my energy back, I must stop that cult……

Thankfully, Seki-san was not a devotee of the Tagosaku cult and occasionally, he would remonstrate the Tagosaku disciples for making a racket. Thankfully.

Seki-san is Kou-okaasan’s little brother but he has not gotten used to Kou-okaasan being completely an Onee, so he looked somewhat perplexed.

Seki-san’s appearance looked young so I had assumed that there was quite a gap in age between the brothers, but that was not the case, rather it was because mages age slower than normal humans. How enviable.

I opened my puffy eyes and looked at Kou-okaasan who was next to me. She was leisurely staring at the scenery outside the coach.

I do not hold any regrets saying that I wanted to be together yesterday.
But, now that we are together, I wonder how Kou-okaasan feels.
Kou-okaasan really liked Boss and before then, she always said that she would ‘always be following you!’ to Boss.
However, due to my selfish desires, she was unable to continue following him. I do not regret any one bit but, for Kou-okaasan, she did not say a word.

“I am sorry, Kou-okaasan. I caused you to be separated from Boss.”

She seemed to be startled by my sudden apology and said, “Ara, why are you apologising? I am with Ryou-chan because I want to be with Ryou-chan.” She stroked my head at the same time.
From her expression, it does not seem likely that she was lying or faking it.

Seeing as I smiled with relief, she said, “Also, once someone else who loves Ryou-chan appears and that you want to leave the nest to be with that person, I would continue to chase after Alek! Once I locked in, I won’t let my prey get away!”
She had been maintaining her serenity until now but abruptly, she transformed into a ferocious beast. There was no way Boss can get away.

“I think that I, too, would meet Boss and the rest again when I become an adult. ……Kou-okaasan, you are against what Boss is trying to do right?”

Kou-okaasan was taken slightly aback by my unexpected question. However, I wanted to know the answer badly so I did not look away,
Soon, she sighed with resignation and answered me.

“I do not oppose it because I am against it. In fact, the ideals spoken by Alek is also my ideals. When we were students, we could hit it off and be friends was because of our shared ideals. Still, in the pursuit of these ideals, countless of people would die. I do not want that.”

Mm, I see. I agree. I do not like that people would die.
I wanted to share with Kou-okaasan what I think and somehow or another, all at once, the things in my head flowed out.

“I only understand vaguely of what Boss and the rest are trying to achieve but I pretended not to know anything. It was likely because I was hollow. I was just thinking all about what I lacked and did not consider seriously about this world and the people living in this world. I did not consider this world as mine.”

Kou-okaasan looked at me with a tinge of worry.
To indicate to her that I was fine, I continued with a wide grin.
“Nevertheless, I finally realised it. That’s why, I will go to school from now on, learn all sorts of things, see with my own eyes, meet with more people and fill up the hollow me to some extent. On top of that, I will form my own opinions. I want to make my own decisions. I want to live like that. Once I have solidified my own opinions, I would meet Boss and the rest. If I believe that what Boss wants to achieve is the right thing, I would assist Boss. However, if what Boss is doing is wrong based on my opinions, I will stop Boss. Probably, this is, doing this would be…… what I can do for Boss as a family, I think.”
Kou-okaasan smiled radiantly at me, who had declared with such vigour.

“……I see. That may be for the best. For me, living through one’s youth enjoyably, without hoisting such a grandiose objective would be better though.”

And then, saying up till then, Kou-okaasan fixed her eyes on me and continued, “Ryou-chan was totally different when we first met. You have become a fantastic girl. If I was a boy, I would have perhaps fallen for you. ……To the Ryou-chan of now, I have one advice before you enter school.”
Her eyes stared at me with considerably more force.

I was slightly uncomfortable at the ‘If I was a boy’ part but I pretended not to notice and awaited what Kou-okaasan’s had to say next.

“If you catch sight of a cool man, don’t ever let them go! Then bring them to me!”

“……What would you do to them?”

“I would check if it is a man worthy of Ryou-chan. To do that I would be sampling them. It would be troubling if it was some weird man, you see.”

I see, if I have a boyfriend, I would have to keep it a secret from Kou-okaasan.
I nodded my head while secretly hardening my determination.
Kou-okaasan happily nodded likewise.

Later, I entrusted my back at the rear of the coach. I became exhausted from yesterday’s crying and today’s weather was good, so the sunlight felt comfortable. I shut my eyes for a bit and shortly went into sleep.

School life would last for 5 years. In that time, I would slowly creak open my hollow interior, think about what I want to do, what I want to be. I have lots to think about.
I will meet with all sorts of people, learn from their different viewpoints and at the same time, think about it on my own. That way, I shall move on facing the world earnestly.
That is because, I have gotten interested in the world I live in now.

Volume One: Reincarnated Girl's Childhood FIN



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