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TSR V2C9: Freshman Arc ⑨ -Hiyoko-chan-

Translating a 2k words chapter actually feels easy now. Perspective changed after going one level up.

Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

 Afternoon break-time was ending soon so before lessons started again, I headed for the girls’ toilet. It seems like Alan has finally changed his stalker ways and did not follow me this time.
 Whew. The boss is relieved, from the bottom of her heart!

 It has been a long time since I could use the toilet while feeling this relieved. After using the toilet, I heard a girl’s voice from outside. Furthermore, it felt a voice of inescapable destiny.

 Opening the door that connected to the outside, I saw that a group of girls gathering.

 In the center of the group was Miss Charlotte and Miss Katrina.

 “Hey, when was Charlotte-san allowed to follow us to class? I feel so ashamed and embarrassed that someone like you came from the same Gwynessus territory…...”

 Miss Katrina said that to her, while covering her forehead with her left hand, and looked as if she would faint in disgrace right away.

 “Ahhh, how troubling it must be for you, Katrina-sama!”
 The followers of Miss Katrina chimed in, in a high pitched voice, while glaring at Miss Charlotte.

 Eh…...what was going on? Was this some kind of a mini theater?
 S-Should I stop them?

 “Charlotte-sama, Katrina-sama, how have you two been? There is an unsettling atmosphere though.”

 I smiled as I called out to the group of girls. Instantly, they faced my way with a “Thump!” sensation.
 Ah, scary. More scary than I imagined.

 “You are…...Ruby Fallen’s......”
 The young ladies, who were her followers, reaffirmed what they knew about me and lowered their voices as though they were intimidated. They were perplexed at my intervention.
 What is that reaction! For some reason they were frightened by someone but I am the one who was being frightened!

 “You are Ruby Fallen’s Ryou-sama right? We were having an important discussion with Charlotte-san just a moment ago. It has nothing to do with you.”
 Miss Katrina replied with an unseemingly smile as she tried to tame the fears of her followers.

 “This important discussion you are having, is it related to our lessons? If she is having difficulties keeping up, I can offer my help to Charlotte-sama. I chatted with her in the morning, and with her enthusiasm, I am sure that if you give her some time, she would not be disappointing and embarrassing you, Katrina-sama.”
 I offered my brilliant suggestion but Miss Katrina face became grim as she frowned.

 “......You, what is your objective?”

 Eh! I don’t have any ulterior motive! I am not planning to use this teaching as an excuse to make a friend, ya know!?

 “I don’t really have something outrageous like an objective…...It looked like both Miss Katrina and Miss Charlotte were having some difficulties so I thought I might be able to help resolve the misunderstandings.”

 I grinned as I replied, but Miss Katrina folded her arms and gave a scrutinising glare at me from head to toe.

 “......I see. As the rumours claim of your genius, I am sure that you will do well as expected. I am looking forward to it.”
 Miss Katrina said, nimbly turned her skirt around and walked off with her followers. Her followers gave as stare that seemed to say, “Hoh, we will let you go today but there will not be a next time”.

 Huh, is this school really a school for aristocrats?
 It isn’t a school for the yakuza right?
 As I panicked in my mind, Miss Katrina stopped midway and looked over her shoulder.

 “However, it would good for you to think carefully about the mages that show kindness to you. Even if it was said that you are some daughter of an Earl’s family, we all know that you are some fake horse-bone of an aristocrat. With such a suspicious status and getting involved with some dirty darkness spirit user, I hope you don’t regret it.”

 She left those words of caution before shuffling along with the rest of her followers.
 It looked just like a group of soldiers marching.


 “Miss Katrina is a very harsh person so whenever she sees a hopeless child like me, she would get very irritated. Furthermore, I am still a long way from being a proper mage…...”

 Miss Charlotte said with a feminine smile.
 It was the lunch break now and currently, I was having lunch with Miss Charlotte and talking about what happened yesterday with Miss Katrina.
 Sitting next to use were Alan and Ritz-kun as they looked on with great interest.

 “Eh? Ryou, you picked a fight with Miss Katrina yesterday!? Wasn’t she from the Gwynassus territory……? She is quite a formidable foe but you naturally won right? Her side are all girls so I wouldn’t be able to bring out more my strengths but…...if it is just a diversion you need…...!”

 Alan was in high-spirits as he discussed his plans to deal with disputes.
 As usual, Alan was fond of tackling conflicts. Certainly, when I was a maid, he would start to work on disputes whenever there was an opportunity to do so. Still, I am not in the mood!

 At times like this, the most I could do was to ignore him, and continue to look straight at Miss Charlotte instead of him.

 “I see…...indeed, Miss Katrina is a person with a strong will. Well, still, it will be alright. For now, I think I would accompany you until things become better. I am sure Charlotte-sama would be good in no time with your studiousness.”

 I smiled pleasantly to her and she returned it back with a smile. Her white cheeks blushed! Aww, so cute!

 “I thought that Ryou-sama would be a difficult person to approach. There was this boy from an Earl’s Family following you all the time and you are so good at your studies too. You seem full of mysteries and totally give off a different vibe from the compared.”

 Something tugged at my heart when she mentioned about a boy following me. It was not like I wanted him to be around me all the time, he did all by himself as a stalker.
 Full of mysteries? Who, me?

