Saturday, November 23, 2019

Chapter 34 Ouroboros Record

Hi everybody. Here is the 34th chapter of Ouroboros Record.
This time, Olcivv did the translation while I edited and checked for accuracy.

I know I promised a chapter a month but due to studies, I haven't really did much translations. To be honest, they are mostly excuses and I might be able to ooze out a bit more from myself but I guess just didn't. And it seems much harder to get started once I was away for some period of time. In any case, I still plan to get 1 chapter per month out. Also I will definitely be late for the november release as I have final exams coming next week and very early December, so I foresee the next release to be mid December.


  1. *Releases in november 23th*
    *Talks about the november release that will come out in december*
    At this point I consider the "december release" as the "january release".

  2. As long as you keep your motivation to keep translating. :)

  3. Thanks for the translation. Good luck with Exams.


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