Saturday, July 31, 2021

Chapter 53-54 Ouroboros Record

Hello, here is the 'monthly' update for Ouroboros Record.

Chapter 53
Chapter 54

Also, after finding out how good mtls are, I have added them to my translation process flow. I put the entire chapter on mtl and then edit while reading the Japanese raws by the side. This makes my work 3-4x faster than usual and makes translating way more bearable that it normally is. It isn't a chore to translate anymore and I can actually enjoy reading while translating too.

The truth is, I'm more of a math/science person than language person and I struggle to find the english words to replace the japanese text. The mtl is doing even better than I am in terms of literary prowess :).

I was in a rush to publish the previous 4 chapters so I didn't put up google docs for you guys to edit if you spot some jarring mistake. This time, the links will be on my discord as usual. You don't have to feel obliged to edit by the way, just that if you feel annoyed enough by the translations, please do make a suggestion on the google docs for the chapter. Thanks for reading again.


  1. The translation felt smooth, and I appreciate how fast this 2 chapter comes. A bit too fast, compared to the usual pace...

  2. I didn't feel like there were particular bad translations so good job


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