Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Updates on Ouroboros Record

Hello, I am back to translating Ouroboros Record. I heard from sychev that he has lost control over his blog after some virus attack on his pc and he has no intention to continue the translation.

I made it a priority to not leave the arc hanging on the last chapter, so I hurried the translation of chapter 24. The next few chapters are on separate arc and I may decide to read the entire arc before starting my translation. We will see.

I intend to continue translating this for awhile, but as you would all know, the length and effort required to translate a chapter of Ouroboros record isn't easy, so once again, I appeal to everybody who loves to read this series and who feel that they are good at Japanese/english to help out as translator/translation checker/editor. As a TLC/editor, I would give you access to my progress and allow you to read before official release. I would need help on certain parts that may not be fluent in english or it is simply a wrong translation. If anybody wishes to be a translator, I would be very happy to work together to translate a chapter or we could translate two chapters concurrently.

Drop me an email at [email protected] or pm me at yamitokaze at NUF if you are interested!

P.S. I don't intend to continue translating TSR. I really apologise for leaving it as it is


  1. Yes someone translate ouroboros keep it up

  2. I realize it's been well over a year since you made this post, but I wanted to ask, why did you stop translating TSR? I mean, I can't really be angry at you, because it's your choice what you translate and you certainly have no obligation to me or anyone else. It's just... you were the only one translating it, and now nobody's translating it, and I really like TSR and want to keep reading it, but not enough to learn Japanese or suffer through Google Translate.


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