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Some time ago…

It was complete chaos in the Oubeniel residence. The rebels had overrun the front gates and killed the guards. Ignoring what Tullius did in the past, this might have been the biggest calamity that the Oubeniels have faced. The few fighters left under command by the head of the family headed out to handle the situation while the rest of the family paced up and down. Amidst the storm, Linus Strein Oubeniel grimly waited for news on his sofa in the living room.

The young Count muttered under his breath.

“...How is the situation outside?”

“Y-Yes! The guards are valiantly facing off the rebels but, against that many of them...”

The steward’s reply only worsened his fears.

Indeed, the rebels had numbers with them. There were no less than 100 of them. He feared that his defences, partly because they had less security members than other Count families, might not hold up. In fact, the guards should be praised for surviving that long despite the odds.

Still, Linus was obviously on edge. If he were to lose any of his retainers to these random commoners, he might be the laughingstock among the nobles. The Oubeniels would yet again lose prestige. The wrinkles between his brows deepened.

“Stop making that scary face.”

His wife Simone looked fed up.

“Aren’t times like this when the family head should be sturdy and remain the pillar of strength for everybody?”

“I know...”

Linus’ face betrayed his words. There had never been a precedent for a civil uprising in the capital. At the very least, since the day he was born, there had never been such an incident. He could not anticipate it and did not know the best way to deal with it.

That was when a young man in a hurry appeared.

“My apologies.”

Everybody, starting with Linus, gave a sour look. Simone was the exception.

“Oh, you are Tullius’ servant aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am Laubert.”

Jean-Jacques Laubert. A person who decided to serve the notorious Tullius on a whim. Most family members here had very low opinions of anybody working for Tullius. Yet he was brazen enough to show his face here.

Linus gestured for his wife to step back. He made her discontent but given that she was partial towards his brother, he could not let her coordinate any actions with Laubert.

“Sir, what have you come here for? And I don’t see that person.”

Laubert’s master, Tullius was nowhere in sight. The only people with Laubert were Tullius’ other retainers who looked like they were fighters.

“My master was bathing when he heard about the incident and quickly dispatched us.”


The time now was when most people would have finished their dinner. Not strange to be bathing at this time.

“My master would promptly arrive here. Now that we are here, we would like to help protect the place.”

“I don’t think I gave such permission?”


Simone seemed to be reprimanding Linus.

If he were to deny his brother and his retainers here, he would be laying bare the friction within the family. It was quite possible for misunderstandings to be created here.

“...Well, I did not say I would not give permission. I just wanted to maintain the rules of the family.”

Linus was trying to say that he was unhappy about his brother’s retainers making their own decisions, but that just sounded like an excuse. Simone sighed. Even in times of crisis, he could still behave so childishly. Just as she wanted to complain about it, a scream could be heard.


It was the scream of a young lady.

“What is the matter?”

“Could it be the rebels? The guards are still at the gates so perhaps...they broke in from the windows? Or perhaps the servants willingly let them in.”

And then a maid in the residence saw them and screamed. It was entirely possible, but extremely disturbing to consider. While all his guards were at the front, the other party might be trying to sneak in and attack him directly.

Supporting such a hypothesis, sounds of feet shuffling across the corridor could be heard. Linus turned to look at Laubert.

“Where are your fighters?”

“...Unfortunately, they were sent to protect the gates.”

“All of them? Are you telling me none of them are left?”

“Yes, all of them...Of which, there was a fighter called Due who was also invited to your joyous occasion.”

They had been forcefully detained with the pretext of wedding and even now, Linus wanted to borrow their strength…

That was what Laubert wanted to convey in a roundabout way. Though now was not the time to exchange riddles. The feet shufflings drew closer. They had to repel the intruders right away.

(...Can I do it?)

Linus held his breath. Linus had been an exemplary noble. And as part of his nobility, he had been taught sword techniques in case an emergency arose. He didn’t think he was any worse than degenerate nobles that indulged in pleasures or any average commoner, but unfortunately, he had no real experience of battle. The retainers were probably like Linus or had worse skills. Simone was out of question too. She did not possess magic and obviously did not have physical capabilities either.

Speaking of magic, Linus was not bestowed with it either. As much as he hates to admit it, this was one aspect where Tullius bested him. Annoying as it is, Tullius was capable in other fields other than alchemy. Even though Tullius was only able to create some sparks when he was young, and managed to get into the lowest seat of the Academy, he was still considered stellar.

If Tullius joined forces, their chances of making it out alive would be much higher.

The moment he realised that he held such a thought, he wanted to punch himself. How could he rely on the help of the one man he wanted to kill the most?

Not even funny as a joke. If it came down to it, he would much rather rely on his own hands. He would rather die like that. Tullius was the reason his life turned upside down. He had no intention to prolong his life like that.

While pulling out his saber, Linus made a prayer.

Please do not let me be saved by that man. He prayed.

His prayer was heard.

“...Excuse me!”

The door slammed open but the person who entered was not an intruder like everybody was expecting. It was a maid in an apron dress, holding something with both hands.

Linus did not remember who this maid was. Well, there was some maid that looked similar to her, but he did not have the confidence to be sure.

After all, that maid he knew was not one to raise her voice. She would normally put on an annoying straight face. There was no way she would be panicking in front of him.

Laubert was similarly lost for words, mouth agape.

While the men were stunned, Simone called out to her.

“Miss Uni?”

She was the slave that was taken away from Tullius and returned after the court trials. The slave ignored SImone and shouted at Laubert.

“Sir Laubert!”


“Please take care of master's belongings in his room! It is an emergency!”

“But...What if I meet with the intruders later...”

“Are you listening!? Hurry!”

“Gulp! Ah, yes I understand!”

Being threatened like that, Laubert had no choice but to rush out of the room. Everybody in the room was confused. They both served the same master, but the slave was ordering the noble. Also, she did not bow before the Count and ignored his wife too. While Linus had many complaints about her behaviour, he could not raise them. Uni was giving the vibes that she might kill anybody in the room in an instant if she had to.

Laubert, completely unaware of the gazes focused on him, laid the belongings on the floor.

At first glance, it looked like a doll that had been packaged. The doll was like a male adult and was lifelessly stretched on the ground.

Wait a second.

It was not a doll. He was breathing slowly, and his chest bubbled up and down. Every now and then, he gasped in pain. The cloth that he was bandaged in was soaked in red. This was a human. He was a human on the brink of death.

“Who in the world is th―.”

“...Don’t stay near!”

Uni called out sharply to Linus, who was inspecting the man, and seemed to be protecting the man.

Even before feeling indignation of being shouted at by a slave, he felt fear. This slave’s voice contained murderous intent. If he tried to even touch the person, surely she would bare her fangs like how a mother tiger guard her cubs.

He soon realised.

The person that she was protecting must be none other than…

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