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001 My First Lady <First Half>

At this point of time, I am hesitating towards translating 魔力 to mana instead of a more general magic power. Mana seems to be the right concept here but ‘mana’ itself is a coined terminology used to define the quantity of magic power. My point is that the author uses the general magic power so I try to stick to using magic power but sometimes using ‘magic power’ seem to be a mouthful so I am not really sure. Thoughts on this?


Ouroboros Record was written by Yamashita Minato and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

I brought my first slave and future helper candidate – Number 1-chan (temp) back home, and as I had expected, a small uproar erupted.

Father was visibly shaken while brother appeared as though he has just seen a monster. The other servants were boisterous. All in all, it was terrible. Well, that was a reaction which I had foreseen.

Treating father’s lecturing and whatever else he was saying as wind in the air, I returned to the lab which was located underneath the mansion. I made Number 1-chan sleep on the bed which I usually reserve for napping. She was still breathing. Though, I have no way of knowing if her heart would stop beating later.

Being a self-learnt alchemist and also a person who has reincarnated from modern Japan, I had some understanding of medical science. Albeit it being superficial knowledge, a novice like me should be able to understand one thing or two from conducting a medical examination. It seems that the violence inflicted on Number 1-chan was more gruesome and dark then I have imagined.

What was written on her body as a recurring theme were the marks of hesitation. Deserving of special mention were the bones on her face which appeared to have been recklessly smashed while healing magic was applied. This sort of life prolongment wasn’t the product of overflowing kindness. It was something more insidious and hideous.

Simply speaking, the broken bones were patched up in a distorted shape on purpose, so as to prevent her face from ever becoming what it used to be. To make matters worse, her misery was extended to the skin on her face. It had been bitten and torn apart, to the extent of pus oozing out from here and there. With this, even if her life was spared for argument’s sake, the rest of her life would be spent in this condition. There were probably few priests in the church who would be able to heal her. Not only that, factor in the medical costs, which were commonly termed as ‘alms’, would cost quite a bit. This means, for a being like a slave who had no connection to money, she would not be able to get healed her whole life.

No matter how you think about it, this shouldn’t have been done on a young child who’s age ranged in the single digits. In fact, it should not be acceptable on an adult either.

From the relentless theme of destroying her appearance, I couldn’t help but think that this was an act committed by another female, who had profound jealousy or some obsessive hatred towards her. It looked similar to what Chinese Empress Lü Zhi or Wu Zetian would do their husband’s lovers.

“Was she sold as a slave to achieve that very goal?”

Was this the so called Human Swine1, an anecdote notorious for its cruelty. Or something of the like. After making her a slave, society’s lowest denominator, she was further ridiculed since nobody would be interested in her as a slave. An inhumane plot.

Well, all this is of no concern to me. I purchased her, not the other way round; I was in no way hired as a lawyer. I am not in the least interested in getting entwined to someone who would inflict such an unspeakable suffering on a young girl.

What I will do to her is a separate topic.
——Chi, Chi, Chi, squeaked the rats that were trapped in the cage.
Ah, right, it was time to feed them. Facing the rats, I threw sunflower seeds at them.
The rats in the cage picked up what I had thrown at them with “both hands” and nibbled on them.

Full body anesthesia.
Blood thickening medicine.
Ablation of suppuration area.
Realignment of distorted skeletal structure.
Grafting of artificial muscles and artificial skin on the face.
Etcetera, etcetera……
In any case, I tried many procedures. It was also my first time doing a human experiment on a genuine human, and so I tried my best. This was because I have only played small-scale “childish pranks” on the servants……

It goes without saying that no matter how much adult intellect I held as an reincarnator, I am still an amatuer in alchemy and it was not like I studied to be a doctor previously. There were many instances of first-time surgeries failing. Possible ways to fail include cutting things that were not supposed to be cut or maybe making mistakes when the supply of anesthesia has been cut off. It was especially difficult without anesthesia when removing the skin on her face to remove pus. I was afraid that Number 1-chan (temp) might tremble in pain and awaken. If that was the case, I rather she just scream. It was important to be able to continue the surgery without being noticed, since the pain might lead to shock-inducing death.

I managed to overcome all the possible ways to fail and managed to complete the general treatment. It might as well been magic. The skills I have employed were the basics of the basics, what you might view as having only learned techniques a level zero would have but even then, the damage done to her blood vessels were to the extent which could be healed with recovery magic and other kinds of useful healing items which had been prepared. Since I could freely use all these, I could make up for the pitfalls in my inexperience. Fantasy is really awesome. If magic was that convenient, I don’t think there would be any motivation to advance science huh.

