Chapter 1 - Awakening

EDIT (17/01/17): Couldn't discern the switching from third-person to first-person last time. Read it again and realised my error. Corrected.

Escaping the Nuke Shelter was written by Mongol Dote Hohei and this chapter was translated by yAmi on

In a pitch-black darkness where not a single light was present, a humming sound from a machine *Buun…* could be heard.

In the span of 100 years, all there existed in the darkness was this cold mechanical hum.
And now, a change is about to happen.
A machine has been installed in the room. There was a blue light tracing the outline of this machine.
The rectangular object gave off a metallic glow and appeared to be a coffin made of metal.
After a *beep* sound, the machine made some announcement and steam spew out as the cover as the coffin opened up.
At the same time, the emergency lights in the room activated.
Red light illuminated the room.
Inside the coffin was a young naked man.

“Uh...Hm? C-cro! (TN: he is trying to say cold) The young man couldn't help but shiver.

“Eh? Eh? Why am I naked? Uhh… cold...”
Furthermore, my head feels heavy and my body feels dull.

I got up to survey the area, and found myself in a dimly lit room where the red emergency lights were activated.
There were also 20 other boxes lined up the room, similar to the coffin I myself was in, .
The room was exceptionally large and was nearly the size of two classrooms.
After the *beep* sound stopped, another machine-like sound *Uiinn* could be heard.
Pinpointing the source of the sound, I could see something protruding out from the side of the coffin. *Pakaa!* A flap opened.
Inside the flap were clothes, food and water.

I quickly put on the clothes, which look like the uniforms of blue-collared workers. The clothes were thick and well-made that I believe they can shield me from the cold.
Apart from the clothes, there was a jelly that can be eaten by sucking it, a chocolate bar and a PET bottle with water inside. There were three of such sets.
Are these worth three meals?
For a start, I drank the water, producing a *glug glug* sound as I did so. Soon after, I started to feel full, and came to the realisation that I was actually famished.
Simultaneously, a sense of hunger struck.
I began devouring the jelly and chocolate bar greedily.
The jelly was apple-flavoured and had a good taste with its mix of sweetness, sourness and its softness. It filled the centre of my throat with a sensation as though a soothing melody was being played.
As soon as the chocolate bar was unwrapped, my nostrils were enveloped by the fragrance of choco in a whoosh. (TN: Japanese people really love their sfx)
The chocolate bar had peanut cream filling inside it and it was considerably sweet. With each bite, warmth spread around my back.
Finishing both the jelly and chocolate bar, I took a last gulp of water to remove the lingering taste from his mouth.

My stomach was 80% full but considering that there were only two more meals, I decided to keep them as reserves.
The problem of an empty stomach could be discussed later.

So how did I end up here?

Think……, I was definitely at the school's study camp……, it was at the hills……
*Ziik!* A piercing pain surged through my head!

“Ouch! It hurts…...”
Every time I tried to invoke my memories, there would be a sharp pain in my head.

“I can deal with remembering later, for now I have to get out of here.”
I got out of the box that had sheltered me all this while and walked towards the emergency lights.
There was a door under the emergency and it seems like the only way in and out here was this through this door.
I loaded up the remaining food and water in my pockets before opening the door.

*Pshh!* A screeching sound was made as the door slid open.
Behind the door was a passageway and painted on the wall was a directional mark.

“What is this? It's pointing to the left.”
At the end of the left path was yet another door. Could the direction sign be referring to that door?

Suddenly, a *hitaa* sound came from the opposite direction.
I glanced towards my right shoulder, and noticed a strange looking thing blocking off the path to the right.

With only the dim lighting from the emergency lights, I couldn't make out its details. It looked like it had a scaly body, bulky limbs and even a tail.
It was a green lizard that was 180cm tall and resembled a human from how it was standing. It was eyeing me.


What are you? I couldn't help but think.
I was in disbelief. What exactly is this living thing?
I could only stare at it dumbfounded.
Not believing what I am seeing, the image of it was simply projected into my pupils as though I was peeking into a television screen.

Nevertheless, this was reality.


Unconcerned with my current emotional state, my nightmare approached step-by-step.
A chill ran through my spine instantly and jolted my numbed head.
My mind was filled with thoughts like “Don’t understand” and “What is going on?” but even then, I had to make a decision.

“Uwaaa!!” Screaming at the top of my lungs, I could only run away.

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