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Notes: Changing name of Count Chambrey to Count Chambery

"Dear brother! Let's do our best today!"

With the unpleasant chirpy voice, came a stack of papers that was placed on the desk. It was a scene that had become routine in the past few days at the living room of the mansion.

Linus glared at Tullius, who kept a taut grin on his face.

"...... What is it this time? What documents have you brought?"

"This is a plan to build roads connecting Marlan to various parts of the region. Since my territory is undergoing a lot of new development, it will be essential to build infrastructure to support logistics. However, since this is a large project, we will have to obtain several loans from merchants, and since it affects the entire province, we will need the approval of brother, who is the Governor of the region."

Tullius spoke at great lengths before ending it by presenting the documents for Linus’ perusal.

Linus reluctantly opened the documents, inspected the contents and cringed

"Are you an idiot?"

Linus's response was straight to the point.

"The plan says that the road will extend not only to our territory but also to the lands of the neighbouring lords. There are limits to how far you can cross boundaries."

He argued without hiding his discontent.

As Linus had said, extending the road networks to other territories without permission went beyond their authority. Roads have a great impact not only on the economy but also in national defense. In the unlikely event that the armies of another country enter their lands, what would happen if there were routes connecting to the different places? Naturally, the ravages of war would spread to many places in the blink of an eye. Although there were advantages for the attacked side in the speeding up of gathering and movements of forces, the mainstream opinion in this continent was more afraid of the aforementioned danger. In addition, they would have to rethink their supply plans, force deployment strategies amongst others. Since it would have such a huge impact, it was not something that could be decided on the sole authority of a single viscount.

But when Tullius was told this, he gave a nonchalant look.

"Yes. That's why I'm seeking your approval, brother."

Since a Viscount couldn’t do it, Tullius wanted a Count to do it. Linus wondered if that was his intention.

"Nonsense. It's the same whether or not I approve of it. Even with the authority of a Count, such a thing is—"


Tullius rudely interrupted the head of the family and leaned forward. Linus couldn't help but skip a breath at the carefree, but nonetheless chilling gaze Tullius gave him.

"In that case, why don't you ask your friend for advice?"


Linus shuddered at the meaning of those words.

This abominable man was asking him to take this matter to the people who ran the country, the people Linus was connected to — the centralist faction.

It's true that what a viscount or a count couldn’t do, the powerful within the heart of the kingdom’s governance could do. They have access to the ministries, the court, and the authority of the royal family. If they could mobilise these resources, they would be able to launch the road construction project that could improve logistics within the province and develop links to other provinces at the same time.

And with such a large undertaking, there were often various backroom dealings. The materials for construction and food for the labourers would be provided by the merchants for free as bribes so they would receive various special benefits like being exempted from various obligations. For the centralist faction, which had less territory than the decentralist faction, this was a great opportunity to enrich themselves.

(Does he want to strike a deal with the centralists through this project?)

It was not impossible that the tasty bribes could be used as bait to improve relationships with the centralists with whom Tullius had conflicts with.

Tullius has zero political background. His faction, which brought together moderate nobles, was not formed to team up with the decentralist faction, but was formed to protect these moderate nobles from the political schemes of the other factions. As long as Tullius his past feuds with the centralists, forming an alliance with the centralists was not out of the realm of possibility.

He was not joking. Linus was still a member of a faction whose principles he was incompatible with, because he wanted to get rid of this piece of shit in front of him. Why else would he join hands with this wily old fox and his plans to remove powers from the various lords? If there was a reconciliation between Tullius and the centralists, the opportunity to cleanse himself of the many years of hatred would be lost.

Linus shook his head.

"T-there is no way it can be done...... The old Marquis Lavallee is also busy rebuilding the royal capital."

His voice trembled. He needed to convince not just Tullius, but also himself that the plan was impossible.

Yes, the ringleader of the centralist faction was Marquis Lavallee. The very Lavallee that was opposed to the lords who had their own territories and who had bad blood with Tullius. No matter how appealing this idea was, there was no way that the man who now considered Tullius as dangerous would accept his plan.

"He should not have time to worry about this business in Volden though..."

"No, no. I'm not going to bother the old man with too much work either."

However, Tullius continued his words as if he had anticipated them again.

"I’m sure you have other acquaintances other than the Marquis? How about, for example...... Count Langogne or Count Chambery?"

Those names he referred to were all influential figures within the centralist faction.

Count Langogne was the leader of the younger members in the faction. He was a spirited young man, about a year older than Linus, and he made no secret of his pride and ambition because of his talent. A way to replace the old guards like Lavallee was to use the road improvement project as both an achievement and as tasty bribes for allies to fill their pockets. Surely, it would bring about much attention.

Chambery was even simpler. He was a firefly that wandered towards sweet gains. He wasn’t popular and was considered a background character, but as he was formerly in the decentralist faction and his large territory, he was considered above average within the centralist faction. And he was more hungry than anyone else for opportunities to satisfy his own desires and strengthen his position.

All of them are men who would go to the extent of betraying the leader of their faction if necessary.

It was brilliant that Tullius chose not to bring up a resolute yet influential person like Count Mearbahn here. He cared not for the big game because he could not be captured and focused solely on those that could be tempted. It was a choice that could only be made by someone who has information about the capital. It's hard to believe that this was the same Tullius who made the mistake of carelessly falling for Lavallee's ploy the year before the last.

"...... rejected."

Linus stated with a grunt.

"Such an undertaking is a matter of national importance. It is not a proposal that should be made by a Viscount."

First of all, there was no merit for him. No, if Linus was a Count who was truly subservient to the centralist faction, he could gain a reputation for improving the territory and gain a better foothold in the faction. However, as mentioned many times, he has no intention of contributing to the faction. He was forced into the faction by Lavallee's schemes, and his resentment towards the faction was stronger than his gratitude. And he was the head of the Oubeniel family. He believed that he lost honour because of the madman standing in front of him, and that only by killing him would he be able to amend his disgrace.

As if unconcerned, Tullius smiled.

"Oh. Is that so?"

Despite the complete rejection of his proposal, Tullius seemed unperturbed. As if it was not much of a surprise.

How infuriating.

"Is that so? Is all you have to say!?"

Bang. An ear-splitting noise was made.

Linus slammed his hand on the desk.

"I told you, know your boundaries! Mind your own business! There's no need for you to think of such grandiose plans when you're just a subordinate in charge of the territory I've given you!"

As he shouted, foam flew from the corners of his mouth.

Hecouldn't hold back the anger that was welling up. Whenever he opened his mouth, rage gushed out, and even if he tried to stop it, he couldn't. He simply couldn’t maintain his cool in front of this abominable person.

He wanted to punch Tullius in the face. He wanted to smash his front teeth, crush his nose, and gouge his eyes out. But that was not possible. The other party, no matter how lowly, was also a noble, and Linus would be punished if he assaulted him. In addition, this man wore many layers of defensive armour so the physical strength of a normal person would not be able to hurt him.
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