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“Paying for one’s mistakes, I judge this to be. Summing up your achievements, failures and finally your lax attitude, overall it is a minus.”

“Honestly. Every time he opens that mouth of his, his squawking reminds me just how much of a birdbrain he is.”

The birdbrain in question took a moment to seriously consider his fowl nature, although he was in reality closer in heritage to a bat.

Watching his creations squabble amongst themselves, Tullius’ mood quickly turned for the better.

“Well then, I suppose we should get on to the business at hand. Um...then, today I shall present the fruits of our laborious research, and the newest addition to our arsenal. I’ll introduce them, then.”

“Come on in, EE-series!”


Flat voices in perfect synchronicity heralded the arrival of nine young girls. Befitting their nature as manufactured weapons, they stood in a uniform line, expressionless.

The only aspect that drew the eye to them was a singular shared feature.

“These are… elves?”

Hair like golden thread, skin like polished alabaster. Not to mention, their long ears like sharpened knives. Without a doubt, they were of elven blood. At least, they appeared that way to Due’s eyes.

“What’s this about, master? I don’t remember seeing these bitches in that elf village. Where did you order them from?”

Drei asked with open bewilderment. As she had been the one to hunt down the elves living in the forests of Marlan, she knew them better than anyone else in the laboratory. When faced with these new arrivals, her logical conclusion was that they had been procured from somewhere else.

“Ha...Ha...Ha...Ha~lfway there, mademoiselle!”

The vampire pompously swung his fingers around and clicked his tongue.

“These children, the EE-series, are elves and yet not exactly elves. Our dear master, Oubeniel, Ah! With my F, A, B, U, L, O, U, S, idea, created these artificial magic lifeforms!”

He explained in high spirits.

“Artificial lifeforms? Don’t tell me...”

Due found it incredulous as he glanced at the elves.

They were lacking in emotions but no matter how he looked at them, they were living beings. He found it impossible to believe that they were created by the hands of man.

The very thought of artificial lifeforms made his hair stand on end.

Yes, Tullius had already created monsters that one should only see from nightmares. Uni, who was trained in medicine and other highly specialised fields, as well as the mass produced M-series and B-series. Due himself was a product of sophisticated surgical procedures. Drei was given brain-washing demon eyes and also had her magic enhanced. Charl was a chimera made from undead and vampire parts. And Fem, the golem who could easily be mistaken for a living human.

However, to be able to create life from zero held a different fear for him. It was blasphemous into the realms of god while being a mere human. Any decent human would be in disbelief as well.

“What is it, Due? You look pale.”

The person in question was asking him with concern. He definitely felt no remorse and shame for his doings.

“You...Are you sane? How could you do something like this?”

“You worried about the disrespect to gods?”

Tullius leaned back on his chair as he mocked.

“Why would creating life be sacrilegious to god? Didn’t we all come from our parents?”

“T-That’s completely different! It’s about whether it’s the right way to create life!”

“And what is the rightful way you speak of? A loving couple procreating...Isn’t that self-pretentious? In the first place, a child can be made without love. If you cuddle a woman you don’t really like or vice versa.”

Due was at a loss of words. He knew that the official stance of the church was that children could only be born from a family with love. However, it was commonplace for nobles to have mistresses (in fact, there was a child of a mistress here), and then we also have Linus and Simone who were a loveless couple.

“Or perhaps, are you bothered by it being unnatural? That too is laughable. If everything has to be natural, then everybody has to live like they were from when they were born. Is building a home and living in one a crime? Are we not allowed to dislike being naked and wear clothes? What about plowing the fields and growing crops? Raising farm animals like cows, pigs, goats and chicken? Using medication when we fall ill or are injured? We find nothing wrong with these unnatural acts. And so, why would creating life like this be wrong?”

“That is...”

Due could not find an answer. He could only feel annoyed.

The unorthodox alchemist seemed to have seen through him and laughed.

“Basically, you just felt that it was sinful? If we were to further break it down...giving birth to a life is a magnificent and noble undertaking. It must be no doubt the grace of the gods. Giving birth to life should have been with the help of god and thus, doing it without the help of god is impious? Is that what you have in mind?”

Maybe that was it. To Due, every life was precious and to give birth was a blessing. If it became easy enough to be artificially created...Wouldn’t that be demeaning the value of life? Just the thought of it was enough to make his stomach turn from the guilt and corruption. Due felt that it was like turning away from god itself.

“Due Schwarzer. So long as you are my subordinate, please dispose of such values. That would mean leaving one’s fate to god. That is foolish. Even if I had to go against god, I am still a person who does not wish to die. I cannot bear the thought of my life being controlled by a being I have yet to have encountered.”

“―Of course, right!”

Charl abruptly shouted.

“We have been killing and modifying people up till now, why are you feeling scared about creating life? Hah! You should be happy! Isn’t it a blessing? You should be crying out happy birthday!”

“Hmm, I share the same opinion. Giving birth to life is a plus phenomenon.”

“I’m not too sure about human ethics...I find it somewhat repugnant that we were creating my brethren like this while I was rounding up the white ones for sale. Ah, of course I’m not trying to blame anyone...”

Charl was making a fuss. Fem was quietly nodding her head. Drei was cocking her head in contemplation. None of them were criticising Tullius’ latest deed.

What about Uni? Needless to say. There was no way she could hold any ethical concerns with regard to her master.

The only person disagreeing with it was as usual, Due, himself.

Tullius sighed as Due remained silent.

“Putting that aside...Let me explain. Charl said that the EE-series was a form of magic life, but in the stricter sense of the word, they are not.”

“Eh!? Really?”

It is fine since this is out of your specialisation. Well...It is normal to be mistaken because they were made like homunculus.”

Due has heard of the term ‘Homunculus’ before. They were magic lifeforms similar to humans, made from dubious experiments by alchemists. They were born with high functionalities and vast magic. In contrast, their spirits were mechanical and their individuality was weak. Also, they were short-lived. As such, they were mainly used to inflate the ranks of an army. When Due was an adventurer, there was a time when he had to subjugate an illegal alchemist who had homunculi. Compared to the devil before him, that alchemist was second rate or third rate at best.

“Traditionally, homunculi were made with semen. But Charl mentioned this when it was autumn. Why can’t we make them from women? And with that as inspiration, I tried experimenting with the ova of women instead of semen.”

“Ova? What is that? ...You know what’s that, Drei?”

“...Who knows?”

Drei, a woman, was none the wiser.

Tullius weakly smiled.

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