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The vampire paid no heed and pushed her to the sunny spot and chanted softly.

“Steel Bound.”


All of a sudden, steel chains restrained her limbs.

The cold sensation of metal and the fear of what was to come made her freeze.

“...What am I planning to do? Well, there’s only one thing that a vampire would do to a virgin, yes?”

At the same time, Charl bared his fangs.


Both her blood and her life was sucked out of her.

Not only was the area around the bite numb and painless, she could feel a sense of intoxication and pleasantness. However, that made it all the more terrifying. She knew that if she finally gave in and enjoyed the process of her blood being sucked, then she would cease to be a human. The female slave had that intuition.

This was something that Charl had done many times. Charl did not like to suck blood all at once and turn the other party into a familiar. He preferred to suck it bit by bit, and at the same time, torture the other person. Only when the other person finally gives up in heart and soul would he welcome the other person as a familiar. Having been unsatisfied from the first time he turned a slave into a vampire, he preferred torturing them first before converting them.

However, this woman endured it. She shook off the thick fog and resisted the blood sucking as much as possible. She refused to become a vampire. She refused to become an inhumane godless monster that killed others indiscriminately. This was her final determination even though she had fallen as a slave and found her way into this underground labyrinth.

“No...I will never be...vampire...”


Charl moved away from her nape and narrowed his eyes with a smile.

“I see, so you don’t want to be a vampire...good for you. As long as you are here, you will never want to be a vampire?”


She had lost some blood and was feeling hazy from the poison from the bites. She could not immediately understand what he meant.

“Ah―! Gahhh!?”

She screamed in pain. A scream that did not sound like it was from a woman.

“Ahhhhhhhh!? Hot! Hoooooot!”

Her feet felt so hot that they seemed to be on fire.

It was as though a piece of red hot iron was on her feet. The area from her feet to her ankles became red and puffs of white smoke flew up. The intense pain emerging from her feet was making her go crazy.

Hot. Pain. Agony. She wanted to smash her head to the ground and end the suffering. However, she could not. Charl was restraining her movements. Biting off her tongue was impossible too. The vampire was holding her chin, forcing her to keep her mouth open. He wanted her to scream in pain for longer.

“Ahhahaha! How is it? Bathing in sunlight? The sensation of the accursed god’s light!”

“Ah, ahh…?”

Tears fell and her eyes looked confused. She had been able to do so because the pain from her feet was weakened and she was no longer in complete agony. It was just somewhat weakened though. The skin on her feet was still cramping and there was the remaining tingling feeling of pain. The pain resembled burns.

“Hehehe...You just became a vampire, y’know? The proof is in that you feel good after your cutesy feet left the sunny spot. Sunlight was burning you, right?”

She looked down at her feet.

As Charl had claimed, the part of her feet that had been in the sunlight while shackled seemed to be blistered like a burn wound.

“The part that is hit by sunlight will be cleansed of vampirification curse. Even though it was just momentarily, you were burnt because you had become a vampire. And then, after that portion is purified from the vampirification, the vampirification curse that I gave your body will once again, vampirise your feet. And then, purified again. And the loop goes on...until the poison that I gave you wears off. That was the reason for your pain.”

The female slave trembled as he explained slowly.

What was the vampire planning to play today? She began to realise it. Unfortunately.

Charl grinned. As if to congratulate her on guessing the right answer. To mock her for discovering the dreadful truth.

“Soooo, in exchange for the burning pain, you get to keep your humanity! Congratulations! For as long as you stay in the sun, you won’t turn into a vampire! Hooray, humanity is the best! The dignity of your soul is protected by the holy light from God! Wow, I’m so jealous! Hyahhahahaha!”


“Such a brilliant game, Master Charl!”

The female vampires’ eyes glistened.

Let us join in! Their body language seemed to say.

Naturally, Charl had every intention to welcome them.

