Maid Arc ⑥ -What comes after the duel-


After the duel, Alan became incredibly meek. From his face, you could see the reluctance and dissatisfaction, but as my henchman, he has to obey the orders I gave him.

I had expected Alan to start his Wah~ Wah~ crying after the duel and tattle on me to his mama that I had been bullying him because of the following reasons: he is only 5-years-old, he is Alan, and that he is a shitty brat. Surprisingly, that didn’t happen and instead, he kept his promise and reluctantly accepted that he was my henchman.

For a 5-year-old kid, his a rather steadfast shitty brat.

Stella was both astonished and gratuitous at how I managed to safely get the shitty brat and Cain-bouchama to recognise me as their maid.

It seems that among the servants, there has been tension and discomfort on the question of who is the next personal servant to the bouchamas.

The other servants were all full of praises for me.

By no means had I gone around boasting on how I dueled the young masters or how I made one of them my henchman too. Not one word.

That’s cause our relationship has to be kept a secret. It’s not like the shitty brat would want to tell anybody that he lost to a girl.

Similarly, Airin-san and Claude-san weren’t told as well, or perhaps I should say, they never did reappear after the very first day.

Claude-san claimed that he had a lot of work piled up that required his attention so he secluded himself in his room and endeavoured to complete his work. Airin-san being herself, was now, extremely busy due to the lack of mages and was hardly back at home in the first place.

Even at dinnertime, all the members of the family did not turn up. The only people at the large dining table were the shitty brat and Cain-bouchama, where they ate in silence usually.

Being their maid, I did not join in to have dinner together with them, but I still had to assist them in their meals.

The job mainly consist wiping the dirt off Cain-bouchama’s mouth, bringing the cutlery from a distant place for him, refilling his drink. 「Oi! Why are you helping Cain-anisama only!」 the shitty brat started whining as he stamped his foot incessantly.

The food is extravagant. The food, which were most my first time seeing, would make me drool. Still, from my experience with their dinners, it’s always a miserable sight. Looking at them eat in silence makes my heart ache.

In this residence, the people in charge of managing affairs in their territory are the Danna-sama (Claude-san and Airin-san’s father), Airin-san, her husband. However, the Danna-sama and Airin’s husband were summoned to the capital and were made to handle some work. 2 years have already passed since then. For your information (FYI), the wife of the Danna-sama has already passed away.

Claude-san was initially hitting it out on his own, living in a separate residence while making a name for himself in commerce but due to her sister begging him in tears, he has now returned and is helping out with some management issues too.

Moreover, the matter that Airin-san was responsible for, in short, was the problem of the dwindling numbersRainforest Earl Family’s mages . The current situation was that the mages were leaving in the droves.

For what kind of work the mages are leaving for, I have no idea. I wonder if the reason is similar to why the 2 mages visited the Garigari village. Could the other mages be patrolling around the places?

This was what I heard from the home tutor during the history lesson that I had together with the bouchamas.

So basically, all this means that the Rainforest Family is the best; Rainforest Family Banzai! Nono, it is my honour to have become the home tutor for the Rainforest Family, bouchamas, let’s hope all goes well gehehehe. This was the kind of bootlicking shabby teacher he was and even as he might be bootlicking them now, at least he teaches history in an easy to understand way. (TN: this paragraph was rather confusing, I tried my best in interpreting it and this was the result)

At any rate, in these 2 years, their father and mother were hardly around. Thus for both Cain-bouchama and the shitty brat Alan, from the time they became aware of their surroundings, they’ve been living without their parents.

It seems likely that their closeness stems from this kind of family background.

…… Honestly, this is so similar to my previous life.

I had persevered, tried to obtain first for everything, gained as many hobbies as I could.In the case of the shitty brat Alan, I must have had taken notice at how he behaved.

My first impression of him was that of annoyance but it maybe it is because I saw my old self in him.

In the short period before the arithmetic tutor comes in, I consolidated my thoughts and decided to give it my all in treating him as nicely as possible, and shot a angel-like gaze that emitted gentleness and warmth right at the shitty brat Alan.

Live strong, shounen.

「W-what are you looking at!  Stop staring at me with eyes of a dead frog! If you are going to ask me to buy some milk, it’s not possible since there isn’t enough time!」

Oi, how dare you compare my angel-like gaze to a dead frog! Rude!

And what he said at the end, isn’t he suggesting that I’m constantly making him do errands?

How is it possible for me, as their companion, to order him (furthermore he is an aristocrat) to frequently go on errands! …… I made him run my errands once or twice only!

Staring in his direction with my eyebrows furrowed, as though a snake is stalking the frog, the shitty brat instinctively became afraid and averted his eyes away from mine.

Whoopsie daisies, that’s not what I should be doing.  I’m suppose to be their companion, ohohoho.

Just at this moment, the arithmetic teacher came and we started to focus on the lesson.

And I haven’t forgotten how he compared my angel gaze to a dead frog, damn shitty brat. Not gonna give a damn about you now.

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