Especially analysis magic which could decipher the composition and structure of a material, it was really amazing. Thanks to it, I was able to decipher that Number 1-chan (temp) face had been disfigured with malicious intents and could also infer the original shape of her face. No, it was more like the fruits of my labours. Understanding the structure of materials were the very fundamentals of alchemy.

…...However, despite the room reeking with the stench of blood, I was wholly calm and yet, my mind seem to feel somewhat dizzy?

I might conclude that this was all for treating someone but the me from the previous world would have never thought that I would do insert sharp tools into other bodies. I have repeated this quite a few times but I wasn’t a doctor previously and in fact, I detested injections. I would have never imagined myself pointing a knife at someone, even in a brawl or something.

In fact, that I was able to so naturally do this to a slave; that I would accept doing such a human experiment, it could only mean that.

Yes, I might not be have lived in this world for more than ten years but my mind and soul has long been poisoned by the nobles of this world. If you are not a noble, you are not a human. Something like that. Humans often allocated unique duties to others and the others would further allocate these duties down the hierarchy, such behaviour which was modelled as a theory in psychology could make for a theme in a movie in my previous world. Wasn’t this similar to what was happening in this world?

Or perhaps, the roots of my personality could just be broken.

Well, I am person who has died once. My view on life and view on humans would have more or less changed. It was inevitable.

I digress.

As I have mentioned, Number 1-chan (temp)’s treatment was for now successful.
Her face which has been distorted with ill will, returned to its former state of beauty. The portions that were violently cut were also fixed.

There were no signs of infections given that the place was well-maintained and sanitised.

Still, what I done was only treat her physical body. The aspect of mental care was entirely untouched.

I do not know the accurate events that occurred but she must have been the daughter of a person with status, and one day, she was attacked suddenly by a beast and made an outlet for lust, moreover, her looks were thoroughly destroyed. And let’s not forget that her age was still in the single digits. There was no way this wouldn’t leave a trauma on her. More like, if that wasn’t the case, then something must be very wrong with her.

And the proof was that she was already able to speak without any difficulties and yet, I have not heard her utter a single word which held meaning. This includes her name. Thanks to it, I am stuck with calling her Number 1-chan (temp) up till now. Err, of course I did not actually say the words “(temp)”.

As I was saying, that aspect is beyond my expertise. Eh? You ask why can’t I do counseling as a person with knowledge of the previous world? You must be kidding. I hardly venture out of the mansion after being reincarnated. If you put it nicely, I can be considered an indoor person but the mean way of saying it would be that I was a shut-in. As a shut-in, there was no way I was capable of counseling. You could say that I have a smattering amount of knowledge in the field of psychology from my previous life — read from the internet entirely. My level of knowledge could be considered to be at a miscellaneous level. Just Freud’s dream analysis and his theory of psychosexual development was more than a handful for me. Even for the medical treatment for her body, I should be able to manage with my magic and what I can remember from my days of being a student in a biology class. Any expectations beyond that, would be troubling for me.

Just to confirm again, there was a possibility that Number 1-chan (temp) would become more petrified than before if I were to deal with her poorly or make her work cruelly like how the others did. When I took her back, I had no idea if her life was a candle burning out. After that I prescribed medicine of which effects I did not understand well and tweaked her body while she was unconscious. All this was a gamble. It was the same for the previous world, even in a climate of advanced medical science, before a major surgery, patients would have to find their peace as they entrust themselves to their surgeons. Even at the dentist waiting room, there were many people who wore faces like that of a prisoner awaiting their execution. All the more for children. Moreover, I was barely a eight year old child who was naturally unlicensed. Though in the first place, there was no such thing as a doctor’s license in this world. That’s why, distrust and fear for doctors was like unagi rapidly swimming upwards. If it was me performing the treatment, it would definitely turn out that way.

It was a nuisance. And I wanted to have her work as my helper after treating her too. Having animosity and distrust against me would hinder me from educating her.

Certainly, the magic to force slaves into obedience was active by default so I could still bulldoze my way through but, it goes without saying that it would be greater progress if I could get the person herself to proactively collaborate in this endeavour.

I pray that the distrust she carried against me would be as small as possible.

A few days later. In the same old laboratory.

