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Finally he can understand what he was trying to pull. The whole goal of this conspiracy was to remove Tullius’ longest-serving and most valued asset.

Uni had been concealing her true abilities from outsiders, but one can infer how strong she is from her nickname as an adventurer. He must have been thinking that such an asset is too dangerous to be in Tullius’ hands.

And she has been serving Tullius for many years. She most likely has the most information about her master. Surely they would not be able to get anything out from her mouth, however, that is something that one can only find out after obtaining Uni. Any good strategist would mark her as a target for capture.

The worst of all was that… at this point in time, Tullius had no tricks to prevent the progression of events. There are too many witnesses to escape by force or to brainwash everybody. Even if it was possible, it is quite certain that some unnatural evidence would be left behind and an investigation could result from it.

“Ahh, I had forgotten the most important thing…..Is there any proof that she is your daughter, Lady Anrietta Pola Cartan?”

Tullius fought on, but it was likely to be futile.

“Lord Tullius…...as her father, do you think there is a chance that I will mistake my own daughter?”

The Count refuted contemptuously.

“Her shade of black hair and her jade-like emerald eyes…...Anrietta had been born with an exact resemblance to Anna Marie.”

“Surely you had more than a single lover with black hair and emerald eyes?”

“Are you still trying to argue!? Even Joséphine had mistaken her for Anna Marie’s spirit! That is enough to prove that this girl is my daughter!”

“No, I am referring to a more concrete kind of evidence…...for example, a similar mole on her back or something.”

Marquis Lavallée appeared to be alarmed. Tullius had likely heard from Victor that it was a common trait between father and child. However, against an experienced strategist like Lavallée, it was likely to only appear as a bluff.

Count Cartan glared at Tullius.

“......I shall ask you. How long have you owned my daughter?”

“......It has been 11 years, Count Cartan.”

Due expected Tullius to show some hesitation but he replied frankly.

It was inevitable. It is not difficult to conduct investigations to figure that out and Marquis Lavallée had likely done his preliminary investigations on it. If he lied, it would cast a negative light on Tullius and might make it worse for him later.

Cartan scoffed.

“I have been separated from my daughter for as long as that too.”

“With this level of coincidence. Even I believe that she is Lady Anrietta.”

Lavallée quickly recovered from his internal turmoil and stepped in to trap Tullius.

“Also, many other guests saw the ruckus earlier. Perhaps among them, some of them may recognise…... her mother, Anna Marie? There are many people who can tell that they are mother and child, no?”

There could be as many witnesses as he wanted. Especially among those who stood to gain something from the Marquis.

That was why he decided to make this unforgettable event, a reunion between father and his long-lost daughter, occur in the middle of the wedding. Gossipers would spread news of this throughout the entire capital…...if not the entire kingdom.

If it came down to fielding witnesses, Tullius stood no chance. After all, he was most hated by other nobles. Many would testify against him, conversely, none would testify in support of him. No matter how notorious Lavallée was as a schemer, it pales in comparison to Oubeniel’s notoriety as a slave murderer.

He was completely checkmated.


Tullius made a long sigh.
A long and deep sigh.

“......I am deeply impressed by your Excellency’s wisdom. As a person of lesser standing, I am humbled.”

And then, he bowed towards Lavallée.
He was surrendering.
At the very least, there was nothing he could do to retaliate in this situation.

The Marquis narrowed his eyes. Apart from celebrating his victory against his prey, he was also praising Tullius ability to gracefully accept defeat. In any case, it was a expression that only victors can make.

“――Please wait.”

Uni spoke up.
Her expression was the same as ever before, but her voice trembled.

Once again, Due could feel a strong chill. Uni was emanating such a strong aura that it felt that it might explode anytime. Beneath her ironclad expression, waves of emotions surged as though it was a stormy sea. In the worst case scenario, even Tullius might not be able to calm her down. That was the extent of her anger, Due thought.

“What is it, Anrietta?”

Nevertheless, Count Cartan carefreely asked her.
Was he really a former court magician? Due could not help but wonder.

No matter how skillful she is at erasing her aura, it was quite a level of anger and murderous intent. Anybody worth his salt should have already sensed it.

“I apologise for everything before, but…...I am Uni.”

Uni continued to insist. That she was just Uni and not Anrietta Pola Cartan.

It was all pointless, Due thought.
At this juncture, even if the person in question claimed not to be the person, nothing would come out of it. In the end, even if she screamed and shouted that she wanted to remain with her master, it would only appear to the nobles that as a long serving slave, she had been excessively brainwashed. Well, that was exactly what Tullius did, only that he actually did mess up her brain.

There was also the problem of reliability of testimonies. Cartan was a court magician who had distinguished himself with service, while Lavallée was the leader of a faction that claimed to be number 1 in loyalty to the court. Not to mention that they would have already prepared evidence for this situation. In comparison, the other side was Tullius, the slave murderer and alchemy-obsessed child, and a slave. It was plain as day who the nobles would side with.

The matter would only progress towards Cartan’s victory, no matter what master and servant said.

Even if Count Cartan was completely lying about Uni being his daughter, Anrietta.

“You poor thing. Are you still saying that, my daughter, Anrietta…...”

“......Tullius Oubeniel. Seems like you have trained the Count’s cute daughter very well.”

The two nobles scowled at Tullius, as though he was forcing her to defend him. Other nobles are probably going to make the same assumption. The more Uni tried to protect Tullius, the less favourable the outcome will be for Tullius. This entire ploy…...Tullius had lost.

Cartan became worked up. As expected of a former court magician, or if the story until now was accurate, Uni’s father. Seemingly in response to her anger, he seemed to be channeling his magic.

.......Please use your ability, or talent to sense her aura, thank you. Due thought to himself.

Uni was almost at her limits. What would happen if she turned her murderous intent into magic and directed it at them? If Tullius does not immediately order her to stop, surely the two old bones would be killed. An indirect way of suiciding.

Of course, Tullius would not permit bloodshed at this time and place.

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