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TSR V2C13: Freshman Arc ⑬ -Field Trip to the Magic Sink-

Chapter 13!

Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

Finally, today is the day we visit the Magic Sink. I am looking forward to it, however, I am not travelling in the same group with Alan, Charlotte-chan and Ritz-kun.

My group was mostly upperclassmen, so it felt like I was on the away team. But still, Cain-sama was in the same group! As expected of my follower! Following me because I might be lonely by myself? So he didn’t forget to follow me!

There were around 30 people in my group. Our group was assigned a relatively near “Monster Forest” to conduct our field trip. It was a mixed group of students from year 1 to year 5.

We made our way to the capital’s exit by carriage. In order to descend from the unnatural bulge of a hill that the capital was on, we rode on a large elevator plate operated by a magician skilled in motion magic!

After that, we resumed our jolting journey on road with the carriages that have been prepared beforehand. When we arrived on the outskirts, we had to say goodbye to our carriages. Leaving only our luggage on the carriage, we continued the rest of the journey to the Monster Forest on foot. This could be considered as physical training, however, most of us do not have a fitness programme, so the year ones and twos -- the young ladies and young masters were having a hard time.

Nevertheless, for the sake of visiting the Magic Sink, we lumbered on. The seniors who were mages guarded our front and back, while the others formed two rows in the center. Of course, a teacher took the lead!

In some sense, this could be seen as a kindergarten excursion, so it might have been thrilling for the teacher to say, “Hold hands with your friend, friend, next to you, okay~” But that didn’t happen though.

The 13 years old Cain, who was equipped like a knight, walked next to me. All the students in the knight’s course were carrying a sword and were equipped with a chainmail.

I asked why were they in their full gear and Cain told me that it was for the 1 in 10000 chance that the barrier breaks and the monsters attack us. They would be the ones protecting us then.

Monsters huh? Like that bear? Trembling in fear as I recalled the events from the past, Cain-sama consoled me by smiling and reminding me that such events were rare.

Eww, perfectionist! As expected of my follower!

It was a long time since I stepped outside the capital and I could still remember how difficult it was for Kou-okaasan and I when we were climbing up to the capital. As I reminisced in that fragment of memory, the others plodded forward and chatted idly.

I wasn’t tired as my limbs grew strong from living in the mountains, but the same could not be said for the sheltered daughters and sons. It seemed to be too much exercise for them and when it was near noontime, they were mostly dead tired.

We were far from the city by lunchtime, so there weren’t any classy cafes in the area. We made a stop on a grassy and rocky ground, and took out our own bentos and drinks. It was a small breather for everyone.

According to the teacher, we were almost there. Indeed, we could see the forest from a distance here. I took out the sandwich Kou-okaasan prepared for me early in the morning and placed it on my lap. Eating Kou-okaasan’s handmade bento on my lap during excursions was a long-cherished dream of mine.

I was seated near Cain-sama so I didn’t feel lonely. I relished in this supreme bliss momentarily before I spotted something sparkling from afar and someone waving.

“Cain! There you are!”
The person who waved and approached us was Henry-sama. He was a magician and was one of the few leading the group. He came looking for Cain.

“What is the matter? Henry-sama.”
Cain smiled in delight and bowed, as one would before royalty.

“What? Do I need a reason to find you, Cain?”
He replied in elation. Without unnecessarily wasting his movements, Henry-sama sat down. Looks like he wanted to have lunch together.

“It’s not like that…...Weren’t the other mages going to eat together?”
Cain-sama drew near as though he couldn’t hear him and said. Henry-sama simply laughed.

“I want to eat with Cain.“
With his unflinching royal smile, he declared indifferently. Cain made a happy sigh in resignation.

“Okay, I got it. Then I will have to quietly accept being teased by the rest later.”

“Sorry as always.”
Henry spoke in a mocking tone and slapped Cain-sama’s shoulder before finally making eye contact with me.

Hey, ignoring me and acting in your theatre of male friendship is gross. Didn’t you notice me waiting for the right timing to say something?

“Mn? Isn’t this young lady here chick-san?! I see, Cain, you wanted to be alone with chick-san so you hid from me, didn’t you!?”
Henry-sama started poking Cain from his flank with his elbow as though he was saying, “You lil’!”.

“That is not the case. She is an important friend of my younger brother. Of course, I treat her as an important friend, no, in fact I treat her as my little sister.”
Cain-sama maintained his calm smile while saying. Henry-sama stopped his poking.

“......Henry-sama, it has been a long time. I am Ryou.”
I bided my time and waited for an opportunity before calling out.

“Ah, long time no see, chick-chan! We walked quite some distance, but chick-chan don’t seem to be tired at all?”
In case he had forgotten my name, I introduced my name once again, but it looks like he has no intention of not calling me chick-chan.

“Yes, I am quite fit you see.”

“Oh really! Keeping fit is good! I like you! I’m happy you get along with not just Cain, but me too!”
Keeping fit and liking me…...are active girls the in thing now?

In the meantime, I should just move on by replying, “Oh no, it’s my honour—!”

Midway in my thoughts, Henry nonchalantly tried to take my hand. Yikes! I am getting attacked by the royal etiquette of kissing on the back of a hand! Making an immediate judgement, I grabbed onto the sandwich that was on my lap.

His highness quietly withdrew his hand back to himself. As expected, with a sandwich, he wouldn’t be able to kiss the back of my hand.

WIthout pause, I moved on to chew on my sandwich.

After that, our lunch and our lively conversation ended.

I could tell that Cain-sama and Henry-sama are rather good friends. However, I felt something amiss. What is it, I wonder. It was slightly different from the closeness between Alan and Ritz.

It must be because of the honourifics Cain-sama like to use when he speaks to Henry-sama. For one, Cain-sama should be more senior in terms of academic year, so that might be where the awkwardness came from. Well, Henry-sama is royalty so this was natural.

In this academy, the hierarchy inclines towards pedigree students or ability as a mage, instead of seniority. In Japan schools, however, the senior’s words would be absolute!

Henry-sama’s family status alone would be considered to be the pinnacle, not to mention that there are rumours saying that his skills as a magician are super powerful. Surely, there is no one he fears in the academy since he was the top of the pecking order.

Since he was the top of the tops, the reason for the awkwardness might be because of the carefree vibes he gives off?

Henry-sama might be a little pompous and somewhat over-familiar to us, but he might be a good person.



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