“Yo, Number 1-chan (temp). Today is finally the day the bandages can be taken off you! ”


It was unbefitting of my character to say it with this much spirit yet the response from Number 1-chan (temp) was silence as she raised her head covered full with bandages.

In the end, until today, we did not establish a single conversation. I did attempt to communicate with her many times but Number 1-chan (temp) always kept hush. There were no defects in her vocal cords, and her tongue which was bitten probably when she was being hit was healed too. Despite so, she did not even let out a scream of agony. It was like she had rejected everything of this world.

Hmm, even though it would be great if it was possible to open up her heart slightly with this opportunity. Well, if I was her in shoes and I was treated without giving my consent, I too would not trust nor have any confidence in that person.

As I ruminated through my thoughts, I made her sit on a chair and face a full-length mirror that was installed by the wall. She offered no resistance, just like a doll. Somehow, it felt as though I have become a beautician. Rather than actually giving her a haircut, it was more like mowing grass though. That was because it would have gotten in the way of the surgery. It’s not like her hair wouldn’t grow back.

“Now then, I am removing them. Don’t move okay?”

Cutting off the knots with a pair of scissors, I unwound the rest of the bandage slowly from the cut-off piece. There were faint sounds of cloth rubbing off the skin but nothing worrying like foreign substance adhesing itself on the skin occurred. It was truly a smooth peel.

Sure enough, her bare face was something acceptable for my eyes. A smooth and natural line was drawn on her outlines. Her skin was rich with youthful vitality. Her facial features were still that of an immature child but there was not a single distortion to her mould.

To anybody out there, could you upon seeing this face, imagine that a thoroughly ravaged appearance could be reborn like this?
A flawless success.


A sudden tremor passed through my spine. The sense of achievement I felt from this was unprecedented even considering all my other experiences from my past life. Really wonderful. I, with my own hands, was capable of using a delicate technique to come this far. And this so called alchemy industry, could bring forth such a miracle!


I wondered if she reacted to my words. She lifted her eyelids slowly.
She opened wide her big and beautiful green eyes and stared at the person in the mirror.


The countenance on her face as well as the reflection’s became that of bewilderment. Surprise, confusion, and likely delight. Her white skin, her reddening and dampening eyes elucidated an emotion that was by no means a minus.

“How is it, Number 1-chan (temp)! This is some piece of work isn’t it? Honestly speaking, I myself never imagined that it would turn out like this!”


Despite having congratulated her, Number 1-chan (temp) started to sob uncontrollably. Compared to her earlier self when her expression changed, it was as though there was no pause in the change at all. The muscles on her face governing emotion seems to be functioning normally.

“T-Thank you ve-very much……!”

I could hear her uttering in a blurry voice. Thinking about it now, this was the first time I heard her say anything at all. To have so frankly given her thanks to me, even though I did whatever I pleased as much as I liked till today. Truly, a well brought up child. I suppose her parents taught her discipline well.

“No way, I should be the one giving you my thanks! You have really endured a lot to have made it here! It was a valuable experiment!”

Overcomed with emotions, I embraced her and she soon return the embrace with her tiny hands.
Tears and mucus dirtied my clothing but I couldn’t care less. Compared to the bloody pus that I extracted during the wretched operation, this was nothing.
Inside the dimly lit basement, the young us caught hold of one another as we immersed ourselves in the joy of initial success.

“Talese…...who is that child?”

I brought her out from the basement and father saw her. He was clearly taken aback.
Naturally, I threw my chest out without the slightest hint of guilt and replied.

“What are you saying Father. This is my slave.”


Unfortunately, my reply had only induce more and more confusion in father. He blinked his eyes in rapid succession.

“......You bought a second one?”

“You are mistaken. Before then, her figure was in a tragic state of injuries and she couldn’t show her true face but now I have finally healed her. And thus, I brought her up. C’mon, give your greetings to Father.”

“......Nice to meet you, I am, Yuni.”

Former Number 1-chan (temp) held on the sleeves of my shirt while giving a clumsy bow to father. How it ended up being Yuni was because it would obviously be disastrous for others to know that her name was Number 1-chan (temp) so it was the name she thought of hastily. I have a faint inkling about it but I am sure that its meaning was “a single object”. To have pass off a name related to one, because her name was Number 1; it felt like that there was no big change to her name.

Incidentally, I do not know her real name. I tried asking what happened before I bought her but the reception from her was unfavourable. I couldn’t tell if she refused to reply or whether she was unable to reply. What I merely healed was her outer appearance. Her interior must be in disorderly state even now I suppose. To the extent of not knowing oneself even though she was herself. I am interested to know more about her personal history but, well, that can be left for later when she composes herself.


