Sunday, October 2, 2016

Chapter 42 Tensei Shoujo no Rirekishi

Caught a fever this week and had to rest for a couple of days, hence some delays in tl-ing. Sorry folks D: Managed to get chapter 42. I am also one-third done with chapter 43 and it looks like things are heating up. Just like my fever was >< Btw, thanks for donating again Tracey, thank you for being so generous!

Bandit Arc ⑫ -The Meeting with Bashu-san-

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  1. Just found this story. When i got to this chaptet, i was really .. sad. And anxious. Whats going to happen next?? :o
    Thank you for good work translating it.
    I feel so sad for our mc.. i even cried a little..
    Kisses,waiting for more :>


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