“Well, why don’t we get this started! Play like kids, till the Sun sets!”

“Ah, ah, ah....”

The female slave could not help but cry. Not from the pain, but from the despair.

It had been half a year since she became a slave, was sold off to a noble and was trapped underground.

She had no means to escape. She didn’t even know where the exit was.

Resistance was futile. A mere female slave like her stood no chance against these vampires.

She had nobody to call for help. She had been waiting every day and yet, there was nobody whom she could ask for help.

All hope was lost. Even sunlight which should cleanse evil was now used as a tool to torment her. In face of such a reality, who could stay sane?

“Noooooooooooo! Forgive me! Sorry! Please save me!”

“Kyahhahaha! What did you say?”

“Aren’t we already helping you? You are about to be a vampire, but the sunlight though…?”

The female vampires sniggered. She had always roused herself by telling herself that she could not lose to these vampires, but now, none of that determination was left. Damn it all. If asked to lick their feet, she would gladly do it. As long as she was ordered to, she would put anything dearth into her mouth. She would even gladly give her first time to a beast. Anything, anything at all but the sunlight…

Charl had only a single response to her plea.


The slave collar broke as soon as he finished chanting. Slaves would rejoice upon hearing it but not for these people underground. It almost had an opposite meaning here.

It was in the way for bloodsucking, so Charl would remove them.


“Now then―”

“―thank you for the meal!”

The two familiars took the place of their master in holding her down while Charl sunk his fangs on the slave’s nape.


The pain, as intense as the hell earlier, assaulted her senses.

“Kiss...Ahahaha, interesting!”

“Haah...really. She almost looks like a horse or deer with how she jumps about.”

“Uwahhhhh!? It hurts!!!”

“Hyahahhaaha! This is the best! I never had this much fun before! I must really praise myself for being such a genius! I’m really the best!”

“No! No! Please no! Forgive me! Sorry! I was in the wrong, so please!!!”

She threw all her pride and shame away and cried for mercy at her torturers.

Charl gently smiled.

“You want me to forgive you?”

“Please forgive me!”

“You will do anything?”


“Then don’t speak of those accursed words.”


“Curse the church. Spit at the Saint. Reject god, reject his light and betray humans. ...Only then will we vampires will look after you. Alright?”

She quickly agreed.

If she could be freed from the agony, she would not hesitate. God had failed to save her. She could no longer rely on faith in God. She found herself falling into the temptation of the poisonous fangs of the vampires.

As the vampirification poison was slowly being purified, the burning pain on her legs subsided. Still, she screamed.

“The Church! They are a good for nothing organisation that just takes our money! Saints are just liars who fool kids! God doesn’t exist! Even if he did, he isn’t half as good as demons! The Sun! Stop eating the Moon! Humans, humans...suck all their blood and destroy them all!”


Charl could not help but hug his stomach and laugh.

The female vampires smiled vulgarly.

“Good, good, goooood! That scream! Cursing at everything in the world, truly amazing! Much more than I had expected! Ahh, I’m so glad for this game I prepared for you! I’m so glad that I didn’t suck all your blood for half a year! Then I shall fulfil my promise to you! I shall free you of the pain! ...And become a vampire!!”

She was freed from her chains and dragged out of the sunlight.

Her nape was pierced by Charl’s fangs and blood spilled out.

For the first time, she did not reject the allure of depravity and death and welcomed it.


“Mmm...The richness of despair...surely the cultivated won’t produce such a taste. Ah, I knew it, this blood can only be from natural virgins...”

Charl mumbled as he licked every last bit of blood from the girl who was becoming a vampire.

He was delighted to finally enjoy his meal.

“Incredible...Master Charl’s way of playing is unlike any other vampires.”

“Hehehe. As expected of our master, the one who will one day rule the world...”

To their compliments, Charl stared coldly.

“...Shut up.”

He grabbed one of the vampires with a single arm and threw her under the sunlight.
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