Father opened his mouth wide.
He must have thought it to be inconceivable that a half-dead person with a face full of swellings could, in a short period of time, recover to this state of beauty. That must be it. My only bet was that she would survive and had predicted that some degree of scarring should remain even if she did not die. Yet, she overturned that verdict and exposed a face with not a single flaw to the world.

This extent of treatment has been pulled off by a kid who wasn’t even ten. Being in disbelief should be expected. I believe I would laugh scornfully if I heard from others about a similar tale like this.
Father took roughly one minute to digest the situation but he still showed hesitation as he stammered.

“Ye-Yes… ex-excellent job, Talese. To have personally healed a completely defective slave…...your ability has left me in utter wonder!”

“No, no, it must have been the result of her life force. I never expected that her recovery to reach this extent.”

“Ha, hahaha…...being excessively humble would only make you sound sarcastic though?”

Somehow or another, him praising my skill would mean that the integrity of his head has grasped what has occurred.

“Ahem,” father coughed and continued, “However, have you forgotten the objective we laid from the beginning? I made you buy a slave so that you could learn the ways to tame your retainers. Even though your practice at healing has gone smoothly, I will not permit you to neglect your main duty.”

“Yes, certainly.”

That goes without saying. From the start, I picked Yuni on the basis of her magic powers. From here on, this child would become my loyal servant, and also a promising helper. For that, I would definitely have to thoroughly educate her.

“Regarding that, Father. I plan on having her learn the basic etiquette for now. If it is possible, may I have the help of the maids from our mansion who are not busy?”

For starters, we will work on the superficials.
There is a saying that goes: the face follows but the stomach opposes, but to really detach the face from the stomach would be both unexpected and difficult. Much less of Yuni who doesn’t seem to be a reincarnator like me. She was a 100% genuine child. If that was the case, if I let the way of living obediently under others seep into her mind from young, when she grows into an adult, she would probably have a submissive personality.

Without any inclination that I was thinking about such insolence, father nodded his head in what appears to be annoyment.

“Do as you like. I would allow that kind of activities.”

“Thank you very much.”

The conversation ended and he left the venue in a rush.

“Alright, I obtained permission from Father. I would have you work hard immediately from today. You good?”

“Yes, master.”

Yuni spoke in a flat voice that did not hint at any emotion. I wonder if it was because of the gratitude from being healed but for now, she behaved loyally to my orders. Still, there was no way I would be satisfied with just that. Humans were living beings who would grow to become independent. We might be bound by the slave contract and her gratitude but there was no proof that this kind of relationship would continue forever.

Firstly, her magic alone had a substantial quality to it. Being my helper, she would have to accumulate information on alchemy and magic, and if so, it was plausible for her to dispel the obedience magic by herself. To maintain this relationship of master and servant, I would have to strictly teach her the behaviour and etiquette, and through repetitive learning, firmly instill faithfulness. In the future, I am considering the possibility of applying a sophisticated brainwashing magic — otherwise known as brain restructuring.

This might be too cowardly of me. However, I am a reincarnated human. A human that has died once. I am going to have to say no to dying a second time. That’s why an existence that follows my command and move as my arms and legs, absolutely cannot betray me.

As much as I could, I produced a kind-looking face and grinned at her.

A week from when Yuni started her training, she became able to behave at a bare minimum level for a servant. As expected, before she ended up in tatters and being sold to the slave market, she was likely born and raised in a family that should have a social status equivalent to that of an aristocrat. She was able to perform the basics of courtesy like the ABCs and her speed of learning wasn’t bad either.

Still, once her free time started, it was time for her training to be my helper and bodyguard.
What we did from the start was to build up her strength.

“Hey hey, your legs are coming to a stop! Move, move! One, two! One, two!”

“Ye-Yes! Master.”

On fine days, I brought bodyguards out to the outskirts of the city and made Yuni run. Before becoming a slave, she must have been the esteemed daughter of somebody and after being a slave, she lived in the underground lab for treatment. After going through that kind of life, she could not even last 5 minutes before starting to pant. Well, this wasn’t like a park or an exercise field like my previous world, and was a wild field overrun by weeds and small stones hidden in the shadows. Supposing that she was confident in her endurance, it would still be tough I guess.

“Young master…...what in the, what is the point of doing this?”

