Bandit Arc ⑩ -Escaping from the Village-


Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho was written by Karasawa Kazuki and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

To say that I was not confused would be a lie.
However, since I have already made my decision, I immediately replied.

“I will go. Together with boss.”

Boss’s grim face changed momentarily into a dumbfounded one as though he was shocked.
He must have found my reply surprising.

“ that alright?”

I nodded.

From behind, Kou-okaasan who had been patting on the villager-bandits’ back to cheer them up started to totter towards me. She looked to be in disbelief.

“Are you really, really okay with it?”

“Yes… you not want that?”
If they disagreed with me joining them, just thinking about what to do next would be scary. All of a sudden, my body temperature felt like it dropped several degrees down.

“Totally not! You are definitely not happy with it at all!”

Kou-okaasan had tears and mucus choked in her eyes and nose as she hugged me tightly.

As I was hugged, knowing the fact that I was together with Kou-okaasan made me very happy and subconsciously, my cheeks slackened.

“If Kou-okaasan is happy……I too will be happy.”

And next, I also wrung my hands around Kou-okaasan to hug her.

Why does the sensation of hugging someone feels so good? Her warmth, softness and breathing was being transmitted to my senses through my hands that were on her back.

I wonder if Kou-okaasan could feel the same emotions as she hugged me.

As I filled myself to the brim with a human’s warmth, I heard next to my ear, “Thank you, Ryou-chan, gommzabassjjffhhgun—.” Her words were jumbled with voiced sounds.

I could not catch the last few words she said because there were too many voiced sounds but Kou-okaasan was sobbing for me. She embraced me because she was so happy that I would stay together with them.

With this alone, I am satisfied.

I looked at my own arm as I hugged Kou-okaasan. It was the same-old skin-coloured arm.
I wondered if I had a family, would I grow a horn out of over-excitement or maybe my skin would turn green? But such a thing did not happen.

I had always wanted to be loved and that because I was never loved, I always felt worthless. Still, I had already been in bliss because I had loved somebody else.

Proof of that can be seen in that I had long become fond of all the bandits. I had long been in happiness.


Since we have agreed on leaving after sunset, we gave the red pepper seedlings to the three villager-bandits who were going to continue to stay in the village.
It was something that was brought along as a countermeasure for the wild boars that constantly attacked the fields.

In truth, it was my tool to be known as Impressive Ryou and that I wanted to directly unveil and explain it to the villagers, while observing the aftermath of using it. However, doing that would be difficult so I explained it concisely to Gozle-san before entrusting it to him.
To use it to protect the fields from the boars, plant as much red peppers seedlings as necessary at the spots where the wild boars frequently come from. If there aren’t enough seedlings to do that, transplant red pepper seedlings from the mountains (where it can be found in the wild). If there still is a shortage, he could try to grind the seeds and scatter it all over the place, I told him. That might be effective too.

Even though the sprouts were able to grow in the fields because of the fertiliser, it does not mean that those sprouts will not be attacked by wild animals.

Gozle-san was half convinced and half in doubt so I don’t know if he will put it to the test but for now, I shall teach him all that I can.

And in exchange for the red pepper seedlings, only if it is possible, I hoped that he could help me pass a message to the mages that are coming to the village.

“I am healthy and alive so do not worry. I do not want to return to the Rainforest territory so if it is possible, please do not search for me and the bandits as well, please.”
The villager-bandit (previously) listened to my message with a complicated look but he said he would take care of it anyways.

At the same time when the sun had set, so as to not raise the attention of the villagers, we left in secret.
As always, I sat in front of Kou-okaasan.

Kuwamaru, Gai-san, Kou-okaasan and even Rudel-san; everyone lost their energy and were downhearted.

We planned to head back to the Ruby Fallen territory from here on.

From the discussion we had on where should we go from here, we concluded that our destination would be, as I have thought, Bashu-san’s place.

We have settled on chasing after Bashu-san, since we do know that he is making his rounds around farmlands.

Actually, we don’t seem to have any idea on where he might be but as long as we know the general direction he went and ask the locals on the way, we should be able to advance.

Frankly, I do not know how long it would take before we would chance upon Bashu-san. It could take 1 or 2 years.

Despite so, boss said that he had to meet Bashu-san because he had something to tell him.

As we got further and further away from Guriguri vilalge, I looked at the outlines of Guriguri village and got somewhat sentimental. Guriguri village, is to me, a village which I had given me complicating emotions.

Not only was this the village where I was brought to after being abducted, it was the place where I became determined to be with the bandits. It was also the village that betrayed us. That is not to say that all the villagers had betrayed boss though.

Compared to the instability of hunting and pillaging, living a life under the protection of the mages would seem to be more stable and would obviously be a better choice. That is what most people would have thought.
Even for me, if I had been given the same options while I was at Garigari village, I would have definitely picked the more stable choice.
However, by doing so, somewhere inside, I would feel that I have lost something important.

I have some opinions about this village but in no way do I hate this village. Perhaps it is due to the how this village resembles Garigari village.

For a brief second in front of me, boss’s back drooped down. Indeed, he must be feeling dejected.

Well, as expected. I get this feeling that boss treats the 3 villager-bandits as though they were his younger brothers. Also, when we started on the journey right after I had been kidnapped, boss had been very popular among everyone in the village.

He must have had never imagined the day when he would have to escape from the village would come.

Keep your spirits high, boss. I would be supporting your back.


  1. The Stockholm syndrome is strong with this young one.

  2. good job, to be honest i dont think that this is exactly Stockholm syndrome , its more like a puzzle piecess with claude and the others she is an extra piece which is why she has started to dislike alan because they/he have something she doesnt have , but with kou and the bandits its not so , even though she still doesnt have it but the bandits also dont have it , she is alone but the bandits are also alone . with claude she is something he brough with money when he brough her he had expectation , the bandits dont really have any expectation of sorry for the rant , this is just something i though about with nothing specific in mind .


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