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Moving back in time by a little.

It was around when the banquet ended and most of the guests were leaving, when those who were staying over went to their respective rooms.

Tullius retreated back to his room the moment the celebrations ended.

He then fished out something among his luggage and immersed himself in some kind of work. Due and Laubert remained silent while watching his chilling tenacity.


What Tullius had nimbly put together was a pedestal with a crystal. It appeared to be a mini-altar that had been luxuriously decorated with gold and silver ー one that a pagan would have to secretly worship their gods.

Its true identity was a long distance communication magical equipment.

The original equipment was much bulkier, but he had spared no concern for the cost of the materials and went all out to create a smaller model which could perform better. Moreover, he disassembled it and placed it inside his travelling bag so that it could be used portably. It was the same thing they used when they were hunting monsters as well as what was given to Drei before she attacked the elf village.

The last time they tried, it was able to allow communication between the outside the country and the underground lab in Marlan. Since they were within the country, surely there would be no issues with using it.

“Hello Command, this is Master. I repeat. Hello Command, this is Master.”

“......This is Opus-3, Command. Reading you loud and clear. Your instructions, master.”

The magic-infused crystal vibrated rapidly, transmitting Drei's reply. Of course, a barrier has already been erected to ensure the conversation does not leak outside the room.

Without a change in expression, Tullius gave his instructions to Drei, on the other side of the communications.

“An emergency situation has occurred, we will stick to plan D. Mobilise all of the Opus Series. Over.”

“Plan D…...”

Drei gasped. What he was referring to was a battle plan that they decided beforehand for the most extreme circumstances. It was a plan that even Drei, who had single-handedly crushed the elf village, would shudder faintly at the thought of it.

Something had happened such that Tullius would activate all of his masterpieces.

“Do you copy? 03”

“Y-Yes! My apologies! Due to the emergency, we will activate plan D. Mobilise all the members of the Opus Series. Over.”

“Positive. Do you have any other questions?”

Tullius dispassionately gave out his orders, with a composure akin to Uni’s coldness. At any rate, things progressed efficiently. Nothing else mattered.

Such was the way of speaking of an inhumane machine.

“I believe that member 04 is dangerous.”

“Tell him that no tactless ‘dining out’ is allowed. When the need arises, give him the command ‘Take a good look at my face’.”

“Roger. Also, won’t 05 be too conspicuous?”

“With some ‘dressing up’, it will be alright. With some ‘accessories’ and it should work out.”

He gave out his instructions with some secret lingo just in case somebody could listen into the conversation. From Due’s perspective, Tullius had lost his cool. Yet, he was calmly angry. This was because Tullius Shernan Oubeniel was not somebody who would suggest bringing out the entirety of the Opus Series. Not to mention that Linus could interfere with Marlan if the remaining of the Opus Series, who were supposed to safeguard Marlan, were mobilised here.

Even if the mass-produced products like Victor were enough to deal with the interference, a normal Tullius would never choose this option.

“Any other questions?”

“......Lastly, what about the ‘travelling expenses’ for us?”

“None. That’s why I said it was an emergency from the beginning. Go through all the ‘travel plans’ by yourselves.”

“What……!? Ah, forgive me…...Wilco. Opus-03 will definitely execute master’s orders. Over.”

“I will be waiting. Over.”

Drei who was clearly shaken did not hesitate in her choice of words and Tullius cut off the signals. Without a doubt, he was irritated. Usually, Tullius would have added a joke or two when conversing with his subordinates.

While Tullius was dissembling the equipment and keeping it back into the bag, Due called out.

“Are we really doing it? Master.”

“Didn’t you hear what I said over the comms?”

Without a pause in his hand movements, Tullius replied. Just like as he was during the comms, there was a cold slicing sensation in his voice.

“Is it alright to abandon the chief maid? Isn’t there a chance she could get involved?”

Laubert expressed his apprehensions.

Plan D ― the plan to use force to escape, might possibly implicate Uni. However, their master replied curtly.

“......And so?”

He was trying to say, so what of it? Due felt a flash of fire rising to his head.


He was about to step out but his foot stopped in mid-air unnaturally.

It was the order that was inserted during his brain surgery. No matter how much he loathed or felt disgusted at his master, he could not raise even a finger against him. It was clearly still in effect.

“Hasn’t Uni…...that girl…...showed you the greatest loyalty among everybody……!?”

He cried out. He did not have to say it.

Due did not hold any romantic feelings for Uni. Considering that she was almost fanatical like their master, he would more likely classify her as disliked. Nevertheless, he knew very well how loyal and how hard she works for her master. In fact, he felt pity for her who had been released by her master’s own will.

And yet, the culprit who made her what she is could utter,

“Yes. What of it?”

He acted as though he had not given it one thought.

“In fact, she wouldn’t want to be a burden to me.”

“Stop acting like you’ve always had!"

However, she has now been abandoned by her master. She was a pitiable woman, who cried and tried to cling on, but failed to achieve anything and was taken away.

Would such a woman die for her master’s sake now?

The operation on her brain was of the same generation as Due’s. Their emotions were left intact, whereas their sense of betrayal was replaced with obedience to his orders. Now that she was separated from Tullius, who knew what she was thinking.

“Are you worried about Uni? Knowing her, she would be able to do something.”

“Even after being that shaken?” Laubert said.

Due felt the same. It was harsh seeing Uni mentally breakdown. And she did not even put up much of a fight when that old noble pulled her away. With her current state, it was hard to say if she could even bring out half her usual capabilities. Would she be able to single-handedly deal with the average ruffian like she always did? Would she be able to adapt to the chaos that plan D would bring?

“Hmm, in the time before we execute our plan, there should be sufficient time for her to calm down. I estimate with 80 percent likelihood that she would be fine.”

“80 percent…...Well, I think the rate of survival is on the high side. Anyways, isn’t it another issue of whether it is okay to leave her here?”

“You fear the leak of information? That would be a waste of your concern.”

Tullius promptly sat down on a chair after keeping the communication device.

“Even if she was tortured, there is no way she will disclose anything since I have tinkered her brain to never do anything intentionally to disadvantage me. I expect them to have no choice but to directly investigate what I have done to Uni by checking her body. But what can the alchemists of this country achieve? Nothing happened too, when I was at the Gallerien Magic Academy..”

The Gallerien Magic Academy was an institution based in St. Gallen, and they are at the forefront of research in magic. If Academy failed to produce any meaningful investigation, then the Arquell Kingdom which was behind them would surely be unable to find anything.

“They would learn nothing even if they decided to dissect her. After all, I am not at a level of surgical skill where I would leave behind any traces. The brain is a delicate organ and if I left anything big enough to be considered a clue, it might have already caused some impairment to brain function. In fact, rather than causing any damage, what I did was to fix her brain and facial scars. Not even a full rundown investigation can produce any clue.”

First of all, she was the beloved daughter of Count Cartan. There was no way he would agree to torture or even dissect his own daughter.

The speculations he made were disgusting. How could he speak of the girl who had supported him thus far like this? He made it sound like he would not have a problem even if Uni would be cut open. He knew he had very little human compassion, but he didn't know that he was so devoid of it.

Even the cold-blooded Laubert appeared to have a frown on his face.

“......Which means we won’t be attempting to rescue the Chief Maid from his Excellency?”

“Yes, we won’t make such a move. Escaping from the capital is our utmost priority.”

His conclusion was to not rescue her.

Tullius leaned back in his chair.

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