A servant said in puzzlement. It was the same servant that accompanied me when I was buying Yuni. This time too, he came along as the bodyguard and the coachman.

“Can’t you understand from looking? I am building physical strength. I have to occasionally bring her out to do some exercise.”

No matter what one is doing, the most important is one’s physical strength. In a fantasy world where magic roams freely, that was the first thing I learnt. Offensive magic or recovery magic and on top of that, transmuting substances with alchemy, etcetera etcetera, each and every one of these magic progress according to the consumption of the user’s magic powers. In this aspect, it does bear semblance to computer games in my previous world. Still, it differs in one area. Once one’s magic power was depleted, it would have an effect on the body. In most of the cases, symptoms of shortness of breath and palpitations, dizziness and confusion to one’s awareness would surface. To put it bluntly, exhausting all magic power would render one incredibly tired.

When I first picked up magic, I did not have a good gauge of my limits and had the experience of fainting multiple times. There was this one time, for example, when I was in the middle of mixing some strong medicine when my consciousness receded and because of that, I nearly caused a fire in the basement.

And thus, ever since then, I came up with a countermeasure. To endure the acute tiredness when one has been drained of magic powers, one has to train the physical body as far as possible. It was a simple concept but it should be enough for a measure.

It was just at the level of a hypothesis but I think it was a hypothesis with a rather high accuracy of being right. The evidence was that I heard from adults that most people who faint from magic exhaustion were children or the elderly with poor physical constitutions. There were limited examples but the evidence pointed strongly towards people with weak bodies. However, this was hardly a methodology. In any case, most of the magicians, devote the majority of their resources towards attaining the greatest magic powers or newest magic skills, (and in my case, for an alchemist) it would be assigned to experimenting and creating magic equipment. There would not be any free time dedicated to building the body.  The house tutor who taught me magic — who has stop coming exactly a year ago — was also rumoured to sweat like a barbarian. (TN: not really sure what the author means by this. Sweating like a barbarian = not fit? Or = fit?)

Well, there was a some point to it. Time flows infinitely but human lives have their limits. It was entirely rational to concentrate the maximum amount of time on one’s priorities and keep the others to a minimum. Increasing one’s magic powers to the upper most levels would naturally mean lower chance of magic exhaustion happening.

However, what I hoped for Yuni wasn’t to just be a fixed artillery, chanting magic. To go adventuring in place of me to collect required materials as my helper as well as to act as my bodyguard since I was a non-combatant. It would be unimaginable if she were to be exhausted due to a lack of magic power. There was a need to nurture her reflexes and forge her stamina while she was still a child.

“I never expected this fella to be so stringent. That young lady hasn’t had time to recover from injuries right?”

“Like I said, I have to build her stamina quickly. That way her training later can move in the right direction.”

At the very least, she has to recover to the point of being able to walk about in the mansion without any problems. That’s why I have to quickly train her. Exactly in this period, since I bought her, I am strapped for cash and the research had to stop temporarily. For the sake of Yuni and while I have time to spare, it was the evident conclusion to have her basic abilities improve now.

In addition, included among the treatment performed on her was artificial skin grafting. I would love to obtain data on how she reacts to long exposure to sunlight. Also, I could harvest medicinal plants in the vicinity or think about how to counter monsters that appear in proximity of civilisation — you heard me right, monsters exist. A long time ago, a demon lord existed — also, I could also learn about the raw materials that can be obtained by being present on the actual site. Three birds one stone.

“Do not worry. I have no intention to destroy this hard found talent before my eyes.”

I shrugged my shoulders and said. I pointed towards the shoes that I bought for Yuni to walk in the fields and the socks worn inside which would prevent blisters. I even prepared water and would make sure she hydrates herself plenty when the opportunity arises. If she trips or gets bitten by poisonous insects, I could treat her.

“I can hardly understand what young master is thinking…...”

The male attendant scratched his head with a pained expression. That was not the way to speak to the family of his employer but I’ll let that slide. This would be the normal reaction of an adult. It was only because I felt that it was necessary, else I wouldn’t be doing this either. This might not be very persuasive but I do not have a hobby of bullying girls. It was just that as I watched the figure of Yuni in the distance, trying her best to fulfil my expectations, a deep emotion prodded my chest.

“One, Tw…, tw…...ha, hah…...”

Soon, the attendant and I became silent and the only sounds that filled the plains were the shouts and rough breathing of Yuni.

