Bandit Arc ⑧ -Unable to contact Bashu-san-


Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

Rudel-san and the rest who went down to the countryside to investigate Bashu-san’s movement came back.

“Has Bashu not returned?!”
“It appears so.”
Rudel-san reported emotionlessly to boss who became enraged.

Looks like Bashu-san had been serious about the agricultural reforms and had gone looking for talents in his territory. This would mean that he would only be back in one to two years.
Despite the repeated trips down the mountain by Guy-san and the others, we were never able to meet him.

We had been tangled up in hopes that Bashu-san would return and as such, we had concealed ourselves in the mountains for a few months. I casually turned 7-years-old like this.

Personally, I was greatly welcome this slow pace of life. But as for the boss, all he did was sigh aloud.

“Seriously, the bastard Bashu better be prepared……”

“Come on, let it go. Wasn’t living in the mountains fun? Let’s continue this and build a home here!”
Kou-okaasan drew closer to the peeved boss wiggle by wiggle.

“It’s not about this being fun or not! Also, I don’t remember building a home with you!”
The boss made a terribly sickened face and stepped away from Kou-okaasan. This was a usual scenario.

“And so you might claim—. Did you know that I knew? That you have been secretly been giving Ryou-chan horse riding lessons secretly beneath the shadows! Weren’t you talking about hunting enthusiastically!”

What? Boss talking enthusiastically? Boss’s face had always been scary so I couldn’t read anything like enthusiasm from his face.
I see, so he had been enjoying himself then. Ah, what a sinful young girl I am. What? 7-years-olds do not qualify as a young girl? How about no?
Hehehe, my strategy has been rather masterfully executed!

“Shuddup! Enough of it, Kouki! For now, we have no way to meet Bashu-san. Why don’t we make a trip back to Guriguri village? It has been quite some time since we left. Any lingering ruckus should have died down by now.”

“True. I’m also curious on how the village is doing. Shall we go back?”
Rudel-san replied. Rudel-san was part of the planning team it seems. His clever face was not just for show.

“Kouki’s injury shouldn’t be of any problem? Can you ride a horse?”

“Aahh! Alek is worried for me? H-A-P-P-Y! But, shouldn’t you be referring to me as Kou-chan?”

Again, Kou-okaasan started to creep closer to boss, while boss retaliated in return.

“If Kouki is able to move like then it should be fine. Alek, when are we leaving?”
As he was watching their scuffle obliviously, Rudel-san raised his question to boss.

“Stop fooling around, go away!”
Said boss as he thrusted Kou-okaasan away and recovered his footing.

“Blokes, get ready! We are moving……now!”

From boss’s signal, the bandits’ meeting had adjourned. All of us moved on to make preparations.
However, to have addressed everyone as blokes……how troubling that this cute young girl here had been forgotten!

Furthermore—. Poor Kou-okaasan. So sad that she got pushed away—.

I rushed over to Kou-okaasan, and called out to here but she was making an entranced look and muttered, “Aah, as expected, Alek is so c-h-a-r-m-i-n-g.” No problems on her side I guess.


My belongings consist of Alan’s dagger and some red pepper seedlings. Sometime ago, I had uprooted the seedlings of red peppers that can be found in the mountains. I transplanted the seedlings to my self-made clay pots (as a substitute for planters) and placed pots on the horse so that it does not be too much of a burden.

Guy-san who was proud of his strength was in charge of carrying my luggage.  I gave him the red peppers planters and gave an amazed expression that in an instant, he managed to heave them onto the horse while saying, “oughs”.
Guy-san has the tendency to end all his conversations with, “Oughs”.

“The things that Ryou-chan had brought along sure is strange huh. It may be true that red peppers may serve as medicine but……we don’t really need it? Also, all we need are the seeds too.”
Kou-okaasan struck a conversation with me after lifting me up to the back of the horse.

It is embarrassing that I am still unable to ride on a horse on my own. I am not of the right size now.
If only it was a pony, only if it was a pony!

“I am thinking of using it to protect the crops from wild boars. We might be able to acquire red peppers there but I am bringing them just in case. I heard from Gozle-san (TN: previously I called him Gorz, but I realised Gozle is a more accurate translation) that the fields at Guriguri village were often ravaged by wild boars and that it is a pressing problem.”

Yes, ever since my potato fields had been ravaged, I have been researching on countermeasures against wild boars. The results of my research are that red peppers can be used to protect the fields.  I experimentally found that wild boars no longer approached the fields when they are enclosed by red peppers hedges.

I plan to unveil the fruits of my research at Guriguri village and have everyone say, “Good job! Ryou-chan!” This is a tactic to have them call me “Amazing Ryou”.

“I don’t really know but because it is Ryou, this seems like another one of your dubious stuff again.”
Rudel-san joined in the conversation and knitted his brows. I mean, the only person Rudel-san knits his brows to is me.

Rudel-san does not appear to like children. That is not to say he is a terribly evil person; personally I think he is well-natured.

Still, saying that they are “dubious stuff” is kinda hurtful though!
Right now all he might see are my eccentricity but it is the back from the dead Ryou from now on!

And then, the journey on horse begun.

Perhaps the three villager bandits were delighted that they could finally go home, they looked especially cheerful. Even on the road, I heard them talking about their moms and sisters that they had left behind at the village.

I see, I see. Being able to see their family must be good—!

It’s not that I am p-particularly envious of them!

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