Agricultural Village Arc ⑧ - Judgement Time –


「Here is the young lady that I certainly wish to introduce  to both mages-sama. She might be small but, for the sake of this village’s development, she has invented several tools. Please do listen to this child for the story of how she invented the fish capturing tool and advanced this village’s development 」

Next, at a comfortable pace,  I walked over to introduce myself to the mages.

「Nice to meet you. I am Ryou from the Garigari village. I’m three this year. Please allow me to explain about the tools.」

The mages gave an astonished look as they looked upon me. To think that this 3 years old could be so fluent in the language and that the village chief wasn’t kidding when he said the child was really just a kid! Such could be seen from the amazement on their faces.

It’s okay to be trembling in fear! I, who seemed to be possessed by a god, had presentation skills that had more worth than the mages. My parents have got to see me in action!

And then, I gestured with my hand and said without any stutter on the workings of the small fry trap, and with the application of this design, it could be used to catch bigger fishes. Next, I explained about the thousand teeth thresher and also mentioned how it can be improved.

「…… I see, due to the application of the thousand teeth thresher, work hours have been shorten and with that extra time, more straw can be braided……  In addition, with the tools made with straw, fish or wild grasses can be gathered … that’s wonderful! We need to spread this to other agricultural villages ……! 」

The young mage Ryuuki started to get into a state of excitement, and started touching the thousand teeth thresher and straw-made tools. Viewing the tools at all sorts of angles, he confirmed the inner workings of these tools.

For a guy with a reserved face to be that excited. Doesn’t he know basic manners, that he shouldn’t be touching the items on display without permission! They aren’t really display items though. Even then, he seemed to be intensely studying the tools … I wonder if it would be better if I gave an explanation.

「The plant straw is a symbol of bountiful harvest too, and lumber is also part of a plant … these are farming tools after all. Since I wish to document the creation of these inventions … Village chief, how many stalks of straw you might have and how much timber do you have? Could you provide some? 」

The mage Ryuuki-san said so while creating a tense atmosphere since nobody understood his intentions. The village chief proceeded with his request.

The village chief was taken aback by such a sudden request, and while fretting over the request, he called out to a nearby woman to bring roughly 10 bundles of straw and some wood sticks.
Ryuuki-san picked out 3 stalks of straw and started singing something.

Inetsukeba Kakaruagatewo Koyohimoka Tononowakugoga Toritenagekamu
Amatsukaze Kumonokayohiji Fukitojiyo Otomenosugata Shibashitodomemu

After doing so, the straw that Ryuuki-san was holding on to started moving on their own and before you it, it became a small fry trap.

「Oohh—!」 Mage-sama’s abrupt magical performance was met with enthusiastic cheers from the village.

I got very excited as well . You know, this thing is real awesome. What a mage huh.

Furthermore, to have completed it with only three stalks of straw. How did he do it with so little! Unbelievable!

Next, as though he couldn’t hear the excitement from the crowd, Ryuuki-san grabbed the timber and pierced onto the ground while also singing something like an incantation. The timber grew larger and became a completed thousand teeth thresher that was far more well-done than the one I (in actuality, it was my Onii-chan who made it) made.

The villagers became wild yet again.

Seriously? Somehow, my feelings have transcended amazement; anger? Jealousy? This is quite the strong sense of helplessness!

This thousand teeth thresher took us great pains to complete!

Not only did I injured my arm for this (actually it was my bro), my hands were also roughed up by it (actually it was my bro), and I spent many nights on it too (actually it was my bro). Despite it taking so much time, even though it looks kinda unrefined, I did it as conscientiously as possible –! (actually it was my bro)

The mage managed to get it done in the twinkle of an eye, furthermore, it was better made.

My insides of my heart were squirming in bitterness, and even as I sent a destructive beam across, the mage Ryuuki-san doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and gave me a smile that was full of enjoyment while walking over to me.

「Thank you. This tool is really wonderful. With something like this, this fledging industry should be able to flourish!」

I desperately suppressed my twitching cheeks as I conveyed the idea that so long as it is useful then it is a good thing.

Next, the village chief that has been watching attentively the flow of events started to make his move.

「Dear mages-sama. I’m sure that after looking at these tools and understanding them, you would come to the conclusion that this child is really intelligent.  It has been said in the village that she could just be a mage … what should be done?」

The atmosphere grinded to a halt instantly. It’s because the villagers are immensely curious about whether Ryou-chan could possibly be a mage.

「I see. Indeed, to be able to come up with such a tool does indicate some rare talent. Magic manifests itself on people mainly through heredity but, there are times when a village far from the capital would have a child born with strong magic powers. I shall investigate further.」

Hearing what the village chief had just said, the spirit user Seki coolly bowed his head in assent, and gestured for me to follow him.

The time for judgement has finally arrived.

Speaking of which, after watching Ryouki-san skilfully using magic, how can there be people who still think I can use magic? They are totally mistaken, fundamentally wrong! I and magic completely don’t match!

As I thought, the villagers and parents’ were beaming at me with sparkling eyes that were full of hopes and aspirations.

Ku, it’s no good, they have yet to have given up. Stop staring at me with those glittering eyes!

However, I have no choice. I slowly moved my feet over to Seki the spirit user.


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