…...At the end, Yuni became entirely spent after around 30 minutes. She couldn’t even get on board the coach without my hand to support her. For the first day, she worked very hard. I think I would treat her to a miracle drug that rejuvenates later.

A month passed.

“Yuni. Today, I’ll have you remember the recipe for a simple drug. Understand?”

“Yes, master-sama.”

Rather than a long way from growing, she seem to be entering a full-blown period of growth; compared to a long time ago, she has physically improved to a large extent due to daily training. I do not think she would give up if it was just mashing medicinal herbs with a pestle.

Using the herbs found near the plains of the outskirts (when she was working out) as the ingredients, the lowest grade of potion can be made. I have to ensure that she was at least able to make that.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. I was able to do this three years ago, so it shouldn’t be that challenging. Remember, the first step is to —”

Another month passed.

“Finally, our medicines have hit the market.”

“Congratulations, master.”

We gathered around a table which had a leather pouch on top of it. We were captivated. Inside the pouch was the currency of this world, the lowest denomination with the lowest worth — copper coins. Something cheap would be worth this much coins. If we go to the money-exchanger, this should be worth a few pieces of silver I reckon.

Father indicated his displeasure upon hearing that our homemade medicine was sold out in the market. The reason being that a person in an Earl’s Family should not be imitating the vulgar business of a merchant. Persuading him was especially bone-breaking. Compared to making the merchant guild recognise the quality of my products, I felt it was far more troublesome.

“However, I managed to procure an income source that was somewhat passable.”

When I considered that, I couldn’t help but lift my lips into a grin. Up till now, all my research funding depended on the small allowance father gave me, but since I could do my own trade now, I should be able to be self-sufficient despite it being a very small sum of money. If father’s patience runs out and he decides to stop the alchemy research, it shouldn’t be a problem now. I won’t be able to avoid shrinking the scope of the research but at least I can continue the research by my own efforts.

“Just a bit more savings and…...I should be moving on to the next stage of research.”

A month later.


“Master-sama, Number 2’s body temperature is climbing. Perspiration has also been observed.”

“The status of the pupil of the eye?”

“......It is contracting.”

As I heard the report from Yuni, I started listing down the data on a piece of paper that I was holding onto. In the middle of the room, there was a newly installed operating table. On it was a male who was gagged and chained. The metal fixtures that constrained him rattled endlessly.

What am I doing? As you can see, it was a human experiment.

In order to materialise my ultimate goal of immortality, it was essential to have data regarding the biology of a human and its various functions. For example, medicines have to be tested in advance and whether it is administered to myself or to others, it was important to determine the effectiveness of medicines.

Previously, I had Yuni conduct a few experiments on animals and there was plenty of data resulting from it but, for more intricate and complex medical procedures, data from human experiments was still fundamental.

Hence, newly bought slave Number 2 (adult male; former criminal) was a rather helpful specimen. He had a sturdy build and what’s more was that he has no useful skills whatsoever and was thus, priced economically. He did not have a single ounce of magic power and so, the obedience spell worked finely on him. Not to mention that he contained a great dislike towards nobility and his attitude towards them was the very worst. Despite prescribing the strongest medicine and conducting radical experiments on him, my conscience didn’t weigh on me one bit.

In any case, this round of experiments were a failure.

“The muscle strengthening medicine derived from Full-Moon Scopolia…...even though the theory should be correct. Was its toxicity not attenuated sufficiently?”

Falling into a state of abnormal excitement, inability to discern things and the cloudiness of consciousness were observed.

I managed to find a prescription text from an old bookshop and by making references to it, I tried to make a medicine. However, after replacing the main component with a more potent medicinal herb, it didn’t seem to go well.

“Rather than thinking about the expected effectiveness, the risk of side effects have risen too much. Should I do a full reevaluation?”

“Still, swapping to it a less poisonous variant would make it more expensive. Should I employ adventurers to collect them for me? Instead of buying directly, this would help reduce the costs.”

As I grumbled on, Yuni drooped her shoulders disheartenedly.

“......I beg for you forgiveness, master.”

“Hm? Why?”

“Yuni has been continuing her training but I am still not good enough to be of use.”

Also, she bowed her head down apologetically. Oh, so she has a cute side to her as well huh?

“You don’t really need to pay too much attention to that. The training program would be refined and polished annually. I anticipate another 5 or 6 years before you are combat ready.”


