Saturday, February 29, 2020

Ouroboros Record C37

chapter 37

I recontinued the translation of ouroboros record from chapter 28 slightly more than 1 year ago. When I decided to do so, I started taking Japanese classes again. Back then I was really bad at it and struggled at classes too, despite having attained almost N3-ish level of Japanese a few years back. I kinda forgot everything and decided that it was such a waste of effort and wanted to reach a level where I could read Japanese literature. I thought if I could read, then I could enjoy myself while reading and at the same time, not lose this language ability. So I went back to translation. And what a year this has been. In fact, due to the workload at college and I burnout I felt from the Japanese lessons, I took a break from learning Japanese again before continuing again this semester. And amazingly, my proficiency has improved by a good margin. I was actually surprised. I imagined struggling again and fully expected myself burning out from the workload. In any case, I find myself getting ever closer to reaching the fluency in Japanese that I set out to do. Just wanted to put this out for anybody out there learning a language. It is a tough road, but if you put in effort over an extended period of time, eventually it would come to something :)


  1. Congratulations on the efforts, and thanks for the hard work on translating !


    *Goes back to being a lazy piece of shit*

  3. Congrats!
    I personally haven't been keeping up with your translation of the last few chapters due to being busy with other stuff, and feeling that I'd need to read again from the beginning kind of made me less inclined to get back into it right when I got more time for myself.
    And so time passed by.

    As someone who also learned Japanese years ago, but ended up forgetting most of it, I feel you. I'm glad that things are working out better for you now when it comes to the Japanese language and overworking yourself.

    Your initial translation of this series is what made me discover it back before it was picked up by another translation up to chapter 23. I was really happy when you picked this series back up after Sychev stopped translating. Thank you very much for your hard work.


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