 If I remember correctly, yesterday, Miss Katrina said,
 “We all know that you are some fake horse-bone of an aristocrat.”
 Something along those lines so it is quite well known that I was adopted huh. It was likely that the “horse-bone” portion contributed to the mysterious factor.

 “Hey, Ryou! Were you listening to me!”
 Alan who had been ignored this whole time wildly butted into the conversation.

 I know that you said some crap about a conflict but there is no way we are taking part in a factional war!

 However, because he was ignored for a set amount of time, he transformed from cheeky Alan to an indignant Alan. Ritz-kun, who was beside him, looked very calm but the support at his level wouldn’t be enough to handle Alan.
 I have to forcefully say a few words as the boss.

 “Alan, be quiet. We are not going to be part of a confrontation.”
 “Why, this is important isn’t it! Are you chicken? So what are we going to about bringing the big arm coffin……(TN: actual text, だから太腕のコフィンを連れてくるのはどうかって……; I also don’t know what it means)
 “Alan? What did I say about the words from your boss?”
 “Wha! I am thinking for Ryou!”
 “What about the words from your boss?”
 “......They are absolute.”
 If you can at least understand that, it would be enough.

 I took a glance at Alan who has calmed down and nodded with satisfaction. That was when I noticed someone I knew very well near the dining table.

 “Ahaha! Ryou, as expected of you. I heard Alan’s voice and though I might have to come and take a look but it seems like there was no need for that.”

 It was the followist Cain-sama! He came to stop Alan from going berserk? Too amazing. I wonder if he has some kind of a sensor or something.

 After Cain-sama finished making his greetings to us with sparkling eyes, the person next to him began talking.

 “Cain, this is the little brother you always boast about? Or more like my nephew huh?”
 “Yes. My younger brother, Alan, is indeed Henry’s nephew.”

 The person who came along with Cain-sama was the shimmering young noble, Prince Henry.
 Speaking of which, Alan and Cain-sama’s father was part royalty. He was the same as Prince Henry and was a child of the previous king. Which means, Henry-sama would be their uncle isn’t it?
 His faint blondish hair rested all the way to his back. His amethyst eyes and the rest of his features gave him a gentle look. His gentle nature bore similarities to Cain-sama.

 Such handsomeness. He was too radiant to look closely on. Honestly speaking, anyone not above 17 years old would be out of my radar but I might change my mind with this level of beauty.

 “Ni-Nice to meet you. My name is Alan Rainforest.”
 Even Alan looked like he was dazzled in the presence of a royalty as he stiffly presented himself.

 “Nice to meet you. I am Henry Castor Gasfomtal. Do call me Henry. Your elder brother always attaches the -sama when addressing me but I don’t really mind either way. Just don’t call me, ‘Uncle-sama’.”
 He displayed his pearly white teeth when he finished.
 Yikes! What a kind looking smile! He might have been the criminal who bore the sin of standing out more than I did during the entrance ceremony but I wonder if I should acquit him of the crime because of his beyond expectations handsomeness.
 As I was thinking, our eyes met.

 “Oh? I remember seeing you from somewhere. …...Were you the representative for the normal students during the entrance ceremony?”

 Er-what-he remembers me? What should I do?

 “Yes. To think that you actually remember me, I am honoured. My name is Ryou Rubyfallen.”
 I stood up and held the hem of my skirt as I greeted him.
 Alan, learn from your boss and do it properly. This is how the upper classes do it!

 After bowing, I lifted my face up and Henry got closer to me than I thought.
 Henry-sama bent his back to meet my gaze.

 Kya! Too close. Henry-sama, everyone is looking! Yikes!

 And then, he grabbed and scooped up a bunch of my blond hair.

 “Such pretty blond hair. They are soft and cute like a small bird. I’ll be in your care, Hiyoko-chan.”


 Ah, huh.

 Hiyoko-chan……? Didn’t I introduce myself earlier so why can’t he just call me by name?
 I got all excited earlier but now I feel that his type doesn’t match… me the goosebumps too. I didn’t anticipate being called Hiyoko-chan and having these goosebumps in reaction……

 I broke into a completely faultless smile. And then, Cain-sama and Henry-sama left.

 “Wow, Henry-sama was so gorgeous. Also, Alan-sama’s elder brother was also quite attractive.”
 Miss Charlotte passionately sent gazes in step with their backs.

 Yeah, that’s right! They were just eye-candies!
 That’s right, that’s right!

 I realigned my thoughts and just when I was about to continue with my meal happily, Alan suddenly appeared beside me. Your ability to creep up on others unknowingly is amazing huh!

 Alan abruptly grabbed my hair. That was the same portion of hair that Prince Henry held. And then he rubbed on the hair, up and down, a few times.

 Stop it! It’s hurting my cuticles!

 “Hey! Alan! What are you doing!”
 I took a step back, and was rescued from the demonic hands of Alan.

 “......Nothing really. There was some dirt on it so all I did was remove them!”

 Alan explained sullenly and returned to his seat.

 Eh, that can’t be true, dirt? I felt the strands of hair and couldn’t really find anything that fitted that description. Did Alan remove all of them earlier?
 …...Even if that was true, there was no need rub them.

 In order to nurse my cuticles, I combed them gently with my hands.



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