I gave her the affirmation right from my mouth but from her appearance, it seems like she still has worries about it. Perhaps she associated the worst situation because of the next stage of the research — human experimentation that involved utilising slaves. More specifically, she was afraid that she would become a specimen for the human experiments.

Nevertheless, Yuni was a scarce talent that could be hardly found anywhere. I looked through the entire slave market and rarely saw someone who had her level of magic powers. Slaves who had such magic powers were attached with a price tag that only relatively high peerage holders or owners of small castles can afford, and these slaves were all elves too. It was really a godsend fortune that I was able to procure Yuni at that price.

“Rest assured, Yuni. I would not simply abuse someone of your calibre because that would be incredibly foolish.”

I made a very clear cut declaration, and it seems that her anxieties faded to some extent.

“Yes…...yes, master-sama…...”

Though I must say, this was a somewhat ominous sign. The small animal-like fear and braveness that arose in her were not feelings that would occur if one was loved caringly.

This release of what was on her mind, in short, implied that she was fearful of me. Even if I removed the fear she has of me with whatever reason or anything, there would not be any guarantee that she would put her live on the line for me. For example, if one day, someone who protects her, replacing my role, appears.

…...It was a plausible situation. After all, I did say I wanted to give her the dangerous task of searching the ingredients that were necessary for alchemy. Actually, it was because of the direction of the progressive training that she could see that I was pushing her to be my helper. If one day, Yuni’s dissatisfaction is not stifled or if some meddling person extends a helping hand because of pity…...there were countless of possibilities if I just thought about it.

Of course, the obedience spell was currently active, though I did repeat several times that this was not an absolute measure to gain trust. For that reason, I need to bring her heart closer to my side.

I examined the possibility of using brainwashing magic or brain restructuring but it is not something of my league currently. To make it something that I could do would require more time. I have to prepare some kind of a plan.

“Master, what should we do with Number 2.”

Her voice brought me back to reality after being lost in my own thoughts. I can’t be like this, brooding over things endlessly was one of my bad habits.

“Ahh, for now, please help me administer the fourteenth antidote. There are many many more experiments that I want to do with Number 2 after all. Have you memorised how to do it?”

“Umm, mix the water in, insert the catheter into his mouth and use the pump to pour it into the throat, right……?”

“Yes, yes. Be careful not to mistakenly insert it into the respiratory way.”

“Is an injection no good?”

“You know we are doing a clinical trial of a muscle strengthening medicine yes? In this situation, the bulging muscles would be a hindrance and would prevent the needle from entering.”


“Ahaha. You do not have to stress yourself out. Having doubts and raising questions are the signs of a good servant.”

I continued to guide her. I was pretending to be kind while thinking of more wiles to deeply cajole her into trusting me.

Another month’s passing.

“Demon! You all are demons!”

“Ah—, alright alright. You are so noisy, could you please be quiet, Number 3. Ah, made that mistake again. ‘Shut up’.”

“——Ughh! ———Ughhhh!!”
Infusing some magic into my order, the female slave was robbed of her voice promptly. The obedience spell was quite convenient. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, with just this alone, my life must have been rosy.

Incidentally, this female was a slave that I recently purchased. The effects and side effects varies between males and females. Just Number 2, who was a male, on the operating table wasn’t enough.

“Yuni. Help me restrain Number 2-kun.”

“”Yes, master…...ungh!”

Yuni held the unconscious Number 2-kun with both her arms and brought him to a cell.

The sight of a child labouriously dragging an adult by the armpits was somewhat…...surreal. Though I did know that she had gone through many trainings and she has built up quite some strength, seeing her lift another human that exceeds her own weight was still startling. In my previous world, moving unconscious people would be difficult even for adults. The muscular strength exhibited by Yuni was a commonly seen attribute of a fantasy world but it was still praiseworthy.


It was very slight but the noise of Number 2-kun groaning reached my ears.

He became noticeably weaker in recent days. When I first bought him, having the vigour of a former criminal, he constantly spit vulgarities and even tried to lay his hands on Yuni. It was quite a troublesome matter. In the end, the obedience spell was revised to include another rule that the slaves of his master cannot be harmed as well. Well, thinking back upon it, it was a good learning experience.

However, he has became rather quiet as of late…...rather than that, he started blabbering nonsense all the time. His movement capabilities have also declined to the extent where he required help or else he would not be able to move normally. And despite all that, due to the effects of the muscle strengthening medicine experiment, his body was still well-built, giving off a tragic out-of-place feeling.

Looks like we are approaching the limits, for this guy.

