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Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

Please calm down myself.
The me that was in a slump took on a Nirvana pose to compose myself.

Too many things have gone wrong but the fundamentals are holding fine.
I did the housework perfectly and I performed my job as a medic well. I even got to learn how to handle a horse from boss and can mostly ride on a horse now. Also, I can dress the meat of small animals too.

More or less……even though this is merely it, even though there have been some failures, this should be enough to cover up for it!

I wonder how the boss would evaluate me as of now. Sometimes I have too much fun and I would forget about this. The others around me treated me normally too.

Hurry up and scout me please! I peeked at boss but he showed no signs of wanting to do so.

Speaking of which, aren’t everyone treating me too normally? Is this the normal way to treat their latest merchandise (me)? This feels as though I have already become one of them.

In the end, due to being unable to contact Bashu-san, months have already passed since I was kidnapped.
When discussing about Bashu-san, they didn’t mention about selling me either.
Could it be that discussion on selling me has not gone through smoothly?
Does that mean all I should do now is continue acting innocently?

If it is good now, won’t it be fine?

Ughh, my “live in the moment” personality is whispering to me…… Quiet! The alone me!

Still, I never once thought the day when I aspire to be a bandit would come. Honestly, life like this is difficult, dirty and dangerous……isn’t this 3D? (TN: It was 3K in the original text)

“Yo, Ryou……what, an afternoon nap? Sorz but won’t you lend me a hand?”
Kuwamaru bro came along and saw me in a Nirvana pose.

It seems like he wants to scrape off fats from boar skin.
Of course I readily okayed to it.

At first, I was still sympathetic to the boar and also found it a challenging task but as of now, my hands have gotten used to it.
Furthermore, we used knives to scrape fats from the skin and thus, they would return Alan’s dagger back to me. Hence, I agreed to do the job.
Though after I became accustomed to their bandit life, they returned it to me just like that.

Hey, doesn’t that mean I’m already part of their gang? Isn’t that so?

Nevertheless, even though I am glad to have the Alan’s dagger given back to me, I never did expect to use it to remove fats from wild boar skin. Alan wouldn’t dream of that either.

“That dagger of yours Ryou, was it a gift?”
Kuwamaru asked me as he scrutinised me from the side as I scraped fats.

“The young master where I was last employed gave it to me.”
It seemed that he became somewhat interested in it as he raised his eyebrows in reaction.

“The young master is a mage?”

“Yes. He made it for me with magic. I heard that a sword made by a mage with magic is proof of trust that the mage has for the receiver.”

“Trust huh,” said Kuwamaru bro as he smiled meaningfully.

“By the way, I personally made this dagger with metal,” he said as he showed me a blunt dagger that had been made shoddily.

“Yourself? Hehhh— ……Ah! Impressive!”
Whoops, that was close. I nearly forget my usual compliments.

Which reminds me, in the legends, the humans made use of swords and armour refined from minerals during the war. Which means that there should be people working as blacksmiths right?
If that is the case, why bother the mages to make swords and the like when you can entrust it to the blacksmiths. Irene-san’s job included a decent load of assignments to refine swords and armour from mineral. I think it would be better if humans made these themselves more proactively.

“That’s why this is a god-killer dagger.”

God-killer……? Kuwamaru bro! What a Chuunibyou way of saying it. And sooner or later his right hand would start hurting right! (TN: something to do with how Chuunibyous imagine that they have powers stashed away in their eye, arm, etc)

“Ha, haa”
I had no idea how to deal with people with Chuunibyou so I did was give a half-hearted reply.
A more appropriate reply might be something like, “From a third person’s perspective……that looks dangerous.”

“Oh oh, it looks like you have no idea how awesome a god-killing dagger can be huh!”
Somehow, Kuwamaru bro was in high spirits. He must be very proud of his dagger. A self-made object with emotional attachment is really different huh, really.

“This was not made by magical powers. Therefore, it is a dagger that is able to slaughter mages.”
Ooh, slaughter, what a disturbing choice of word.
But hey, since this is a sword we are talking about, if it is sharp enough, it would have the ability to kill any human, regardless of whether it is a mage or not.

“Even a dagger made by a mage would be able to pierce a mage without problem I think.”
After I said that, Kuwamaru bro raised Alan’s dagger up to take a better look. Honestly speaking, it feels much better than the dagger made specially by Kuwamaru.
However, Kuwamaru bro laughed in a mocking manner, “Hah!”
How humiliating!

“Ryou’s one is still very much lacking. A sword made by a mage can easily be erased by magic did you know?”

That being said, when Alan was making the sword, he turned the sword into dust countless of times whenever he failed.

This means……

“……As long as it is a mage, he or she could erase anything made by magic?”

“Something made strongly with magic by the royals would be difficult to erase but others can mostly be erased. All it takes is the incantation. Well, if that person does not know the incantation then it would be impossible……but most mages should roughly remember the dispelling incantation. Well, no matter what, the dagger I am holding is totally awesome! Because no magic can erase it yeah!” Said the all-smug Kuwamaru bro.

Speaking of which, that, how should I say it, umm, how?

“……There are many places where normal people forge and make swords right?”

“Nope. It’s probably only made in a secret underground of the underground world in the capital. Among the demonic beasts, there are some that do not get hurt by swords made from magic. For that express purpose, they have some swords like that? Even for me, when I was attending school, I secretly made it. Actually it was a special lesson on how to make coins and currency but I did it such that the teacher didn’t notice anything.”

And then, because he looked as though he wanted to be praised, I interjected with my compliments.

However, as I was complimenting him, my imaginations could not be stopped.
The fleeting view of a clawless, fangless and lifeless beast living in a big cage came to mind.

Surprisingly, the mages after the mythical era might have been very shrewd. That’s because in order to prevent a second uprising from the humans, they carefully maintained and trimmed their claws and fangs.


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  1. Good chapter. They just added great element to the setting of the world, sadly it won't be used in this type of story...
    If it were western fantasy then it could work.


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