He should be dying soon. By none other than our experiment. He might be a former criminal but we were still killing a full-fledged living human being.

No, currently, Number 2-kun’s mental and physical state has already decayed away. There was no hope of him returning to an ordinary lifestyle or recovering to his previous personality even if we released him from our experiment. Number 3-san who I made to shut up awhile ago would probably suffer the same fate.

Though, my heart was strangely unperturbed by these events. Even though I was conducting such cruel and evil things. No matter how much this country laws dictate that owners’ of slaves can do whatever they want with them and will not be punished, as a human being myself, my conscience should have been tinged in guilt.

Towards my rhetorical question, something that resided my innermost depths laughed.
——So what? It says.

My goal was to become immortal. I felt it before I was reincarnated, the dying sensation of having your roots, branches and everything you were, robbed from you and turning into nothing. To escape that fate, I would do anything I can. That’s why I absolutely have to devote myself to alchemy. That’s why I have to conduct many experiments. How many people would die because of it; it doesn’t matter as long as I am able to evade death. doesn’t it?
The snake that coiled inside my stomach, bragged aloud.

“The task of moving Number 2 is done.”

Yuni’s report broke my train of thoughts.

“Good work, Yuni. Hmm, let’s have another mid-noon break today.”


As I told her such, Yuni eyes gleamed dimly. The change in her expression was sparse but at least it proved that she wasn’t without emotions. And due to that, though it was small, there was a chance that she would betray me.

What held her back were the obedience spell, the debt of saving of her life and also the whip of fear towards me. As of such, I have to insure myself by throwing sweets at her. Literally sweets.

Regarding the sugar from my previous world, humans already knew how to make it BCE (Before Common Era). It exists in this continent too but it was low in production and commanded a high price.

Still, I was an alchemist. As long as I have the proper equipment and that there were maple sap available in the nearby woods, I could make enough sugar that could cost an entire family’s income. As one would expect, turning this cash-flow route into a stable source of income would be pretty intense but it could at least provide for some small change.

To make matters worst, the era in this world was similar to the middle centuries, and culinary remain largely undeveloped. Considering that, even though I have some knowledge of my previous world, I wasn’t any confectioner so the most I can do is to provide refined sweets. Feels like cheating.

And children have a weak spot for sweet things. An uncontrollable weakness. This was an era when there were few entertainment that can distract people from stress and also that the lowest stratum of society were slaves. What would happen if these luxurious sweets could match the tastes of the royalty and the aristocrats? Naturally, it would be like a dream.

“Today…...what shall we have, maybe donuts?”

“......What kind of food is that?”

“Simply speaking, it is a pastry made by frying uncooked dough covered with sugar. Ahh, which reminds me, we succeeded in cultivating yeast earlier. If we add that in before frying it, it would become much fluffier——”

She was unfazed by what I said but I could hear the sound of gulping. An honest kid.
To gain the trust of a person, rather than pointing a sword, grabbing hold of one’s stomach was much easier. At the same time, if one’s tongue is satisfied, there wasn’t a need to say anything.

…...Though, this much was still lacking. In order to ensure that she doesn’t disobey me, I have to make her ever more dependent on me, I have to discipline her more precisely. Looking back into history, there were many people who chose betrayal even after being rescued, being tied by chains of fear, having one’s desires fulfilled or even if love was given.

I do not want to die.
Dying once was more than enough.
I do not want to despair.
I am going to live, I would live in the most amusing way possible.
For that end, the hard found game pieces that I possess, I would make sure they absolutely do not become traitorous towards me.

Paragraph taken from Wikipedia. One morning in the winter of 194 BC, Emperor Hui went for a hunting trip and did not bring Liu Ruyi with him because the latter refused to get out of bed. Lü Zhi's chance arrived, so she sent an assassin to force poisoned wine down Liu Ruyi's throat. The young prince was dead by the time Emperor Hui returned. Lü Zhi then had Concubine Qi killed in an inhumane manner: she had Qi's limbs chopped off, eyes gouged out, ears sliced off, forced her to drink a potion that made her mute, and thrown into a latrine. She called Qi a "human swine". Several days later, Emperor Hui was taken to view the "human swine" and was shocked to learn that it was Concubine Qi. He cried loudly and became ill for a long time. He requested to see his mother and said, "This is something done not by a human. As the empress dowager's son, I'll never be able to rule the empire." From then onward Emperor Hui indulged himself in carnal pleasures and ignored state affairs.


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